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Hundreds of thousands of refined Fuqiang gathered together, and nearly one million uniting eyes gathered together.

As all kinds of materials are refined and refined, the faint fragrance slowly diffuses.
This fragrance is extremely rich, and it is formed by blending and superimposing miraculous materials. When it enters the nose, it will make people feel shocked and then turn into pure energy.
It is this breath that carries the medicine, which is comparable to a day of penance in ordinary life and death.
Moreover, this precious fragrance transformation capability is purer than no impurities, which is an excellent supplement for cultivation.
Is at the moment with the refining operator for a lot of life and death practice in the note refining operator at the same time, the body capability has been slowly running and constantly sucking the surrounding fragrance into the body. After all, this kind of practice opportunity is rare and can be grasped well, which is worth the usual half-year penance. Chapter five hundred and ninety-seven Small inverse reincarnation operator.
Wide cold eyes firm did not put people in the eyes at the moment his eyes fell on a figure.
Ma Feiliang
In those days, Master Fang Hanyang could knock down Yue Bai’s rudder, and today he can do the same with Guanghan.
This wide cold heart firmly believe than.
Meng Fei is keenly aware of the change in the atmosphere of the East China Sea diver around him. This is a kind of desperate attempt to get rid of his breath. Although he doesn’t know what will happen soon, he must surely come to challenge.
I don’t know whether this wide cold means actually believe that it can defeat this Ma Fei-liang.
As time goes by, the fragrance of medicine in Fudao Square is getting stronger, which is a sign that it is about to become a symbol.
And at the moment, Chengfu is not one person, ten people and one hundred people, but ten thousand people practice.
The four talismans were first refined. Even in the three-point rudder training, the operators knew very well that with the four talismans, they were bound to lose this time and did not continue to challenge the opportunity to move forward.
However, they did not give up in their hearts. Instead, they tried to control the soul fire and refine it. After the arrival of the Lingfu furnace, they could get a desired ranking.
After all, they ranked successively, and their interests were the same for the next hundred years. How dare people be careless?
After the four talisman is the five talisman.
Of the 10,000 operators, more than 1,000 have chosen to practice four talismans, with the largest number of five talismans and more than 1,000. How dare you choose six talismans to practice? Few people practice.
However, these ten people have attracted the attention of most practitioners at the moment. Note that by this moment, most practitioners have already completed the spiritual fu Lian, but they are still in the process of continuous integration of medicine.
Everyone’s heart is white, and these ten people will be promoted successfully if they don’t fail.
The six-operator division has also belonged to the absolutely strong level in the five-point rudder.
It was then that a sudden muffled sound came, but it seemed strange.
Outside the stove, the cautious hand-refining operator turned gloomy and showed unwilling bitterness in his eyes.
This person is a quarter rudder practice, although barely refining the strength of six talisman, but the success rate is extremely low.
This time in the assessment contest, he wants to give it a try. Once he succeeds, this person will definitely become famous in the quarterback and get the attention of the headquarters.
However, it seems that his luck is not very good. Some mistakes were made in the fusion of drugs, which led to the hedging of drugs and the failure of refining symbols.
A number of eyes converge, and everyone is sorry. The distance between eyes and Cheng Fu is not far. This person is also defeated in the last step.
However, even this refined operator association will comprehensively consider his strength, but it is hard to say whether he can be promoted.
At the last moment, the fusion of medicine power needs the alchemist to carefully arrange the Yuan Shen’s induction, which is very serious to the body. Minor mistakes will lead to failure.
This is the last and most difficult step. The higher the symbol level, the greater the possibility of mistakes.
Hand-refining operators are all experienced people, who have learned from their mistakes at the moment, but they dare not be careless. They would rather slow down the speed of setting operators and never dare to rush.
Once you fail, a hundred years of hard work will cost you too much.
Ma Fei-liang kept waving his hands and playing tricks into the stove. Although the speed decreased a little, he still didn’t feel nervous and flustered.
At this moment, the Yue Bai Branch Chief finally brought the means of refining operators to an extreme level, and the force broke out. This person’s hand Duan Xianchao practiced many other things.
At the moment, among the ten people, one is more colorful than him.
At that time, many eyes came together, admiring and awed.
Ma Fei’s conscience is still.
He has been preparing for this war for 500 years. In those years, Ma Fei-liang watched his father’s JingXie dried up and died in a hundred years after his father’s defeat. A hatred was deeply buried in this man’s heart.
Over the past few hundred years, he has endured hardships and worked hard to finally carry forward the Yue Bai rudder, and his strength has been constantly rising, which is not weaker than the ordinary five rudder.
Sub-rudder assessment Yue Bai rudder has defeated the East China Sea rudder once, and now it is an important last battle.
If he wins, Yue Bai’s rudder can be replaced by a new fifth rudder, which is his promise to cultivate people’s numbers and fulfill his father’s dying wish.
Refining the small inverse cycle operator, when his father lost to Fang Hanyang, today he will open the house to defeat this wide cold by means of home.
He wants the world to know that Yue Bai’s rudder is definitely not weak, and even if his father loses, he wants him to pay back everything.
In this state, Ma Fei-liang, instead of being agitated, becomes more and more peaceful. The water is indifferent and there is no fluctuation at all. His personal thoughts are completely focused on one point, and the only thought in his mind now is to succeed in refining.
In this state, he personally suspects that he has advanced to a peak level, and every move tactic is just right without mistakes.