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Since you have lost your heart, it’s time to give me back my people. I walked towards Leng Mengzhe’s loneliness.

Don’t move, Tai Sen shouted. Who said we lost?
At the very least, we will return these two chips in hand. Xue Ji smiles and smiles. You’d better be a good boy. I know you are fast, but you can only save one person at most. The other one will lose his life because of your impulsive blind faith.
What do you want from me?
God, you’re going to Aristotle’s funeral, aren’t you? Yuki asked leisurely
Yes, my heart is moving. Do you want to play tricks on Julius Caesar?
That’s right. The explosion in Alexandria House that night when Yukime was charming and combed her sideburns was a prelude to terrorist acts. You won’t. We’re going to stop there.
We’re not as simple as you think. Xue Ji proudly stroked Leng Mengzhe’s hair, and Leng Mengzhe’s eyes seemed to breathe fire.
What do you want me to do? I asked carefully. I think it may be my turn to go to Manchester forest if Xueji’s beautiful nails are coated with green toxin and she wants to cut Leng Mengzhe’s skin a little.
Well, you are very clever and knowledgeable. Yukime was very satisfied and withdrew her white pink little hand. She looked at me carefully and said word by word that Caesar was killed at Aristotle’s funeral.
What, my pupil is dilated instantly, so that one king kills another emperor? Whether it succeeds or not will cause great chaos. This is simply a shocking conspiracy. What kind of organization is this organization? It’s terrible.
We know your strength, your identity, and it’s not difficult to accomplish this. Besides, we found out about the funeral process, when Caesar will summon you alone, and Toyotomi Hideyoshi will take the opportunity to do it. Yukime’s tone is as easy as saying that he will go to the school supermarket to buy food, so he can easily kill Caesar and exchange it for your brother.
You have no choice. No, Yukime gently covers his cherry mouth. You can still choose to give up your two brothers who fought with you. Hee hee, am I right, Tai Sen?
Indeed, Tai Sen proudly laughed wildly, and Yukime took Leng Mengzhe with her hands and left me alone in the morning breeze to isolate me.
Incarnate son gently walked beside me and took my hand.
I suddenly held my charm tightly in my arms. At this time, I really need a warm embrace to relieve my nervous tension. This time, the sky gave me another difficult test.
Honey, I know you’re upset, and the charm whispered in my ear
No less this time, I kissed the charming cheeks and you were by my side.
But I can’t help you. Be sad.
It is enough for you to be by my side.
The carriage was violently bumping because it was driving too fast. I looked at the decoration of the carriage. Purple Sue kept beating and my heart was uneasy. This time, I didn’t let the charm come with me. I didn’t want her to take risks with me. She was different from others.
What should I do?
I am not the king of Fufeng, I will not hesitate to kill Caesar, but because of my identity, the success and failure of this assassination theory will bring a border killing to the whole continent.
But can I give up the lives of my two brothers? Leng Meng Zhe’s loneliness is the country’s first-class war commander. The most important thing is that Leng Meng Zhe’s loneliness has been with me for a long time. My brothers have died, and I would like to be imprisoned instead of them. But this is really a long-planned action. Our every move is calculated by others, and my assassination this time is just a step in someone else’s chess game.
Chapter DiYiSanSan Assassination of Caesar
The carriage suddenly stopped, and the curtain was lifted. Two indifferent soldiers outside looked at the carriage, made a routine inspection and made a gift to me. The curtain was put on the carriage and the carriage continued to drive.
I know I’ve entered the funeral site, the Blessed Altar.
Shenyou altar is the religious ceremony center of Oren countries, where a series of religious royal activities, such as sacrificial ceremonies and blessing, are held.
About ten feet, the Fiona Fang Divine Protection Altar is made of blue stone. From a distance, it looks magnificent. The guards of honor of the heavily armored knights are heavily guarded from man to horse. Opposite the Divine Protection Altar, there is a bluestone-built viewing platform, and teams of cavalry are constantly shuttling me to make a tingle. This place can still survive the assassination of Caesar.
We can’t imagine how you survived in such a place, Yukime praised
The official Dongfeng is not everyone’s own master. Tai Sen praised that you are the last enemy I want to meet in my life
I ignored them and sighed and continued my narrative.
I took the carriage and a tall military commander came along.
Tai Sen interjected that it must be Alexander.