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Besides, Sun Wu’s battle here is fierce. The Wuzhuangguan Hall is another scene. Li Yueling’s look went from the door of the hall to the corner of his mouth with a relaxed smile, and he set his eyebrows radially.

You can break my pro-budi demon’s ban to enter here. Which Tianbo in Sanqing is you? Although you are not too surprised.
However, in my impression, I was able to break away from the forbidden place outside Wuzhuangguan without disturbing myself, and there would never be more than four people from entering this purple mansion, and Li Yueling was dressed like a Taoist. However, Tianbo mistook him for one of the Sanqing deities.
Sanqing Li Yueling shrugged his shoulders and smiled indifferently. If Sanqing is still in the purple mansion boundary, I’m afraid the 36-way chaotic devil won’t even have a chance to take off the big space.
You’re not Sanqing Tianbo, frowning, shooting at the essence of Judah in your eyes. Your eyes carefully looked up at Li Yueling, and it took a long time to sink your way. You smell black and evil. My third brother is missing and it’s you.
However, the boss’s head in the three demons is much better than that irritable, impulsive and complaining. However, it is estimated that it is still difficult to be as refined as your third brother.
The same is true when I heard that nine grievances were refined and refined, but I didn’t show such excitement. My face was still submerged, but my tone was a little cold. You are a helper from Zhenyuan. Hum, the registration number demon doesn’t bother to kill a celebrity.
Li Yueling said word for word, each other, and the emperor doesn’t kill the little devil. You are barely enough for the title of the three demons. The emperor has always been fair. Since the emperor knows that you are the devil, Tianbo might as well tell you the name of the emperor. You can also die in vain when refining you. Remember that I am the emperor of Tai Chi in the West.
The sky wave suddenly changed slightly, but it was restored in a short time.
Today, he’s still not in the slightest hurry, but it’s Tai Chi Xianxing. No wonder this matter can kill my undeserving third brother. Don’t worry, the devil never takes revenge. Even if you start work later, you won’t be greatly tortured because you killed my third brother.
I’ll make you die happily
Now that you have arrived here, Zhenyuan Sunwu must be nearby. If you don’t call them together, you won’t have to find and solve them one by one. This is very troublesome, calm or really frightening.
Li Yueling’s eyes never leave the sky. At the moment, the smell speech is humming. My two brothers must be close to your second brother at the moment.
What day wave finally looked nervous, but he was worried that ginseng could not be obtained instead of safety?
Are you nervous? If you are nervous, just say that the emperor allowed you to repent for a minute before killing you. Li Yueling was a fake priest when he was alive, but now he is completely pure in his heart to entertain the sky.
I think even the town elders were able to make the magic succeed in coping with it. I don’t know if you, the backward emperor, can go to this realm today, but don’t let the magic down.
In the wild laughter of the sky wave, I saw that his body suddenly changed into a pale yellow light and shadow that flew into the hall and seemed to run away.
These five villages are now a magic territory, and the magic doesn’t want to damage it here. If you really claim it, come with the magic, haha.
Li Yueling’s calm attitude towards the sky wave really surprised Li Yueling a little, but his confidence in destroying the sky wave did not reduce the speed of colorful clouds.
It was a few breaths when Li Yueling had stopped Tianbo’s way, but by this time he had reached Wuzhuangguan, a piece of grass thousands of miles away.
Tianbo is also surprised that Li Yueling can quickly intercept himself, but then he sneers at me. Presumably, my abrasive third brother must have been chased by you. This royal cloud speed is the first in all circles, but my third brother died in your hands, but it’s not too bad.
Good to say, good to say, I want to know the answer. After you refine the emptiness, you have to ask your third brother, you damn fool. Li Yueling has spoken with a wave of his hand, holding up a bright white flame and rising up a blazing strange light.
I’ll give you a gift first.
Life yuan fire condenses into a spark in the sky. As Li Yueling’s voice settles, it spins rapidly toward the sky, and it becomes full of pressure in an instant. Fiona Fang is like a border fire cloud, and the heat is pressing.
A single spark dares to burn the sky, and the waves don’t appear cold and cold. The sleeves are rolled up in a dark black with a little light. Cinnabar welcomes the sky fire.
Extinction of sincere day wave speech is powerful. Once the skyfire was immediately extinguished by the black Cinnabar, it turned out that even the struggle was not overwhelming.
Magic this virtual black sandstorm is to extract hundreds of millions of precipitation in the virtual magic earth, which belongs to the five elements. Don’t say that this just skyfire is the three skyfires, and it is the same to destroy a clean sky wave. Zhuo Lizhong is very disdainful.
This devil is difficult. I want to borrow Skyfire to force him to show his true identity first, and then leave the fire bell. kunlun mirror Thunder Hand killed him. Unexpectedly, he left such a hand to listen to his tone. It seems that there are more than one treasure, but this time it needs to be more careful.
Li Yueling never underestimates his enemy. Even though he has had a successful experience of killing nine grievances, he still hasn’t taken the sky lightly. On the contrary, Li Yueling offered several pieces of protective magic weapons instantly when the big canopy of virtual black sand and sand hit his face, which pushed the defense of the five elements of fairy armor to the limit.
However, Li Yueling paid attention to the virtual black sandstorm, which saved him a lot of trouble. When Cinnabar touched Li Yueling’s cloth for several protection, he was suddenly destroyed by two magic weapons, and even through the two-layer magic weapon defense, he touched the five elements of fairy armor to release the light golden protective aperture.
Although the five elements were attacked, Li Yueling was destroyed before, but two pieces of protective magic weapons arrived at the black wind and sand. The semi-power was to win him enough evasion before the protective aperture of the five elements was broken. Li Yueling was already soaring.
I went to trouble surrounded by black sand.
This virtual black sand storm is a day wave that has never been refined in the virtual reality. Although he has always expressed his extreme contempt for Li Yueling in his words, he is actually very cautious in doing so. One purpose is to make Li Yueling misunderstand that he is the kind of guy who is extremely crazy and proud, and he will not take too many precautions against himself. With this, he has never killed the enemy in one fell swoop.
After all, in Tianbo’s view, is it that kind of unworldly role to be able to kill Jin Xian with nine grievances?