8, Jun 2024
The demon emperor couldn’t help laughing. Two hurriedly comforted the old man.

The old raccoon is more embarrassed than just standing in the holy king’s mouth and seeing what is wrapped in the old raccoon’s skin.
Little fellow, I heard that your name is quite big. Don’t be silly. Show me what you can do.
The holy king can’t help staring at a pair of tiger eyes when he sees the old dog staying there.
I have long heard that King Jin Xian is a martial idiot, but I didn’t expect to be so crazy that I would try my own business as soon as I met him.
When the old man smiled bitterly, he turned to the demon emperor for help.
Well, that saint, your holy king, talk more. I’ll go back first and get things done. You can always come to Tianyi Palace to see me.
Demon emperor brimming with a smile just disappeared in a word, leaving the old man alone here.
founder of a school of learning
The old man opened his mouth and looked at the place where the demon emperor disappeared and felt that he had once again been tricked by the demon emperor.
Hey, hey, it’s no use calling grandma. You can’t leave until you show me something today.
The holy king figure that has blocked the door gloated way
Hey, holy king, you have a nice environment and wonderful scenery here. No, let’s sit down and have a drink.
In the face of the holy king crazy eyes old Gou scalp pins and needles immediately quick way.
Grandma Haote always drinks the most, but you should look at your affairs first.
The holy king’s eyes suddenly lit up when he listened to drinking, but he still didn’t forget to let the old man show his hands. Obviously, drinking is not his most.
Cough, holy king, how nice it is for us to enjoy the beautiful scenery while drinking. We must use knives and guns.
Old Gou dry cough a still grinning from ear to ear
Grandma, why are you so slow? If you don’t get old, you’ll need it.
The holy king’s patience is obviously extremely low. When he sees the old dog grinding three times and rubbing the tiger’s eye, he really wants his hand when he thunders.
Wait, I got it, I got it.
When the old man saw it, he immediately stopped the holy king by drinking.
Right, right, come on, just hit me.
The holy king immediately got excited again and even urged.
That’s not good, is it? If I hurt you,
Don’t you think it’s better for the old man to stay alone?
Bullshit, just bring it on. If you can hurt an old hair, you will always worship your teacher.
When the holy king heard this, he flew into a rage and shouted at the thunder, which startled the old man.
No, no,no. How can this be?
Old Gou smell speech shook his head with both hands even pendulum way
Smelly boy, I’ll give you one last chance. If you don’t get old, you’re welcome
The holy king has reached the point of forbearance, waving his fists and gnashing his teeth and growling
But before his words fell, he was shocked because the old man across the street suddenly disappeared.