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Is this small one really a four-story repair of refining gas? Why is the attack of gas refining four-layer repair so powerful?

Jade is not a big cold sweat, but although it has been attacked, its own Yulong flag has also been rolled up to Sun Haoyu, vomiting blood. Just now, it was hit and hurt badly, thinking that your attack is severe, but your defense can’t be severe, right?
Jade wants to come. Maybe Sun Hao is the kind of monk who specializes in increasing attack power.
It’s true, but when Yulongqi rolled towards Sun Hao, Yuda suddenly found that Sun Hao was already physically like a leaf and was brought up by Yulongqi, giving him a roll of castration and returning.
Another convex stake hit again.
Jade screamed, but this time he didn’t dare to dodge while casting a protective spell. But at this time, he found that the third protruding stake had hit again, and a thought flashed through his heart. Why is this small casting speed so short? You know, he just got it back after an attack on Yulong Banner. Sun Hao across the street has issued four spells that should not be five.
Three protruding stakes, one wrapped in Aoki, and one unknown posture spell.
How come… I don’t think it should be like this while avoiding the protruding stake. I was actually pressed to fight back. Look at Qu Youmin. That guy is still entangled with several green vines. That is to say, Qu Youmin was immobilized by Sun Hao’s spell.
Quyou Kun saw that Jade Big was in a hurry by Sun Hao, and he couldn’t help but be impatient. He cursed Jade Big for being a parallel product, which was one level higher than that of repairing it. He was pressed to hit his mouth and shouted, "Jade Big Throw Operator Seal, hurry up and throw Operator Seal, and we’ll kill him."
Quyou called out and reached out and took out a handful of operator’s face. Without saying anything, he inspired a few pieces and threw them at Sun Hao.
Corleone has laughed "operator of? Well, let’s see who is more. "Before the jade moves, Sun Hao quickly took out a handful of characters from his pocket. These characters are not ordinary goods when they shine.
Try one’s best to flash two protruding stakes and quickly take out the charm jade from your arms. Suddenly, I saw Sun Hao’s big handful of charm jade in his hand. I was shocked and my mouth shouted, "How is it possible, Sun Hao? How can you have so many charm jade?"
Yuda often buys all kinds of Fu Zhuan for Yu Kunlong. I have had the honor to meet Fu Zhuan once or twice. Isn’t it similar to Sun Hao’s hand? Fu Zhuan is a scarce resource, and even Yu Kunlong can’t afford it, not to mention his handyman brother.
This time he actually saw Corleone don’t want money and generally took out a handful of characters. Nature is a face of disbelief.
Sun Hao laughed. "What’s impossible about this? I’ll refine some gadgets myself, please ask two senior brothers to evaluate them." After laughing, I whisked five convex stakes in a row to attack the two Aoki trees of Yuda and bound them to Quyou.
I don’t feel too much pressure against Jade Big. It’s almost the same. It’s estimated that Jade Kunlong has already got up with Wang Gan, the golden thread fire frog. Sun Hao no longer retains the true qi and runs at high speed. Even Mu Dan is urging another convex stake to throw at Jade Big.
Six protruding stakes in a row attacked him from all sides, and a series of defensive symbols were patted in the hands of his jade, the dead and the terrible, hoping to resist Sun Hao’s attack
Quyou Kun threw it at Sun Hao to attack the class operator. Sun Hao has not been close to him yet, and he has already flashed to the flying grass technique.
Jade is not as wonderful as flying grass. There are two protruding stakes in two or five symbols. Two protruding stakes broke through his defense. The symbol struck his body and his mouth, and then bloodshot jade swears that this Sun Hao is definitely dressing up as a pig to eat tiger and repair the depth. It should be far beyond the ordinary monks in the middle of gas refining. However, there is still a protruding stake in front of him. Sun Haoli is urging the protruding stakes to attack. Jade dare not neglect the emergency urging Yulong Banner to roll itself to form the last line of protection.
"Poof" A Chinese multiplier Yulong Flag root can’t stop Sun Haoli from sending out a convex stake. The tip of the convex stake penetrated the Yulong Flag body. His defense has already been broken. Yu Da came to exclaim "Don’t …" The convex stake is more accurate than passing through the heart of Yu Da, and the huge impact drives Yu Da to rush out of more than two meters and then poof a nail to the ground.
Jade big legs twitched violently for a few times, and a lot of blood came out of his mouth. He barely raised his finger and pointed to Sun Hao to say something, but finally he didn’t say anything verbally. He fell down the grass and killed the first monk as Sun Hao cultivated the road.
See die unsatisfied jade big Sun Hao burst into discomfort in my heart, but soon this feeling was forcibly suppressed by him, and I turned my head and looked at Qu You.
At this time, Quyou Kun has broken free from the bondage of Aoki, holding a sword with a pale face and looking at the big mouth of jade nailed by Sun Hao. He never imagined that Sun Hao was so powerful that even jade could easily kill most of them. So Quyou Kun’s root is not Sun Hao’s opponent if he chills.
Sun Hao’s face floated again. "Qu You said we would never die today."
Sun Qiang, my father, told Sun Hao a long time ago that many Tibetan monks have no mercy, and it is time to end the song.
Quyou smiled bitterly and knew that he couldn’t be lucky today. He cursed and threw out a handful of character seals flagrantly, but he threw people at the sight of character seals willy-nilly, but he quickly retreated behind him.
Sun Hao takes his time and is not in a hurry with Qu You. Qu You’s throwing method is not enough. Sun Hao is not worried that Qu You’s going to escape.
Quyou Kun turned like a fly for a while, but he couldn’t escape from his hands. He shouted with despair in his eyes, "Sun Hao, I want you to die waving a multiplier and rush to Sun Hao desperately." Knowing that there is no Quyou Kun for mercy, he is very single.
Sun Hao’s face showed a sneer. An Aoki wrapped tightly around Qu You, and a convex stake hit Qu You’s body. The convex stake was slightly blunt and had an impact, but it did not penetrate Qu You’s body.
The huge force of the convex stake hitting Qu Youkun immediately made Qu Youkun’s mouth bleed wildly, but this blunt blow did not kill Qu Youkun.
Qu You-kun was firmly entangled in Aoki, and his body was hit hard, but his mouth was still swearing.
Another convex stake was set, but Sun Hao wanted to cancel the spell. A trick in his hand was wrapped in Aoki like a dumpling, and Qu You recruited him. Sun Hao several flicker and returned to the first battle site. In the state of being dizzy, Ma Yiming and Yu Er thought about it and gave them both a convex stake to ensure that they only had a sigh of relief. Baidu search: /.
After all this, Sun Haoqi, the three miserable monks, quickly found a fire frog in the gas refining layer and threw them over.
Three living people fell from the sky? This fire frog has a simple brain. What is this? It is confused. Look around and find nothing unusual. Then this guy sticks out his tongue and drags these three foods into his mouth.
I haven’t passed out yet, and Qu You’s dead people all shouted abuse in their mouths, but it didn’t help. In the end, the fire frog’s mouth became louder and louder, and finally it was brutally dismembered and eaten.
Sun Hao looked at this scene in front of him and couldn’t help but feel some waves.
This is the monk. This is the fate of the monk after his failure.
Today is my victory, so I can still be here. If I fail, I am afraid that my field is not better than Qu Youyan’s.
After half a ring, Sun Hao finally calmed down. At this time, there was a feeling that he suddenly lost his goal.
Chapter 43 Mantis catching cicadas
I thought for a while, but a faint smile appeared on my face. I said to the fire frog who ate Qu You, "Don’t worry, I will take good care of Feilong Village." Then I laughed a few times, and then I looked at the core area of the fire frog swamp, flying grass and leaping rapidly to the core area of the fire frog swamp.
Like Yu Kunlong, Sun Hao is also thinking about the spiritual objects in the core area of the cargo swamp, but Yu Kunlong and Huang Jin are not friends of Yu Daqu. It is not difficult to take food from them.
Sun Hao’s gas-refining frog behind him may have heard Sun Hao’s words, perhaps he had eaten too much, or perhaps Qu You heard that Sun Hao was unwilling to go to Feilong Village, and a series of huge frogs broke out behind Sun Hao.
Rushing to the core area, the battlefield is a mess from a distance, and the battle is still in a stalemate.
There are a large number of fire frogs at the scene, and there are less than 20 fire frogs left around the king of fire frogs. However, it is not a fluke that these fire frogs are alive after nine layers of refining gas.
The golden thread fire frog Wang Qun frog keeps attacking Yu Kunlong and Huang Jin. The attack is still vigorous and powerful, but Sun Hao found that this big guy’s eyes have been blown off, and there are also two bleeding limbs. It seems that he has been hurt a lot.
Yu Kunlong and Huang Jin are in a better state here, but their breath is no longer calm. Obviously, the battle ahead consumes a lot. Although they are supported by Dan medicine, their fighting capacity has been greatly reduced at this moment when Dan medicine needs to be restored.
Sun Hao hid not far away, observed quietly, and was not in a hurry to see the present state. Yu Kunlong and Huang Jin did not find a spiritual object, otherwise they would not be dead with the Golden Frog King.
Yu Kunlong and Huang Jin are also quite depressed at this time. The two of them are looking around while killing the fire frog. But for more than an hour, they didn’t find the so-called spiritual thing, but they fought with the golden frog king and died endlessly.
While urging his skyfire meteor hammer to attack the fire frog, Huang Jin said loudly, "Brother Yu, is your handyman reliable?" We all ran a few laps in this core area and didn’t see anything. "