9, Jun 2024
Xiaoxiao Shura two people strolled in the garden to stabilize their emotions. This is the only way. Now the situation is very unfavorable to the wild goose countries.

How to say Xiaoxiao can’t help but look dignified.
Duan Xiaoqi, who has a strong personality, is the first step in his attempt to expand his map. Because the influence of the Ghost Gate is all around the Qing Lan Dynasty, when I first chose these positions to set up an altar, I wanted to annihilate him at one stroke. Secondly and most importantly, because he took a fancy to Long Mai, the former power, which is the treasure mentioned in the pen.
Xiaoxiao frowned and said that he could expand the army and buy strategic materials, which means he wants to dominate the sky.
This analysis is not surprising, but the problem is that this day, however, it also includes the wild goose countries, and they look up at Shura. You should already know that Long Mai is actually.
Shura waved her hand generously before she finished. I know Duan Fei Mo Yue made a secret address of Yi Yi’s treasure.
If we know that you should find someone, it should be Mo Yue. You know very well that unless he doesn’t have the past, he will face the situation, especially when he is toxic in his body. In fact, she came to see her, and she knows it very well
Shura transfixed at her and smiled. Aren’t you stupid? This is really gratifying.
Xiao Xiao gave her a white thank you. It’s not easy to get your compliment.
She walked a few steps forward and said slowly, I want to tell you that Mo Yuegen couldn’t fight Duan Xiaoqi. The treasure will fall into his hands sooner or later, and now I’m all dead. Even if I know the location, I can’t do anything. After he gets the treasure, the next step is to unify the surrounding small tribal countries, and then his goal will be directed at Yan Guo. At that time, no one can deal with Duan Xiaoqi.
It’s impossible to listen to all this, but now the fact is that Xiaoxiao cares about nothing but other things.
Duan Xiaoqi’s ambition to deal with the wild goose kingdom is only a matter of time, and I am him. I will definitely choose to look up at the white clouds in the sky when I can’t show up, and say that when you find that even if you want to live for yourself, it seems that you can’t do it, in fact, nothing matters anymore.
Looking at her shura nodded, I knew it, and then I remembered something and said, Oh, yes, Duan Yishen has been demoted to the common people.
How can he be surprised? Even if he threatens at this moment, it is not easy for Duan Xiaoqi to deal with him.
Ah, to demote him as a common people, who will care if he loses his title? However, it is not so difficult to reduce his influence in the DPRK.
Xiaoxiao sighed lightly. This is the royal family. The concept of no affection is that you fight for each other.
What’s the matter? I’m worried about him. Shura joked and blinked.
Xiaoxiao shook his head. In fact, he was kind to me. I should also be grateful to Xiaowen Xiaowu.
Oh, then he’s in front of you again. Shura seems to be hitting the nail on the head.
How can Xiao Xiao not believe it?
Shura leaned lazily against the tree stem to wind her up. If Duan Fei didn’t, he wouldn’t lose a choice.
Listen to her voice and stare at her. Be careful not to hear you lose your mountain.
Cut shura pie pie, and I’ll throw him a few more poisons and say that no room can fight poison with poison.
Speaking of poison, Xiao Xiao suddenly thought of something. By the way, I almost forgot a very important thing. She took Shura and went to the small room. Looking at her hurry, Shura couldn’t help but twist her eyebrows and say gruffly, Hey, can you remember a little doll in your belly?
Hehe, Xiaoxiao winked at her later. You are getting more and more ridiculous.
Push the door and see him holding a guinea pig. I’m glad to turn around. I didn’t expect you to order it. Haha, I’ll make friends with you after I decide, and then I’ll kiss it again. Xiaotian hates pushing him far away with two small paws.
Shura’s cheek twitched and she glanced at Xiaoxiao. That’s what you said.
Xiaoxiao caressed the forehead and sweated violently.
She walked over and patted Xiaobu’s shoulder and lowered her voice. Hey, Xiaobu, don’t converge.
At the sight of Shura coming back, I didn’t even think about directly throwing Xiaotian in my hand to Xiaotian. A small Hua Hudie seemed to come to Shura’s side and gently stir up her jaw with one hand and one hand. I knew you couldn’t see my charm, let alone me.
One punch in the bridge of the nose instantly splashed two tubes of blood.