11, Jul 2024
Chapter 2 Directed by Tucao

Li Jie, Fang Siyi’s agent, naturally couldn’t bear to pass a candid photo of Fang Siyi directly.
In the photo, Fang Siyi is sitting in the director’s chair, but she is wearing a long fairy drama and is directing the filming.
Look calm and serious, but look dignified.
At that time, it caused several fans to scream!
Nianpao small fresh meat has been seen a lot in recent years, and it is no longer anything new.
Fang Siyi’s face value is already good, and at this time, she is only 27 years old wearing a long fairy ornament.
It is the peak of an artist.
And the most important thing is that because of filming in recent years, I have brought some dignity in my body when I am in a high position.
On weekdays, he looks very kind with a smile, but only those who have really entered Fang Siyi’s crew know that Fang Siyi is definitely the most dignified crew if he acts as a director!
He doesn’t beat, scold or look excited, but his professionalism allows him to point out the defects in your performance very acrimoniously, and it will make you feel ashamed every time.
Because most of the whole crew is the kind of sneaky and slick operator of Drea flag employees, you can’t see it here
Efficient and professional!
This is the most intuitive feeling that Fang Siyi’s team brings to all the participating artists!
Even the former Gong Lihe did not have any special care for him.
In ostentation and extravagance, it is only arranged according to the top treatment of the circle.
There is no special care
That’s why Gong Li’s agent wanted to get angry at first.
After all, the real meaning of Gong Li’s coffee spot is that the actress in the whole entertainment circle is at the peak. This kind of special care has become the norm.
In other words, Fang Siyi’s treatment is too low.
But Gong Li still pressed it.
What she said was, if Fang Siyi can’t do it, talk about it again.
However, it turns out that Gong Li didn’t have this chance to get angry.
Even though Gong Li and Ying Bao shot the drama quickly, the whole crew was neither very busy nor very idle, and all the shooting was completed in more than two months.
This is a little too fast for the shadow.
However, Gong Li found that Fang Siyi was not inferior to some great directors who have been in business for more than ten years, both in professionalism and various lens luck!
Plus, even the treatment of Fang Siyi’s girlfriend Yingbao is just the treatment of ordinary first-line stars. Compared with the fact that she is still the best-paid female artist in the crew, even Gong Li’s personality is not easy to get angry.
Now that Fang Siyi’s candid photo was sent out, it even caused some people who used to be artists to vomit.
This matter still has to start with Yingbao.
Girlfriend Yingbao naturally replied to this message at the first time.
But she is an expression pack.
It’s just an Akita dog with a silly smile on his face
It fully shows the daily life of a girl fan.
Yingbao Weibo is naturally noted by many people.
Naturally, I found Yingbao’s reply for the first time.
Yaya forwarded Yingbao Weibo with a paragraph.
"girl-obsessed mode line"
Gao Yuanyuan also sent a husky shocked face with great fun.
As a result, it turned out that there was a round of emoticon wars.
Watching several female artists of Drea play with hi Drea, only two male artists, Lin and Shawn Dou, can’t sit still.
One sent an expression pack with a small bench.
One of them shouted for melon and peanut mineral water.
It is also very fun.
Then Ying Bao seemed excited and sent a "This is my husband! You are not allowed to rob! "
"This is my director, you are not allowed to grab it!" A worker
"This is my boss, you are not allowed to rob!" Drea artists
"Although it’s not me, you are not allowed to rob!" onlooker
Ying Bao seems to be very satisfied with the reaction of others and smiled back, "My husband is still very dignified!"
"It’s just that sometimes it’s a little bad!" This is Yaya hair.
Gao Yuanyuan forwarded Yaya Weibo and sent a new "and the studio will tell cold jokes"
When I said it, it became a meeting of stars.
Fang Siyi naturally didn’t know that when he heard what had happened, he directly pressed Yingbao and Yaya on their legs and then enjoyed a meal alone.
It’s so irritating that these two young ladies are very black at first sight!
Listen, it’s changed its tune. It’s painful to shout that Gao Yuanyuan curled his pie mouth and turned to look after Noemie Fox who just came back from the hospital and said, "Why should everyone get rich and only they two be punished?"
"Huh?" Fox is taking care of the children. Naturally, he didn’t catch the expression pack and spit Fang Siyi’s studio meeting, so he escaped.
But looking at Gao Yuanyuan Fox, I feel a little confused in my head.
Why not be punished, but unhappy?
"Shit!" Wu wear the forehead Gao Yuanyuan a hopeless expression looked at the fox a face of nai said "is a baby brain for three years! Listen again! "
Listen carefully.
Fox’s face turned red.
After a spat, the little fox threw a sentence, "I don’t pay attention to the influence in broad daylight!" I ran back to the house with Noemie. "
Gao Yuanyuan pie pie seems to have something to say, but in the end he didn’t say it.
To tell the truth, Gao Yuanyuan has a good sense of fox.
After all, both of them are from Beijing.
Although the personality is opposite, it is usually ok.
But since Fox got pregnant, Gao Yuanyuan found that this girl is becoming more and more "stupid".
If Fang Siyi hadn’t stopped me from acting in Shengxiao Mo.
To tell the truth, the drama ""is ok.