7, Jun 2024
I was stunned by the phone call for a long time, but he couldn’t help clapping his hands and applauding. Good idea, girl. You are just a good thing like reincarnation. It’s the first time I’ve heard of this joining. It’s good to join.

Excited, he quickly turned to ask Duan Fei, the owner of the pavilion.
Duan Fei’s face is still calm and not much ups and downs. He is deeply staring at the bottom of Xiaoxiao’s eyes, not surprised, but a little flustered. He has never been flustered
For a long time, he headed
Great. I’m going to do the trace. I’m glad to retire and the room is quiet
Duan Fei took Xiaoxiao to follow his predecessor slightly back, raised his eyes and made Xiaoxiao feel uncomfortable. Why are you looking at me like this? Did I say something wrong? Then I won’t interrupt casually, isn’t it?
He shook his head and held her in his cold hands, slowly and slowly, no matter who you are, where you come from, whether you are ordinary or not.
My heart suddenly shook and my eyes widened. For a moment, she felt that she had actually known her secret.
Duan Fei’s folding eyes stretched out their hands to encircle her slender waist and face, so don’t disappear when she shows up.
His voice is so low that it seems that if you don’t listen to it, it will be easily blown away by the wind, and she is used to searching for his voice in the wind.
She bit her lip and hugged him with her hands. I never knew why I wanted to be here now. Hehe, it’s an incredible thing, but now I know that I’m here for you. Even when we cross over, I will still come back here to find you, whether in the future or in the past.
He didn’t answer, but his arms were tight.
Xiaoxiao bowed her head and took the initiative to kiss his lips. In an instant, she felt that this man, who was indifferent in appearance but looked at by the world as the most cruel, would be upset.
Xiumei puckered up in love, and she deepened the kiss, while he responded to her enthusiasm by putting his hands on her back and drawing her closer to himself.
Xiaoxiao, as soon as she puts her arms around his neck and sits astride him, she is not as shy as usual, and she wants him to feel that her mother needs to be more beautiful.
The ghost poison valley, which used to shock the sky, is now bleak and desolate.
Lost the poison control, the ghost gate lost its protective armor, and was chased by Duan Xiaoqi’s army into a lost dog. Shura led the four dharma protectors, leaving hundreds of families to abandon the ghost poison valley, a natural protective barrier, and avoid the altar in the mountains.
Xiao Qi, who looks dignified in front of the door master, is bound to kill us all this time and lose the ghost poison valley. We are weakened again, so it is a good door master’s order to deal with it.
Shura is enchanting in red, and half a ghost face exudes appalling residual rage. She is sitting in the theme, slowly lifting her eyes and scanning the four dharma protectors. He is afraid that we will find the secret of Long Mai, and the Tiankang Dynasty will be restored, but he will not hesitate to send a large number of troops. Although we suffered heavy casualties and were driven out of the valley, he may not be much better. He has lost 40% of his military forces and paid such a big price. He has to find that it is the best time for me.
It’s good for us to ask questions.
Shura hooked his lips and smiled unhurriedly, saying that we were not the only enemies in Qinglan. When he was trying to deal with us, the potential enemy in the dark took the opportunity to stab him. Hehe, he didn’t even have a chance to escape.
Gou twisted his eyebrows and asked what the door owner meant.
Shura got up and raised a cold smile with long sleeves because Sai Han hated Duan Jia for a long time. We formed an alliance with the Lanfeng family, and Duan Xiaoqi would turn over forever.
But the Lanfeng clan is a tribe after all. Is it an alliance with them?
Although the Lanfeng clan is small, they are all brave and good at fighting. There, the warriors can fight against one hundred, and they worship the princess as a goddess for the first beauty in Su Tian, but those men are desperate for their lives.
Shura, look back. How’s the charm treating you?
The charm calmly told me that the Lanfeng clan is now headed by Sai Han’s younger brother Mo Yue, but he is not in the Lanfeng clan now.
Oh, Shura closed her beautiful eyes. Did you find out where it was?
The charm shook her head.
Fix a turn cold life way to find him.
Mom, hurry up
Xiaowen Xiaowu took Xiaoxiao’s hand and was excited to run around in the street. From small to large, they almost never left Wangfu House, but after those familiar faces came to the wild goose country, their horses fell in love with the colorful life here.
Hey, what are they selling there?
Xiaowu pointed to the packed shop in front and looked at the signboard Rouge Square on tiptoe.