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What she didn’t know was that she was facing this answer.

The man was immediately one leng.
There is only one sound echoing in my mind.
Big shot! !’
Really big shot! !’
Do the work of the 22 nd century people
Although many ancient myths have been defined, a few feudal superstitions have been put into the teaching department as general knowledge.
But that middle school
There are just some basic stories, such as "Nuwa made man" and "Pangutou".
in addition
At that time, in order to understand the basic setting of this spicy chicken game, the man had read a lot of information and checked a lot of messy accumulation.
Include some network information from a hundred years ago, and even read some of the more interesting networks.
For example, some strange fan types, such as "Wild Flows" and "Mountains"
One exception is that
[Nu Wa] This sense of name is definitely not low.
Sometimes it is simply to be the protagonist or heroine to appear!
And this kind of character [metaphysics] is a mixture of a large number of stories [flood and wilderness], and what needs to be said in the background [world view] is bound to be extremely valuable!
It is simply enough to affect the trend of the general trend! !
In front of her
What men have seen in the past, one by one, are all miscellaneous fish.
Even if they add up to one, they are still miscellaneous fish …
I have to hold on to this thigh! !’
After realizing this,
Men’s thinking is instantaneous and unobstructed!
"Adult, please wait a moment! !”
I was about to leave [Nu Wa] when I heard this loud word, and I was puzzled to look back.
Beautiful face, calm mood, and eyes scanning towards each other.
That moment
Although knowing each other means no harm
The man’s heart stopped suddenly, just like ordinary people face the dragon.
….. I just wanted to say something …’
… how can I climb …’
Various ideas are constantly emerging.
Sweat is slowly flowing.
Finally [Nu Wa] looked at it.
Male blessing heart shouted
"My Lord, I have reported your kindness. Please have a look at something …"
Then he took something directly from his own equipment.
That’s a flat brain.
Then in front of [Nu Wa], the man will start and quickly type a document.
That thing is none other than "the flood" and "the mountain" …
in passing
He also ordered some afterphase documents
For example, some netizens have specially sorted out the basic settings of the "wild stream" and the ancient oriental myths …
Chapter 1194 Discussion
a few minutes later
[Nu Wa] gradually put the tablet brain in his hand.
Although it is short.
But it is enough for her to learn a language+learn tablet brain exercises+read part of the materials.
And after those things, she
Now my brow is slightly wrinkled, my face is slightly distressed and hesitant, and I feel indecisive.
The unexpected information had some violent impact on her idea [world view] …
At the same time
In her heart, she also solved a doubt that had been bothering her for a long time.
That is, she will feel a strange familiarity with those [human] bodies.
Now that I know the story of "Nu Wa made man", I have read some stories about "Wild Flows".
In her heart
You don’t need to think carefully.
Immediately white in the key point.
Be missed as a Dokki …’
This unpleasant discovery
It makes her upset and depressed …
Finally, after a myriad of changes in thoughts, she can sigh slowly about what has happened.