30, May 2024
He turned around and found himself facing a slim and fair-skinned woman, who was beautiful but as empty as air. She wore a silky pale green tulle gown and a veil covered half of her face. In a way, she reminded Krasus of his queen, but she was not.

Her eyes are still closed.
Poor cleo Straz. Her lips didn’t move, but Krasus recognized that it was her voice. Yi Sela sounded a sad look on her pale face, and you wanted her to do something.
He didn’t know why she had to repeat this. They all knew the truth. He turned and left again, looking for a way to escape from this illusion.
Don’t rush away, cleo Straz.
What? He turned around and asked
Yi Sela stared at him, her eyes were wide open, and Krasus froze. He looked at those eyes irresistibly. Those eyes belonged to people he knew and loved, and to those who knew him very well. They showed all kinds of colors, blue, green, red, black and gold. Every eye color
Give him back his eyes.
I’ll think about what you just said.
He can’t believe that you are really good at it.
She raised her hand to signal his silence. I’ll consider what you said. It’s just consideration.
Do you think you agree with me?
Then I will try my best to say that Marigos Nozdom will help. Of course, I can’t promise anything about it.
This knot exceeded Krasus’s expectations, which may eventually come to nothing, but it gave Krasus the confidence to struggle.
Thank you./ I thank you for
I haven’t done anything with you except let you live in a dream. Yi Sela smiled with a hint of apology.
Krasus wanted to thank her again. The fact that he wanted her to be white gave him the courage to move on. However, Yi Sela suddenly drifted backwards from his face. Krasus reached out to hold her, but they were far away. When he wanted to move forward, he found that she was retreating faster.
Then he realized that it was himself that Ms. Dream didn’t back off.
Poor cleo Straz, I wish you a good dream. It’s the sound of Yi Sela, and that slim, fair-skinned figure is swaying and then disappearing. Have a good sleep. You need enough physical strength to cope with the coming battle
He wanted to talk, but found that he couldn’t speak in his dream. Darkness fell on the head of the dragon mage, and he fell into a comfortable and dark sleep.
Don’t underestimate those who you think are chess players.
The orc mountain city is not grander than Luo Ning imagined, but also more complicated than he imagined. He will lead to the target tunnel but suddenly turn around, and they often climb rather than go, not only stealing his precious time but also exhausting him.
During that time, Death Wing didn’t say a word to him, which made him even more confused. Although Ronin would never finish trusting the black dragon, he knew that Death Wing would rarely take him to the place where alexstrasza was imprisoned. What exactly diverted the attention of the black dragon now?
In a tunnel without a ray of light, the alert mage finally got a chance to sit and have a rest. He was carrying a water bag, which was given to him by those two unlucky sperm. He took a sip and leaned back against the wall. He thought that relaxing for a few minutes would sober his mind so that he could continue his journey in this cave.
Can he really save the Red Dragon Queen? He is struggling to move forward in the cave. Every moment, Ronin’s doubts about himself are getting stronger and stronger. He may have come here for a gorgeous killing, but even his life can’t be exchanged for those sacrifices and resurrection. Besides, they have made their own decisions.
How could he think of such a crazy plan? He recalled that when this matter was first recalled, he was forbidden to participate in kirin tor activities after that failure. During that time, he kept thinking behind closed doors that no one saw and rarely ate. He was also forbidden to meet when he was inspected, so Dancla Seuss suddenly showed in front of him how surprised he was when he made meritorious deeds.
Ronin always thought that he didn’t need any help, but Krasus said that his chief mage explained his situation in great detail until Ronin agreed to seek the public. Somehow, he started the topic of dragons, and then he was imprisoned in alexstrasza. She was forced to give birth to fierce mounts in the tribe. Although the main force of the tribe has been shattered now, if she is still trapped, the orcs in Katz Mo Dan can continue to damage the alliance and kill several civilians.
At that time, Luo Ning suddenly took the idea of releasing the Red Dragon Queen. He thought that he could have such a wonderful plan. At that time, he thought it was a very constructive idea, and his story would be remembered forever among mankind.
This idea also deeply infected Krasus. In retrospect, the old mage spent a lot of time discussing the details together and often encouraged him. Now, Ronin has to admit that it was not the benefactor who advised him that he might have forgotten the idea long ago. In some ways, this is more like Krasus than he did. What benefits can he get from this congressman who always keeps his true colors from being seen? Ronin has really succeeded, maybe he can win some prestige, but what benefits can he get from Ronin’s failure?
Ronin shook his head and continued to ask himself this question. Soon, he will recognize that his benefactor is actually behind the incident, and he is still influencing himself in some way to make a decision to go deep into the enemy’s territory.
This is ridiculous.
The sudden noise startled Ronin, only to find that he fell asleep just thinking about it. The mage put his back against the wall and waited to see who would walk in this dark tunnel. The beasts should know that this is the end of this tunnel. Are they here to search for him?
However, the subtle conversation that was almost indistinguishable gradually faded away, and the mage realized that he had been deceived by the complex sound phenomenon in this cave. Just now, he heard the orc talking. Maybe he was separated by several tunnels.
But maybe he can follow the sound, and his confidence will gradually expand, and he will carefully move in the direction where he hears the sound, that is, if the sound doesn’t really come from that direction, he should be able to take him where he wants to go.
Ronin didn’t know exactly how long he slept, but when he was walking through the cave, he heard more and more sounds, like a Grimbatto was awake. The beasts seemed to be in a state of panic. In Ronin’s view, they must be in trouble. At this time, all directions came. Ronin didn’t want to crash into the orc warrior training ground or their canteen. He wanted to go to the secret room where the dragon queen was imprisoned.
All of a sudden, the Yi Long growl drowned out the other sounds. The growl was loud, but it soon subsided. Ronin had heard this cry before, but he didn’t. Now he is cursing himself. Isn’t this stupid dragon supposed to be in the same area? Even in the worst case, you can always find some dragons following these screams. Maybe he can find traces leading to the Queen’s cell there.
He walked through the tunnels for a long time without any trouble. Most of the orcs seemed to be far away from him. They were busy with huge projects. The mage didn’t think that they were preparing for the war. Now the alliance should be advancing to the orc forces in northern Katz, Mo Dan. Grimbatto should go north to help. After all, the tribe still hopes to drive the humans back to their allies.
This is the case, which is very beneficial to Ronin. The orcs should concentrate on preparing for the war, and their numbers will be much smaller. Soon, every dragon knight will set off for the north with their training mounts.
Ronin was encouraged and boldly stepped up. However, after only a few steps, he almost bumped into two tall orc fighters.
Fortunately, the two orcs were stunned when they saw Ronin. Ronin quickly raised his left hand and read a worse spell.
The face of the orc warrior near him was twisted with anger. When he tried to pull the axe behind his back, his chest beat the big guy to the nearest wall in the Ronin spell.
The orc immediately melted into the stone after hitting the wall, leaving his body outline on the surface of the stone, and he could be seen to open his mouth and shout. After a while, even the outline disappeared, so the tragic fate of that guy was never known.
You scum, another orc roared that he had the axe in his hand. He swung the axe at Luoning, but it was cut by Luoning. The orc walked slowly to Luoning and cut some stones. The huge dark green body of the orc blocked the narrow passage and made a necklace of withered fingers. Those fingers were dangling in front of Luoning’s eyes. The owner, the human elves, and some unknown creatures. This opponent must have wanted to hang his fingers. At this time, the orc cut it again. This axe almost split the mage in half.
Ronin looked at the necklace again, and an evil thought rose in his heart. He raised his hand and pointed to the necklace and made a gesture.