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Yaqi’s quarrelling slowly falls on the stage. Outsiders can’t help crying when they see Yaqi, because Yaqi is the champion of the year. Recently, I heard that Yaqi was arrested by Ye Feng, the most powerful person in the hospital, and trained for three months. The students all want to see how strong Yaqi is and whether he can beat him and sit in the championship position.

After waiting for a long time, I still can’t see the owner of Class 60 Oriental Sword Field. I asked the Wushu Department about the presence of Class 60 Oriental Sword.
Sand are mentor Oriental sword with abandon he had gone, outsiders said
Then this game will be continued by the victory of the seventh division of Wushu, and a game will be played by the third division of Magic, the night maple and the eleventh division of water, and melfi and them.
Are you the night maple? A beautiful elf pointed his forefinger at the night maple and asked politely.
I’m Ye Feng. Cut the crap and make a quick decision. It’s colder than usual. It’s obvious that Ye Feng hasn’t recovered from her madness just now.
No, I want to ask you more questions, said melfi.
Ye Feng didn’t expect that she would say this, saying that if you want to ask any questions, just ask them quickly.
Melfi couldn’t help but stare blankly when she heard the words of Ye Feng. No one had ever spoken like this before, but this humble man spoke like this to himself. At this time, she thought of Leng Wei’s problem again. Isn’t it beautiful enough? Although it’s not very beautiful, it’s not a billion to chase after yourself. What’s worse, it’s still an elf princess
It’s not that night maple is not beautiful, on the contrary, men are all beautiful, but now night maple is focused on finding medicine, which is a big nerve for other things, and it’s not uncommon for night maple to have a cold heart and look at other people.
You are the biggest brother with the strongest martial arts and the highest magical power. melfi said with a face of excitement.
This one is no match for you, and Feng feels a little impatient at the night of the test.
Big brother, you are so fierce. Why should you be so fierce to others? People are just asking you a question. melfi puts on a poor look, and the crystal liquid in his big blue eyes is spinning. It’s really my pity
After nine days, Li Kangyan felt a sense of persecution and almost couldn’t breathe. Li Kangyan dispersed the defensive magic body spirit to block the nine-day momentum. Li Kangyan conduits how this small momentum is so powerful?
Just as Li Kangyan was distracted for nine days, Li Kangyan collided with him at incredible speed. Li Kangyan was so frightened that he couldn’t flash. He abruptly put defensive magic again to protect himself.
When poof rang, Li Kangyan was hit by the enchantment and fell off. She opened her mouth and vomited blood, saying that your grandmother was so cruel that the tiger didn’t show off. You should be a sick cat.
Nine days after seeing Li Kangyan, he vomited an one mouthful blood, but he didn’t even see the injury. He couldn’t help but make a fuss. Is it impossible that his defense magic will cut off my strength? This has never happened before.
In fact, Li Kangyan is just holding back. He thinks that this war can no longer be dragged on or he will really lose.
When the chanting road is full of thunder elements in heaven and earth, you follow my instructions and turn thunder into lightning to destroy the enemy in front of you.
It suddenly became dark, and the dark clouds in the competition venue formed a vortex, with a blue dazzling flash, and a thunderbolt burst at the boundary of the competition venue, but it was easy to release the boundary. When the thunderbolt touched the boundary, it turned blue and white, and it was not shocking to see this halo on the sidelines. This power was too strong, and the bluish and white halo spread outward, and the classmates released their own defense magic quarrelling to resist this halo.
Night maple looked at the halo with an expression in the distance. This scene touched the night maple’s heart. It was the last thing to pull the string. Night maple changed from expression to anger. Night maple’s face was completely deformed. Her eyes shone with lux light. From a distance, it looked like a crazy beast. Night maple slowly changed from anger to indifference, and her face evoked a smile.
That thunderbolt is still stuck in the enchantment, and there is no sign of dissipation. Li Kangyan was stunned when he put this magic just now, but he was in an angry state. He forgot to protect the enchantment, but when the magic was put away, he couldn’t get it back. This magic is his last spirit release. What can I do?
Dean Songran sat in Taiwan and wanted to break up the thunderbolt. He went back to cover the boundary of the reference field and flew back to National Taiwan University. He said that Li Kangyan would continue a competition and raise his hand to signal two male teachers to carry them to the field.
In this game, Feng Chi, a class 3 swordsman from Wushu Department, faced Chen Juan, a class 4 swordsman.
Feng Chi and Chen Juan came to Taiwan successively.
It’s my honor for Chen Juan to compete against Feng Chi, who is fortunate to be ranked second in the Academy. I hope brother can be merciful later.
Feng Chi politely replied that my sister is really flattering me. What is the second place in the hospital? That is fooling around. I hope my sister will be merciful when I compete for a while.
Chen Juan chuckled. It’s very kind of you, brother.
Feng Chi smiled back and made a sword first.
Chen Juan said that you’re welcome.
Chen Juanzheng drew a sword with a green halo sword, two fingers wide and one meter long, and Chen Juan swung his sword to Feng Chi’s shoulder.
Feng Chi jumped back, Chen Juanjian followed Feng Chi and retreated. The fact is not that Feng Chi can’t beat the second place in Chen Juan Feng Chi’s hospital. Of course, Wushu can’t be worse. He wants to see how much strength Chen Juan has and how high his sword is.
Two people just chased one another and fled off the court. When they saw it, they all talked about it. Is this the second master of the hospital or Feng Chi really lost to Chen Juan?
Feng Chi saw that Chen Juan’s strength was just reaching the level of a warrior, and her swordsmanship was not so good. Feng Chi woke up, sister. Be careful. I want a sword.
When Feng Chi drew his sword, the murderous look suddenly filled with a barrier. Chen Juan felt the cold murderous heart of Jian Xiao and couldn’t help but think of the second person in the hospital. Of course, it’s not fake, but he can’t beat me with one or two moves.
Feng Chi shook two swords and said, Sister, I’m going to attack.
When I saw these two swordflowers, I couldn’t help admiring them. Even Kerry’s mentor could not help nodding to this guy, but in Ye Feng’s eyes, it was just a child playing tricks.
Feng Chi set up a sword and recruited the Milky Way to take a pledge to Chen Juan to cut thousands of swords and curtains. There was something of murderous look in Chen Juan. On the spot, she was not in a hurry to see her gently waving her sword and swimming in those thousands of swords and curtains. Chen Juan’s light body was still dancing, and his graceful figure was beautiful. The dance was so good that he saw the same applause outside the stadium.
But in Feng Chi’s eyes, it’s different. It’s not a dance, but a kind of footwork. It’s a magical footwork that can attack in the milky way for nine days and still be in the middle of it.
Suddenly, Chen Juan drank a lot and broke a thousand swords, like a firework that was set off from Chen Juantou, which was extremely beautiful.
Chen Juan said to Feng Chi with a smile, Brother, you are glad that the Milky Way has fallen for nine days. I wonder if Brother is still a terrible trick? His voice is full of pride.
Haha, I didn’t expect my sister Wu Song to be so good. I’m afraid I’m going to lose to you. Feng Chi laughed again and then said, I’m afraid my sister will have to take this move this time. Look at it.
Feng Chi threw his sword at the top of his head, closed his eyes, crossed his hands and whistled a sword at Chen Juan.
Chen Juan see face a white light shout slave sword Chen Juan put body energy into the sword, Chen Juan blocked the flying sword, but the sword was controlled by Feng Chi. Although Feng Chi closed his eyes, it was clear for the scene in the field that Feng Chi felt that Chen Juan’s energy was weakening, so he controlled the sword and cut it to Chen Juan, and Chen Juan jumped to avoid the past.
The sword quickly followed Chen Juan and Chen Juan, thinking about it or not, but in this case, the right hand quickly swatted at the flying sword, giving Chen Juan a bad chance. This energy was crooked when the flying sword was crooked for a moment, which gave Chen Juan a chance to breathe.