28, May 2024
I don’t know why I want to climb the second floor, but there is no ladder around me. It seems that I didn’t know where to go twelve years ago.

The sky is no longer gloomy, but a very ambiguous gray.
Black and white ash
Well, today’s diary
Today, well, the weather is still very good. Although it is sunny, it is not hot at all. Occasionally, a breeze makes people feel comfortable.
I’m on the roof now, of course, with a pen and paper in my hand, recording. Now, next to this diary, the mobile phone is singing a flower burial. Although it’s a Japanese song, I still feel very fond of it. I lost a lot of Wangzi cake crumbs next to it. Several sparrows are trying to call one from time to time. Besides sparrows, I also saw the swallow magpie.
It doesn’t seem very nice to say that magpie calls.
There is a dog’s tail grass in his mouth, and now it grows on the stairs. That green bristlegrass is so lovely that it must be watered on a lovely day.
At the back of the house, the young poplar seedlings have grown a lot of leaves now, so I counted them at leisure. There are 129 leaves in all. What is not 120 leaves?
Blue sky and white clouds are a pity that there are no green mountains and green waters, but it is also very interesting. The sky is very high, probably cirrus clouds. It is as white as silk. Looking at the sky, it seems that people have relaxed a lot.
Recently, I have encountered many problems in writing. I don’t know if it is because the feeling is fading. Although I can think about the plot in my head, I don’t know if it is because I have been at home for too long and my inspiration is exhausted. I often watch cartoons and say.
I want to find someone to discuss, but I am disappointed. Now it seems that the group has been lonely a lot recently. Compared with the situation when we just signed the contract, every detail of the plot is worse. I don’t know how far it is. Many very familiar names have not appeared for a long time. Occasionally, the topic is now, but it is not the original mentality of discussing the plot.
Shadow Maple Lan Sunny Day Listening to Gospel Sky Mystery Tomb Sky Mark Xia Na Evil Left-handed Sister Hey, everyone seems to be gone. Is it so different before and after the fight? I don’t ask everyone to subscribe to more than 20,000 anti-dumping parties, with an average subscription of more than 400 but less than 500. I haven’t complained much to people now.
Maybe I really don’t have much motivation. My friends have disappeared one by one, and I can’t see them anymore, and I have become decadent.
I’ll go for a walk in a month, and I should have got the first draft by then. I don’t know, but a few hundred is also recognized performance. Go talk to Xiao Jing and them. It seems that I haven’t seen them for a long time.
Is how many people can recognize me when I go back?
Well, I’ve changed several songs now, and now it’s also a very good song to play this song called Moon Fan Wind Shadow.
Recommend one to everyone.
Chapter two hundred and one Mess
Ps chapter I vip also everyone Pentium thank humbly.
Johnny’s request is not too much. Tang Yi can’t refuse. Besides, he is his future father-in-law. Even if he wants to test his Tang Yi’s scattered strength, he can’t go back and refuse.
With a little smile on his face, Tang Yi nodded lightly and rubbed his hand gently between the eyebrows. He has made up his mind to try to show his strongest and most luxurious posture to satisfy the prospective father-in-law immediately after the war.
Tang Yi temporarily joined the garrison knights. The Olympic Games is openly clear, and Tang Yi’s scattered identity also makes it impossible for him to interfere in other lines too much. Therefore, there is no special reaction to this matter. If it is not Tang Yi’s scattered wish, it is really unknown whether he can create a body in Lilin’s lifetime. After the prayer came into effect, Tang Yi’s scattered wish is not a big loophole, and the most perfect knot in Dagong’s heart is that Lilin creates a body with transcendental magic.
Although his body doesn’t have much affinity for magic, it is almost incomparable for the compatibility of quarrelling. It was only in two years that Li Lin was abruptly cultivated to the ninth level to create a body with super affinity for magic. Then Mara Frank’s family will inevitably be strong in a holy order again. You must know that although the spirit is not particularly difficult to ascend, the physical quality of magic affinity has always been a headache. If the affinity is strong enough, it will be as easy as eating and drinking water, and it will be much easier than ordinary magicians when casting spells, and even the harm will be reduced by nearly twice when magic itself is used.
The Elves who have been forced to live in seclusion in the forest have a superb magical power, so every adult elf is an excellent and powerful magician. The magic is extremely fast and the magic power is far stronger than that of ordinary wizards. It is really difficult. If the Elves are sparsely populated and can rule the mainland, they will never be human.
See Tang Yi scattered promised archduke Orsay ha ha a smile and took three people to the hall and went straight to the vast courtyard. Most of the buildings in the Duke’s Mansion are full of sci-fi flavor, even the ground is the same. The silver-gray floor looks quite bright and feels like it is engraved with some mysterious patterns, and I don’t know whether it is a magical rune. It doesn’t make people worry that the ground with a metallic color will slip, but I don’t know what material it is.
After coming to this vast courtyard, the Archduke motioned to Johnny slightly, and retreated a distance together with Astor. Although Tang Yi’s scattered strength was not revealed, the Archduke Orsay was always curious, so he would directly take the crowd.
See Kira Tang Yi scattered back and took a deep breath and silently looked at Johnny across the street. He immediately took a look at his mind and moved around, and now his virtual shadow body was twisted strangely for a few minutes, and he was shot by two shadows from his body.
These two shadows have not yet landed, but suddenly the figure flashes again, but the body is divided into three shadows again. These six figures are now quietly watching Johnny doing different things in the courtyard. This skill is impressively the double mirror image of blade master stunt in Chenghai 3 of Warcraft map.
After dividing the mirror image, Tang Yi-san felt that his mind was shocked and his mental consciousness was strangely divided into three parts. Except for one consciousness in the body, the other two mirror images were divided into three parts at the same time, and the three mental consciousness were connected with each other. For the three bodies, they felt as if they were manipulating their own bodies. At random, this discovery made his heart slightly double mirror images. Although they could be divided into two parts, their skills were still somewhat obscure, but at this time, their consciousness was divided into three parts, and the control of each body was far more than when they used their skills.
While charged with three illusions, Tang Yi scattered at the same time, he drew a number one mirror image on the left side of the knife. His hands were strangely empty and hugged on his chest, and his front body leaned back slightly, giving people the illusion of lofty heights. Behind his mirror image, there was a faint image of a red-haired man with a long face upwards and a long smile. His body suddenly bent forward and his right hand swung forward, throwing a purple flame, which quickly slipped to the ground from the palm. The speed turned out to be the same fleeting star. This purple flame jumped wildly and hysterically.
On the right side of the No.2 mirror, the left hand and right hand stretched out their left arms in unison, and the index finger was clicked separately. Seeing the blue-white snake on the fingertip of the index finger, it has been fused and twisted into a ball of light the size of a table tennis ball. The color of the ball of light is no longer blue and white, but it is simple and dazzling. The surface is smoother than the surface that gives people the feeling that the white mine ball is entangled with two black snakes and keeps wandering. Compared with the previous one, the No.4 snake has really changed its style.
And his right arm five fingers big palm milli reserved to show to strongly than Lei Guang unexpectedly spread to the arm two hands to display unexpectedly is already due to the spirit of growth variation to Bai Lei power has been after the liberation of the dragon hit the thief shocking thunder cannon.
The buzz of the strong zone was clearly compared with the ground. When the skills prepared by the No.2 mirror with both hands were completed at the same time, it was slower than that of the dark hook, and then it was released. The white snake kept dancing as if it were a real living thing, but it was a blue-and-white light beam that followed the snake. The light beam with the thickness of this bucket looked faintly blue around the mighty horse, and the color was like a grain cannon in an animation.
Two images from now to release skills a process was less than two seconds, and the three phantoms have just rushed to Johnny. The three phantoms in the whole body are full of explosive shock wave, which is also stronger than the three phantoms. Although they don’t have real lethality, the appearance momentum of each move and each type is actually Tang Yi’s separation.
Tang Yi scattered figure a flash becomes six such strange than magic, but all the people present are unheard of. Even though Johnny has rich combat experience, he is slightly stunned. One or three illusions have been dashed all over the body at the same time. The sharp than the ground chill stung Johnny’s skin to be cold. He immediately woke up and snorted coldly. The body has been surrounded by the lux polar inflammation and quarrelling with a strong horse. The temperature brought by it seems to be like putting people on a blazing fire to bake the blood in people’s bodies.