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Feng Shuang moss and Qi Yi’s powers and Qi Cai’s EU are even more proud to look at Tao Mo. If Tao Mo is afraid of death and refuses to give in easily, then Tao Mo is the whole Taojia sinner who will be spurned by the whole Taojia even if he is alive in the future.

If Tao Mo obediently gave in easily, it became her good name. Unfortunately, it fell into the hands of the Qi family and carried seven lives of the Qi family. Tao Mo would definitely be dead. At one time, Feng Shuang and Tao Mo felt that there was a wolf before and a tiger after the fun. This time, it was doomed!
"I cherish my life and don’t want to die." Tao Mo smiled calmly and looked calmly at the shape, giving people great oppression. Qi Wuye sneered coldly, "Seven people died in Qi’s house. That’s because they are less skilled than others. If they don’t die in my hands tonight, they will die in other people’s hands in the future. As the saying goes, they always have to pay back when they come out."
"Master, did you hear that? You mobilized the guards to protect such a selfish, greedy Tao Mo? " The second uncle seems to have caught Tao Jing’s handle and denounced it to Tao Mo, but he was even more malicious and reprimanded.
"Taomo Taojia disaster today is all because of you. If you still think you are a Taojia, it’s time for you to protect your guards at the risk of physical death. Consider it as the owner! How many lives can you get back from the Tao family? Do you need me to say which is more important? "
The escort, Uncle Bu, provoked the conversation, but followed Uncle Er. Other Taos looked at Tao Mo with more anger and hatred. Are they all going to be buried with Tao Mo because of his death? Think about how powerful the Qishi Regiment is, and you will know that the confrontation between Taojiahe Qishi Regiment is no different from an egg hitting a stone.
"The second uncle doesn’t need to become angry from embarrassment. You are worried about Tao Jiasheng’s death. I know." Tao Mo still smiled indifferently and elegantly. He looked straight at Qi Wuye. "Is it a bit arrogant to bring out so many guns openly in Tanjiang City?"
"It is too arrogant to say that it is good. I didn’t know that someone in Tanjiang City dared to openly provoke the national law during the New Year!" A clear sound sounded behind everyone, only to see a slender figure coming out of the night, wearing a suit and glasses and looking very gentle.
"Mayor Yang is well-informed." Qi Wuye’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. It was originally to deal with a Taomo, and the Taoists were involved. Now even Yang Hang is involved. Qi Wuye has a hunch that if things are not handled well tonight, it will have a profound impact on Qi’s regiment.
"Mayor Yang, are you going to protect Taoguhe and our Qishi group?" Qi Yi’s powers face sank and his eyes stared at the smiling essence. Yang Hang didn’t forget that he was a public figure in the mayor’s office in Yang Hang, and it was also the case that Wuye suspended the action of suppressing Taomo.
"Qi Ershao joked that the state-owned legalists have family rules. Whoever wants to break the law must be ungrateful!" Yang Hang hooked his lips and smiled through the lens and stared at Tao Mo, a thin and malnourished girl. What did the school see about her? Really raise Tao Mo as a daughter?
"There was a vicious shooting incident in Tanjiang City today. There were many casualties at the scene. This is a firefight between two gangs. I believe everyone present should have received the news. Tao Mo was involved in the accident of buying medicine at a pharmacy not far from the scene. I don’t know what Feng Jiahe Qi’s family is going to do. This fight is just a victim. "
In three or two sentences, Yang Hang will ask Hanfei Feng and Qi Wuye. It can be said that this gang is really fighting with Tao Moruo, and it is not Feng Shuang moss and Qi Yi’s powers. They want to take the opportunity to start work on Tao Mo alone, and they will not take the opportunity to let the two families mix in the fighting gang. Who knows that Tao Mo’s black hand is superior here? Not only did they fail to kill Tao Mo’s family, but seven people died.
"I heard Qi Ershao say that Tao Moqi’s family was responsible for the death of seven people. Is the gang fighting with Qi’s family tonight?" As soon as the conversation turned, Yang Hang’s eyes stared at Qi Yi’s powers and laughed. That’s called light clouds and light winds, but everyone knows that if Qi Yi’s powers dare to admit that Yang Hang dares to arrest people and gang fights, he has also made several lives. This is a major case and a felony.
Looking at angry qiyi powers yang hang smile undiminished glance at Hanfei Feng "feng guzhu is also a good interest don’t know what feng will be involved? Is it true that some of the people who died in the fighting were killed by the Feng family? Is this to seek justice from Tao Mo? "
"Ha ha, the mayor Yang is joking. We Feng family are law-abiding citizens. How can we participate in the gang fighting?" Feng Xiong rushed to deny it with a smile.
Nowadays, these families in Tanjiang City are a little nervous about Yang Hang. Who let Yang Hang be too shocked to uproot the Wei family directly? No one dares to provoke this man who looks ridiculous and acts maliciously. He is afraid of death and doesn’t know how to die.
"Since both Feng Guhe and Qi’s gang are fighting with each other tonight, please go home." Yang Hang’s smile is not the kui is a political expert, so he will block the two sides without saying a word.
Qi Wuye took a deep breath and looked coldly at Yang Hang’s aura. "Mayor Yang didn’t say too much. Seven people died in Qi’s house. Did Mayor Yang tell me that seven people died in vain? Today, Tao Mo, I must take Mayor Yang away. It’s best to regard nothing as happening, otherwise don’t blame me for being rude today! "
"I, Yang Hang, am here today. I want to see who can take Tao Mo away!" Lost his smile, Yang Hang’s look suddenly cold and complete. At this time, he is as ruthless as a wolf, but he is not afraid of Qi Wuye.
Qi Wuye is not afraid of the origin and background of Yang Hang, but it is only three points. Qi’s regiment can be based on the power and network behind Nanjiang Province. Since Yang Hang is so unappreciative, Qi Wuye’s eyes are cruel to the extreme and murderous!
Tao Mo will die tonight, and Yang Hang can’t be eradicated. Now that the Qi family has already fought with Yang Hang, it is absolutely impossible to leave an enemy with great development potential for the Qi regiment.
"Do it!" After the decision, Qi Wuye no longer relents, but orders coldly. This murderous look is endless and reveals the malicious crime and diabolical talents. It is the Qi family that makes people smell the Qi Wuye.
Bang! Just when the Fifth Master of Qi ordered to start work, suddenly a gun sounded at night, followed by a neat run! Hula, a group of soldiers rushed out of the night, armed with guns, and surrounded everyone in the place again.
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☆ Chapter 6 High-risk Surgery
"Today it’s always interesting to see who dares to do it here!" Fuck the cold mouth and blow the smell of smoke in your hand. The muzzle eyes suddenly look fierce. "Give the veteran their guns and all of them will be taken care of. Who dares to resist the spot execution!"
If the Qi Wuye was going to kill Yang Hang a minute ago, after all, even if there is a backer behind Yang Hang and he becomes a dead man, it will be worthless. When the time comes, the Qi regiment is just a matter of compensation.
But at this time, looking at this sudden drop of soldiers, Wu Ye’s face was completely gloomy. No matter how strong the Qi family is, it dare not shoot the troops. This is a real treason!
Give Tao Mo a reassuring look, March forward to Zhou Qian, click his boots together and salute respectfully. The loud voice resounded through the night. "937 troops are reporting to the old chief at the regimental level!"
"Fuck the colonel. You’re welcome. The old chief is still resting. Chang ‘an gave it to the colonel." Zhou Qian gave him a military salute. He also knew that Cao Cao had sacrificed his life to protect Wu from his grandfather to his father and was adopted by Wu as a grandson.
Zhou Qian didn’t expect to see Cao Cao in Tanjiang City, but he also knew that what he could do was definitely because Yang Hang tipped off the former chief. It was a secret trip, but now his whereabouts have been exposed. Zhou Qian, who is carrying out security work, can rest assured. After all, there are only ten guards on his side.
"Please also ask Captain Zhou to rest assured and swear to protect Chang ‘an!" Cao Cao once again gave a forceful answer and then swept the field with sharp eyes. "Arrest these gangsters who dare to threaten the old leader Chang ‘an!" Let one of them go to the old man! "
"It’s the head!" This group of soldiers followed Cao Cao, and their loud voices rang neatly. Today, we protected the old chief, but unless something happened, a third-class military service could not run away.
If Yang Hang appears or is polite, then Cao Cao is absolutely rude to the extreme. After all the people present at Feng Jiahe Qi’s house are armed with guns, they will be arrested directly. Facing the fierce and rude soldiers, Feng Jiahe Qi’s family are pale and dare not resist.
At this time, if you haven’t found anything wrong, Qi Wuye and Hanfei Feng will live in vain for such a big age. They are all living in this clause. They are Taomo, but after listening to the old chief, Qi Wuye and Hanfei Feng, their faces have changed. After being arrested, they stared at Taomo intensely. They were calculated by Taomo and even offended and could not offend people.
Yang Hang’s eyes have been fixed on Tao Mo’s front. After receiving Zhou Qian’s words, he knew that Tao Mo was going to treat the old chief. Yang Hang directly broke out in a cold sweat. He can guarantee Tao Mo’s medical skills, but he can’t guarantee how old the old chief’s exclusive physician is a little girl. It’s all a national doctor. Tao Mo, how dare this girl be so stupid!
The three souls were scared off by two and a half souls, but things have happened. Yang Hang immediately informed Cao to lead troops to come and protect Chang ‘an, the old leader. This is a ready-made opportunity to pick up the military, and he immediately rushed over.
Now look at Zhou Qian’s attitude towards Tao Mo. Yang Hang’s hanging heart is put back in his stomach. It seems that the old chief is all right. Tao Mo, is this girl too lucky or is her medical skill really unique? In either case, the old chief owes Tao Mo a great favor.
Although there were hundreds of people outside the clause, Cao Cao’s troops took action very quickly, and immediately blocked the scene after Feng Jiahe’s Qi family were under control. Tao Jing’s side was stained with Tao Moguang, which not only protected the old chief, but also made contributions. At this time, the situation was good. After Cao Cao took over, Tao Jing left with Tao family.
"Why do you always come out?" Tao Mo looked disapproving and walked quickly towards the old chief supported by the pony. "You should stay in bed when you just woke up."
"It doesn’t matter." The old chief didn’t care about giving a hand. He just learned from the pony that when he fainted, it was dangerous. He also knew that Tao Mo had saved his old chief’s face. He looked at the mess, and it was a secret trip outside the hospital, but he got this appearance.
"Old Chief" Cao and Yang Hang saluted the old chief almost at the same time, and they looked extremely respectful. This is a real person stamping a stamp, and the whole country has to move three times. Now the old chief is also in charge of the army. Even Liu Jiuzheng should respect and shout a Qin Shu when he sees it. This is because Liu Jiuzheng is a descendant of Gao Lujia and other young players have to shout a Qin Grandpa.
When I saw the old chief coming out of the courtyard, my familiar face had been seen during the military parade. The heart of the Fifth Master of Qi suddenly became cold. It was no less than treason to think that they had just surrounded the residence of the old chief of Qin! This time, the Qi family really made a big mistake.
"It’s cold at night. You’d better go back and have a good rest and sleep for a night. There is a pair of medicine early. These people naturally have eldest brother and captain Zhou to solve it." Unlike Qi Wuye and Hanfei Feng, who were frightened and white and bloodless at this time, they were stubborn and grabbed the old chief’s arm with one hand and his slender fingers on his wrist
It’s too bold to see Tao Mo suddenly brush her eyes wide! If she suddenly moved, she was killed on the spot by the guards of the old chief. Then how can she talk to the school?
Yang Hang received Zhou Qian’s words that Tao Mo was going to treat the old chief, and he was scared out in a cold sweat at that time. Even if he made a rash move before Tao Mo, he would still dare to take his pulse without saying hello. Is this girl’s nerves too thick? But the old chief can be killed on the spot by guards as gangsters when he approaches casually.
If there is something wrong with this, Tao Mo’s life will be lost and he is not here. Yang Hang is really worried that he will give his life and can’t protect Tao Mo. Fortunately, Tao Mo is a fool. Seeing the old chief’s expression is not blaming Tao Mo for his recklessness and impulsiveness. Yang Hang took a long breath and his life was scared by Tao Mo sooner or later.
Tao Mo listened carefully to the pulse because the second needle application temporarily closed the artery where the broken shrapnel was located, and when the medicine was added, it was sent back to the old chief. At this time, the old chief looked a lot normal, but the danger was not lifted. Tao Mo also dared to look at the old chief with a serious face and "must stay in bed."