4, Jun 2024
Rain and wind seem to be good friends forever. Rain and wind will definitely come to join us. Fine rain, gentle rain, gentle touch on the ground and happy smile. Did a dozen people wish them a reunion? Were they moved by their decision?

Suddenly, the fine rain suddenly turned into a downpour, and the rain was crying and the wind was soaring. They all lamented that the world was uneven and the world was missing eleven such lovely and beautiful girls.
Are they really gone? Are they really not coming back? Are they really not attached to the beauty of life at all? Maybe this is an end or maybe this is a new one.
We don’t have much time left. As soon as the fire of life goes out, we will follow the death. Let’s have a good fight. Later, the sound transmission is limited and melancholy. Then give me the octopus. If you don’t, I’ll solve it for you.
Later, all the women shouted emotionally
Stop it. What is our burning life? Just revenge for the boss? Sooner or later, I will die. Then I will solve a powerful enemy and hold my mouth tightly and say, remember not to let me down. My boss will wait for you in the face first. Then I walked over and hugged a group of women and flew towards China.
Aren’t you dead yet? It seems that your life is hard enough, but this time I’ll see if you’re dead or not. When you come, you immediately hit an energy wave.
Later, I didn’t look at the flying energy waves, but I couldn’t help but look at a group of women who were still dizzy, and I was in the middle of the seventh generation to be brothers again.
How is it possible not to look at the energy wave, which can’t get in after five meters, as if the sediment had entered the sea, which caused a slight fluctuation.
Later, I looked at Buer and said, Don’t be surprised. The secret of my body is not that you can understand your energy, but today you will die as well.
It’s really a tall baby. I looked at it contemptuously and then hit a stronger energy wave, but the knot was the same as before
Later, I won’t stand with my hands straight up and read, Come on, Elemental God. Later, just after reading, there is a blue light behind me, and soon there is a blue light in the sky.
Water magic elements don’t come a little surprised and said
There are more and more blue lights around, and they all fly to the octopus around Laier. From time to time, when it falls to Laier, Laier immediately flies away from the octopus in pain. Octopus also knows that the elements are fierce and tries to avoid these deadly blue lights, but is it possible to avoid them? A little red magic in the evergreen forest is to protect yourself first and then lock the enemy to death. Later, the powerful octopus was injured. Which is so easy to avoid?
Twittering octopus is painful to watch. I hope I can save myself if I don’t come. If I don’t come, I will lose a piece of octopus’s body if I look at the blue light attached to it. If I don’t come now, I will be afraid to see such incredible magic. Where did he consider saving octopus? What he thinks now is to escape.
Yeah, Yaqi groaned. Where am I? Yaqi thought. Yaqi woke up and felt the powerful energy and momentum of the coming day. Later, Yaqi’s eyes also touched the girls who died all night.
Yaqi is not a fool. When he saw all this, he already knew what had happened. He moved his steps to Erle and shook his hand. Second sister, wake up.
Erle was shaken by Yaqi for a few times, and then she opened her eyes. As soon as she saw it, Yaqi sat up and asked Xiaoqi what happened. Yaqi didn’t say anything to help Erle up, pointing to what had happened.
Days later, the sisters are also together in the distance where they are exerting extremely powerful magic. Aren’t you all crazy? Second, I lost my joy and cried, because the women in the enchantment were also paying attention to it, they couldn’t find out that Yaqi had woken up later.
Yaqi held Erle and said, Second Sister, look at the boss. Erle looked down Yaqi’s hand, and the night maple was still lying on the ground covered in blood and still dead.
No, it’s impossible. Er Le pushes Ya Qi, and a flash of energy will shape the enchantment. Now Er Le picks up Ye Feng with one hand and pats Ye Feng’s face and asks Brother Feng, how are you?
At this time, Yaqi also rushed over, boss. Wake up and don’t scare us.
The two men didn’t respond when they saw the night maple. The two musicians tried it in the nostrils of the night maple, and there was no breath at all. Isn’t that?
Just now, the seven-night maple was seriously injured, and everyone would burn their lives to protect the night maple. Now he finds that the night maple has no breath, and it seems that the world is dark for a while, and there is nothing in his mind, and something is slowly rising and killing.
Two music, seven cries, woke up all the girls, and all the girls moved over. Twelve music swallowed hard. Two sisters and two music gently put the night maple from the ground, and a red fire burned up in her body for a moment.
It’s the most important person in life. What’s the point of living when you’re gone? Living becomes a soulless body, but not a flesh-and-blood thought. Just follow the guarded person.
Burn it, life, fire, Yaqi, sound up, and then a big fire burns from him. The boss is gone, and you are gone. What do you mean, I’m alive? I’m a coward. I’m not going to die together with a bang.
Does he know what they do? How does he feel when he knows it? What is brotherhood? What is friendship? What is the meaning of love? How deep is love? Is it stupid or crazy for an undead person to pay his own life? But who can understand all this clearly?
The fire is burning in everyone’s eyes.
Later, the feeling of decent energy is quickly absorbed by the surrounding magical elements, and every second is 10 thousand important.
Poof, there was no energy and then it fell to the ground, and the octopus was a little red among the evergreen trees. The fly ash was blown away by the wind and scattered in this world, although it was in this world at the same time, but its nature was completely different.
Later, how did you wake up with a start? The daughters came over and Yaqi held on to her hand and asked.
Xiaoqi, I’ll go first. My boss is waiting for you. Remember to kill Buer. Don’t let me down, or everyone will be sorry. Later, Xiaoqi said that you still have a chance to live. Remember to tell Xiaoxin that I am very much. Later, when she finished the last word, her eyes closed.
They didn’t shout or cry because they would meet him in a few hours.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, I didn’t think you weren’t dead, but today you will be reunited with your son, haha.
Don’t come, you’re ready to die, don’t you? Yaqi draws the energy sword and says to the daughters, it takes too much energy to cut the gods. Even if you burn your life, the energy is far from enough. Sisters, just come to me.
Daughters heard nodded, and one by one, they gave the energy to Yaqi Yaqi, which was enough to cast a beheading ceremony.
What’s the terrible trick? I don’t want to escape at this time, but I still want to stay. The night maple is dead, and I can’t avenge it. I can’t help these little kids desperately. I just want to teleport and escape here, but the gas around me is distorted and the energy burns. All this is caused by powerful energy.
At that moment, when Buerle was in a daze, thousands of Yaqi attacked Buerle with energy swords. Buerle also found that he wanted to fly, but is it possible?
Thousands of Yaqi never came, and then they merged into a Yaqi. This is the essence of beheading God. I can’t believe that I looked at Yaqi in my eyes and muttered, how is it possible to say that my body is cracked from scratch and slowly split into pieces of small flesh and blood, which fell to the ground like rain?