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No way, that’s because of my consciousness and senses. Although your dream power is very powerful, it can’t affect my senses. The ocean must say that he is trying to hide his mind.

Do you know what I can see through your thoughts? My heart suddenly turned to a topic, and my fingers touched my temples, saying that because of my ability and super ability, brain waves have been strengthened. In popular parlance, mental strength has been strengthened. When people think, their thinking will produce a subtle signal, and I can receive your thinking signals through my own brain waves to read your thinking.
Then this raises a question: Do my brain waves interfere with your brain waves with five senses? Can this spiritual power be abnormal or influenced by me? Think carefully about this question.
Say that finish this sentence, the heart and fingers gently burst into an apartment, as if a guide had been thrown at it. The apartment on the same floor melted into a sea of fire, engulfing the ocean ghost fight. Chapter 21 The awakening of the powerful powers of the universe
Industrial area
I believe that people will be shocked when they see this beautiful woman. It is rare for this woman to smell it in the face of her. I believe that no matter whether she is 10 years old or 10 years old, men will show the most gentlemanly and graceful smile, but now Xingjian can’t wait to spit on this beautiful woman.
Don’t look at me like that. The dead pervert is not dead yet. I have already shown mercy. The beautiful woman walked over and said that because she received it, she wanted to bring Chen Feng back to the headquarters of the super organization alive instead of killing him.
Xingjian’s face brightened a little after hearing this sentence. He cried, Who are you and what do you want to attack Chang?
The beauty didn’t listen to Xingjian. She suddenly felt something. She put her hand in her ear and gently clicked on the pocket headset. This is the most advanced communication tool in the world. If you are connected to an outer satellite, you will never lose the signal. Now this communication tool has completely collapsed in China’s monopoly industry.
There’s a heart sound in the headset. I’ve already captured the ocean ghost fighting you alive.
The target has been incapacitated and ready to be arrested, but now there is a small trouble. The beauty said that the headset came to question what trouble.
The beauty glanced at Xingjian and said that he was a friend of the target. He saw us fighting, so I had to take him with me and bring two outsiders into the headquarters.
Ok, I’ll inform headquarters to change the number of people invited from three to four, and then the phone will be disconnected.
Fengshen cleared this piece of steel ruins, and then the wind lock tied up the dead goat and the dead pervert buried in the surface. The beautiful woman gave Fengshen an order, and the beautiful Fengshen received the order that the horse shook his hands and two strong winds rolled up.
Xingjian watched this kind of power at close range for the first time, and his eyes were straight.
See two strong winds converge to form a vortex, and finally the wind turns into a powerful tornado with great suction. The horse will roll half of the steel, but after the steel is blown away, the beauty Xingjian is surprised to find that Chen Feng is gone, leaving a big hole on those steel surfaces.
The beautiful woman’s mind moved in a dark voice, and the horse was about to move, but after all, her reaction was slow, and the land suddenly shook strongly. A fist broke the huge force on the surface of the land and punched a hole in the ground.
Followed by Chen Feng covered in mud, he jumped right behind the beauty, and now he grabbed the beauty’s white slender neck and said Ma Fangxing built it.
Chen Feng is as embarrassed as he is now. His hair, face and body are covered with mud. Personally, he seems to have just taken a mud bath. Especially, his hands are covered with mud, not to mention bright red blood. It is caused by his hands digging holes. Although his Machamp’s super ability to dig soil is very simple, his hands are flesh and blood, and he will definitely be cut by gravel during the digging process.
Chen Feng is now muddy and bloody. It’s quite embarrassing to catch a beautiful woman’s neck. How do you say that people are all beautiful women and treat her like this? God knows how many people will be cursed by her male compatriots. However, when the palm of your hand is as smooth as a baby’s skin, Chen Feng’s eyes unconsciously fall on her white snow and jade neck, and her heart beats up immediately for no reason.
You fucking pervert, how dare you sneak up on me in such a despicable way? How dare you touch me with such dirty hands? Give me a beautiful woman quickly, and shout in a hurry. She looks as if she was frightened. Bossy let me feel sorry for her.
Qi wwwqisuwang
All women are more or less obsessed with cleanliness, not to mention attaching great importance to their appearance. Being touched by someone’s muddy hands is worse than killing her. That disgusting feeling makes her scalp numb and disgusting, so I didn’t think that my life was in the hands of others for the first time.
Chen Feng almost let go when the beauty begged, but thinking of the horror of this beauty, he quickly threw away his thoughts and called out, "Let me put it. You can put the star first."
A good beauty was almost crying because of Chen Feng’s dirty hands. She gave an order to Fengshen with tears. Fengshen’s horse lifted the wind lock and Xingjian got it. The horse ran to Chen Feng’s side and the beauty asked, Can you let go now?
Looking at the beautiful woman’s tearful eyes, Chen Fengxin jumped violently. It was so beautiful. It was so beautiful that it was a mess. But Chen Feng still hardened his heart and answered it. You have to answer me a few questions first.
Dead goat, dead pervert, you don’t keep your word. Are you still a man? You let me let us fight for 500 rounds. The beautiful woman shouted angrily, but after Chen Fengshen shook her hands in front of his eyes for two times, she quickly shut up and was touched by two dirty hands. She must have fainted on the spot.
Thief Chen Feng smiled and asked me if I was a man.
Yes, yes, you are the most handsome man in the world. No one can compare you to say such a thing from a beautiful woman, and everyone will get high, but she has a bitter and angry expression. I believe that few people will be happy.
I finally forced you to speak against your conscience. Chen Feng smiled bitterly. He really wondered if the beautiful woman was cursing the sky in her heart. No one could be more ashamed of you. Chen Feng asked what your name was.
My name is Feng Yu. After that, the beauty Feng Yu glared at him.
Feng Yu is a nice name. Is your surname Feng, or is it that you are the name of the wind element? Chen Feng said that when he saw the vicious eyes of the other party, Ma Jingkou changed the question. What do you think of the Amadeus plan? He has been curious about this question for a long time.
I don’t know about the Amadeus project, because it belongs to the highest-level document of the organization. I can’t understand it. I received a request from the organization to bring the three departments of the Amadeus project back to the headquarters. Feng Yu answered honestly this time.
Three people. Who else but me?
The other two are ocean ghosts.
What surprised Chen Feng? I didn’t think that besides him, the ocean ghost fight was also involved. Just when Chen Feng was surprised, Yu Fengyu’s eyes flashed cold light, the palm of his hand moved sharply, and now she Chen Feng.
Shit, Chen Feng immediately prepared to take the wind feather, but the strong wind has already hit and directly blew Chen Feng away. However, the wind wave was still beside him, and he built a star to fly, and then slammed into the ground and did not move.
Chen Feng fell to the ground and rolled a few times. He was scared to death when he saw Xing Jian moving. He was fine because his super powers strengthened his body and made him tougher than ordinary people. But Xing Jian is a real high school student. Where can he afford this kind of falling? Chen Feng rushed to Xing Jian and you are fine.
Xingjian climbed up from the ground with a puzzled look on his face, patted the dust and blinked. He didn’t do anything at all. Chen Feng was dumbfounded on the spot. He remembered that Xingjian was hit by a lizard monster at school but was not injured. Strange things asked, Are you not injured?