31, May 2024
Yuanyuan sighed and let him sit in the chair, but he sat next to him on the bed and said that he not only cheated me, but also cheated a lot of guests.

Oh how much
Yuanyuan pondered for a while and said that it was said to be millions. In the first few days, I heard from the securities broker that he was caught somewhere in the south.
The stock market risk should be cautious when entering the market. Really, Zhang Junfa sighed.
Yuanyuan suddenly smiled and asked him how he heard that Yang Jiahui had gone to Shenzhen to be a trader.
So-so Zhang Jun answered simply, he didn’t want to say too much, because he didn’t want Yuanyuan to enter the market again for so long, Zhang Jun had realized that there was not much investment value here, but speculation was popular.
Zhang Jun said that she smiled at her here and said that you haven’t given me a New Year call yet.
You don’t give lucky money or worship.
How about you worship me?
Yuanyuan looked at the doorman and outsiders whispered Happy Spring Festival in his ear.
Zhang Jun smiled after hearing this, then took five dollars out of his pocket and said that he had kept it for others to say.
Where did you get it? It was the first time I saw dollars, Yuanyuan said.
I’ve known you since I’ve never seen you.
Nonsense. I was the representative of English when I was a student.
In a word, she amused Zhang Jun and remembered the past vividly. At that time, Yuanyuan wore a pair of pigtails and he always skipped in front of her. After so many years, she was like a beautiful woman.
Yuanyuan took the dollar in her hand and read it for a while and handed it back. Zhang Jun looked at her and wondered why the money was not clean.
No, I’m much better now.
Yuanyuan seems to have something to say with his head down, but he doesn’t move in his heart, but that idea disappears in an instant. He gave her the money again and said that he wouldn’t let you pay New Year’s greetings in vain.
Won’t you come to dinner? shouted the aunt outside.
After a while, Zhang Jun replied that he just put the money in her pocket and asked how your city hospital is now.
I’m not in the city hospital anymore
Where is that? Zhang Jun asked
Yuanyuan smiled and said that my master’s degree is here, and now she is transferred to the provincial cancer hospital for surgery.
The oil and water are quite big, said Zhang Jun, looking at her opposite.
Go ahead. What do you think of our doctor?
Yuanyuan was angry and stopped looking at him. Zhang Jun looked at her quietly. He found a sad taste in Yuanyuan’s eyes and explained that Yuanyuan was lotus mud but not stained.
Two people want to continue to chat, go outside Nai and shout that you will get cold soon if you don’t come to dinner. This is Zhang Jun’s mother’s voice.
They looked at each other before leaving the room.
Eating is an excuse. It is the real purpose for people to get together and talk. The two young people didn’t interrupt too much. They were all thinking about different things.
Zhang Jun, it was very late when they came from their uncle’s house. Father drank a lot today because he was happy. On the way home, his father patted Zhang Jun on the shoulder and said, in fact, my mother once thought about Yuanyuan, but now you have Jiahui.
The dead old man told you to drink less
Zhang Jun Bai, they have had similar things about their children’s in-laws. Because they are a junior college student, they feel that they are not worthy of her, so they take the initiative to return to their loved ones. This matter can’t be solved.
My father was still walking around. He burped and said, Is it okay for me to think Yuanyuan was my adopted daughter’s wife that day?
No mother is lazy to answer.
Zhang Jun helped his father to get home, but he didn’t say much, because he was going to Shenzhen in two days, and he couldn’t go home for half a year, and he didn’t know what the future was like. Thinking of this, he also stirred up a cold war.
What’s the matter? Mother asked.
it doesn’t matter
Zhang Jun said, going back to his room and eating and drinking for days made him exhausted. He quickly took off his coat and got into bed and quickly fell asleep.
He slept soundly and sweetly that night and didn’t get out of bed until near noon the next day.
I don’t know if Jiahui bought a plane ticket. I have to ask.
Zhang Jun thought about hanging up a message for her. Did Jiahui buy a plane ticket?
No, I’m waiting for you to come with me.
Horse to
After Zhang Jun put the word out, he washed himself in the bed and then hurried away from his mother in the kitchen without eating, asking what you were doing without eating.
I went to Jiahui’s and bought a plane ticket. Zhang Jun said and ran away.
There are not many pedestrians on the Seventh Street on the Lunar New Year’s Day. Many shops on the street are still closed. Several large department stores are still open on the street. Some sanitation workers are cleaning up the residual firecrackers and scraps of paper. Zhang Junxin is not a sigh at their hard work.
When I came to Yang Jiahui’s house, I found that she was already dressed and waiting for him to go with me. I saw Zhang Jun coming to Jiahui and said, Let’s get up just by looking at it.
How do you know?
I didn’t wash my face. Yang Jiahui then took him in and asked him to check his face. Zhang Jun didn’t notice that his gum was still hanging on his face and he didn’t feel a fever.
Zhang Jun washed her face before she went with her to buy a plane ticket. It was not far away. They strolled to the plane ticket office in less than half an hour. This is a point in Shenyang Airport where you can buy tickets to all places.