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He observe that fate of others.

Tianyang, the highest point of this vault, peeped into the fate of several people.
It also includes his newly born child, including the fate of Su Yongtai 3.
But one exception.
The future of all mankind is dark and empty.
Even after recycling frigga’s "quality", the fate of mankind remains unchanged.
At a certain node in the future, mankind has ushered in extinction and a new darkness.
Tianyang took a deep breath and looked at the River of Destiny again.
This time he peeped at his own destiny.
He saw many branches and saw that each branch pointed to the same result.
In addition, he saw the process when pointing to this result.
He was "impressed" by some details in these processes.
Tianyang Sky Castle disappeared after staying for a day and a night.
No one doesn’t know what he saw and found in the river of his destiny.
The marginal sea’ Neptune’ braved the wind and waves to continue its journey until it knew it would reach the finish line.
The cruise ship stood the test of storm yesterday.
Even though he has survived the storm, Brett will break out in a cold sweat when he thinks about yesterday.
The storm yesterday was really terrible. The sea was rough and the wall was tens of meters high.
This storm caused the Neptune to slide into the abyss and throw the waves.
The waves rushed into the hull more than once, and at least more than 100 people were wet by the sea.
Although the storm has passed, those who are weak will definitely get sick.
The ship’s medical resources are limited, and once it gets sick, the consequences are unimaginable.
Brett can already imagine that the crew of the ship may be reduced in a few days.
However, a few days passed.
Brett found that the number of people on the boat did not decrease.
Besides, those who have been through the storm not only don’t even have a cold, but also are full of energy.
You look better than when you first got on the boat.
On the contrary, Brett himself has a cold, and although he has taken the medicine, he still sneezes and sneezes every day.
When he went to see the doctor again, the only doctor on board said in a whisper, "Mr. Brett, I suggest you go to the third class and find a person named Tang Xin."
"I heard that she cured all the sick people these days."
Chapter 1722 Leave
The third class cabin of Neptune
This is the lowest class cabin of the ship.
The original Brett himself will never set foot in this lowest cabin, which is located in the belly of a cruise ship, even if it smells ventilated, it will not smell good.
The narrow passage was full of smells, and even though Brett had covered his nose with a handkerchief, he was still horribly pale.
When he couldn’t help sneezing and inhaled the smell in the passage, Brett suddenly retched.
"Are you all right, Mr. Brett?"
There was a stereo behind him. Brett quickly turned around and saw a thin Hokuriku.
"I’m fine"
Most of the boatmen know Brett.
Brett didn’t know them, especially the third-class people. When they arrived in the’ war continent’, they were coolies, laborers, mules and cannon fodder.
Brett doesn’t think he needs to know them.
But now it is necessary for him to know one
Even if I only know one person.
Therefore, when the Northerner was leaving, Brett quickly stopped him, "What should I call you?"
Hokuriku turned around and wondered if a’ big shot’ like Brett would be so polite to himself and know himself. "
"But he is still very happy to respond" Ningqiu, my name is Ningqiu "
If we can make Brett remember himself, maybe we can change something.
Ningqiu thinks so.
Brett nodded. "Good Mr. Ningqiu."
"Can I have a chat with you?"
Ning Qiu is flattered. "Of course."
Two people go to a quiet corner.
Brightman went straight to the mountain and asked, "Have you ever heard of a lady named Tang Xin?"
Ningqiu cast an inquiring look.
Brett has a dry cough. "Well, there’s a gentleman in the first class who hasn’t been feeling very well recently."
"Our doctor suggested that Ms. Tang Xin take a look."
Ningqiu nodded. "I know that Ms. Tang Xin cured me of my illness."
"Great," Brett shouted, and then quickly converged and patted Ningqiu on the shoulder. "Mr. Ningqiu is a good judge of people."
"I knew you had good leadership skills the first time I saw you."