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Halfway through the meal, the queen mother suddenly put chopsticks and handkerchief to wipe her mouth and drank a mouthful of tea.

Others saw that the queen mother had stopped chopsticks, and everyone stopped chopsticks to wipe their mouths and drink tea.
The queen mother suddenly mouth call way
It took a thousand colors half a second to know what she was calling the queen mother.
Ai Jia suddenly remembered something. I heard from Lian Fei the other day that you wanted to get a maid-in-waiting from her, didn’t you
It is because the maid-in-waiting is Liu Manqing, the former sister-in-law of a concubine.
The queen mother was not surprised to hear these three words. It seems that she has long known that ice orchid is Liu Manqing.
Liu Huai’s greed and rebellion should destroy the nine families
The emperor’s house was kind-hearted and stripped him of his general title and his family of civilians.
Chapter seventy-three Table conversation
A few days ago, Aijia Palace went to Bukkoji to burn incense, where I met Liu Manqing who set a memorial tablet for Nie Fenghua.
Seeing that her clothes were worn out, the Prime Minister’s wife was so soft-hearted that she took her maid.
Then I saw that she was cautious and clever, so I gave her to Huai Yu.
On that day, Aigu heard Huai Yu say that you wanted to take her away, and she remembered that you and she were once sisters-in-law.
If you didn’t have a palace to recuperate at that time, maybe Aigu would remember at that time and you would give her to you.
However, since Ai Jia has given her to Huai Yu, it is not good to give her to you again.
Does the queen mother imply that she should not argue with Lian Huaiyu for Liu Manqing?
Oh, she’s not rare
Thanks to the kindness of the queen mother, sister-in-law was saved and given to Lian Fei.
On that day, my concubine was going to take my sister-in-law, and my sister-in-law didn’t want to follow her anyway. She said that she had a good life with Lianfei, and she wanted to take good care of Lianfei.
The male and female servants just woke up. It’s a blessing for her sister-in-law to be such a good master as Lian Fei.
Male and female servants don’t take away their sister-in-law. Let her stay with Lianfei. Male and female servants are very at ease.
I didn’t expect Qiancai to suddenly give up, which was just different from when Liu Manqing was going to be taken away with low gas.
The queen mother Lian Huaiyu’s eyes flashed a complicated look.
There is always a woman’s struggle hidden in this harem, but you, your queen, are deeply gratified to know that you are generally mourning your family.
Know in general
That is to say, she doesn’t have the status of queen to argue with Lian Huaiyu.
And she was deeply gratified by it.
Thousand colors can’t figure out what abacus they are playing.
By the way, this incident reminds Ai Jia of Prime Minister Nie.
In a flash, the soul of Prime Minister Nie has also dispersed for more than a year.
Alas, it’s a pity that people are young and talented, and unlike other men, they have three wives and four concubines when they get into power. It’s a pity that a good husband died like this.