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It’s really a death warrant. Wave after wave of weird offensives made Cang Lan’s qi and blood gush out mercilessly. I spat out continuous shooting’s fierce Qingyang chest and shouted, "Hey, fierce Qingyang, go back to sleep."

But the fierce Qingyang is as soft as interest-bearing, and its face quickly turns pale in the arms of Cang Lan, leaving no trace of blood left.
It’s not good to extinguish Cang Lan’s dark call. Hold on to Lie Qingyang and shout, Lie Qingyang, what’s wrong with you?
At this moment, it seems that the general sword light burst and the flash sound became weaker, and the screaming and screaming in the fierce wind became far away. Everything was hoarse and distant, making the road.
Heilian was found guilty of breaking into the sacred place of the sword casting platform and dying.
Vote pk and get points. Chapter 185 Jedi Black Lotus protects the sword with blood and fire.
Destroy the surging billows and suddenly look up. The dancing soft black flowers have surrounded us. It seems that every petal is a gas nozzle, and the sound is constantly everywhere.
Qingyang destroyed Cang Lan’s heart and fell into a layer of offensive. Seeing the black flowers dancing around, a strange kind of bones turned cold and attacked the body. I couldn’t help but try my best to cheer up and shake my arms violently.
Fierce Qingyang is still a trace of god’s knowledge, but he was still in pain and rushed to fly, but his eyes seemed dead. Cang Lan hurriedly pressed his pulse, which turned out to be extremely weak and would be broken at any time like a candle in the wind.
Damn it, the chills in Cang Lan’s heart gripped the fierce Qingyang in his arms, and the blood and fog in his feet suddenly rose, but the fierce blood color was crushed by large black flowers.
The death-urging spell still doesn’t stop, and the wave shock becomes more and more harsh.
That’s enough. Destroy Cang Lan’s eyebrows and anger, and the evil power will suddenly spread like a flash. The right hand will quickly wipe the blood on the lips and give it a firm grip, so that the blood will dye into the palm.
Magic eye, who had just been touched by blood in his palm, jerked through the arm art pattern one by one, bulging his heart and beating like hot.
Destroy Cang Lan, feel hot and painful, and strongly mobilize the magical charm in the depths of gv 10. The veins stood out suddenly and violently, as if to break the body’s eyebrows. Ivylinna Lee and generate are fierce and murderous, and evil spirits can break the blood and drink.
At the end of the sound, there was a flash of blood, and it went straight to the dancing black flowers. At the same time, it destroyed Cang Lan’s forehead, cinnabar burst into blood, glaring and flying, but it quickly penetrated his body and stung and tore the gv 10. After the operator shattered the light, it flew wildly to destroy Cang Lan, but it was strong, but it was very gods and never relaxed.
Oh, that constant chanting of the death mantra sounds like admiration and ridicule. Evil can be unique, and it has been mastered by people in the world for many years.
Destroy the surging billows, but in this slow sound, the eyes shake, and the blood and tears dash across the corners of the eyes, instantly confirming the truth of the sound, and immediately raising the blood mans eyes to stand up and recruit.
The blood shadow broke the breath like Youlong, and the four sides of the fork rotated in a rush, and it was as hard as the Cang Lan Jue Yuan was broken, and the blood was rolled up. lang Yaoguang went straight to the black flower center
Well, the sound is finally getting serious. It’s no joke to know when Cang Lan is destroyed. The cold magic blows back and forth in all directions, and the fierce wind suddenly tightens to the limit, breaking a sharp sawtooth-like gap in the center of several black flowers.
A dazzling black light broke out in the crack, as if shooting a number of spikes and severely stabbing out Cang Lan’s eyes. The teenager took a painful drink and retreated behind him, stumbling and kneeling in the blood fog.
The fierce green sun, who knows god’s knowledge, is pressing hard on Cang Lan’s body like a cold boulder, which stung him mercilessly. The fierce green sun was barely half-straight, and saw the shape of the sword platform flying sand and stones in the black flower scattered crack. A virtual shadow was like concealed and flashed from time to time.
In the sky, the evil spirits of Canglan surge up, and naturally calm down and turn into a fierce power, that is, it is black and blue and eye-catching. You can’t escape my eyes.
What a pair of eyes. The ghost with a dark shadow keeps reciting spells. The sound seems to be slightly low-laughing. The forehead and heart are imprinted with natural eyes and blood lines, and the ancient evil spirits are imprinted. However, the heavens and the earth are the most elementary realm and can be so powerful.
Thank you for your compliment. Destroy Cang Lan with a cold hum. Hold the fierce green sun. Straighten up with red hair and show a pair of ice. Turn your eyes around like a red pupil. This is a black lotus flower.
How many times have I said the name of black lotus? It seems that your reaction is really slow. That cold smile seems to be full of hunting and false pity for the prey. You are really an ancient evil spirit.
Enough talking. Destroy Cang Lan’s knife-shaped eyebrows and clap my chest. I don’t care what tricks you have. Give me a solution at once.
Oh, the sound is getting closer and closer to the virtual shadow, but it doesn’t seem to move. It’s because this young Xia is too pure to react to the black lotus fog so much that it is difficult to hiss.
Want to fierce green Yang is not what special trick is that the evil force of this black lotus array is too strong. He can’t stand to destroy Cang Lan’s heart for a while, but he can still see the black lotus flying around. This strong aggregation surrounds them. The fierce green Yang can’t help but wake up and sneer. I’m going to take you away today. You can try to stop me.
The sound was slightly cold and stuck to the ear of Cang Lan. Don’t you think you will die here?
Destroy Cang Lan’s red pupil and turn cold. Look at the side face and guess who will die.
Well, the sound suddenly shook, and then a fierce evil wind blew in the ear of Canglan, and at the same time, Canglan rolled over and stepped forward, flashing before the vortex of gas suddenly expanded hit him.
Rao is the destruction of surging billows, which is still shattered by the shock of the eardrum flying blood. In front of him, a piece of red light blows away and bursts into large pieces of black powder. The black lotus array also shakes like a wail, and several petals quickly spin up, breaking the gap and hastily rolling up a piece of flying sand.
Just now, the blood shadow broke through the black lotus array, which led to the virtual shadow lurking in the dark, but it didn’t disperse. Just like destroying the surging billows in the violet chamber, his strength can be turned into blood and fog, and he can return to his hands at any time. The offensive speed is several times faster than others.
He endured the intense pain in his chest and pulled the finger to pull the gas strength to split the blood shadow into red fog, and instantly set up a blood purple magic light to hit the ear sound and broke through the virtual shadow at the same time.
Er, several black powders were rapidly reorganized and formed, and large pieces of black lotus petals hit the magic light. All of them broke and a piece of dark green long hair rushed up from the wind and fog.
Destroy the surging billows and see that the black lotus array is broken. When you push your body and rush to a scattered sand hole, you suddenly rush to the area surrounded by the black lotus. At the same time, your body is as cold as melting. Suddenly, you feel like a thin side face.