25, May 2024
Duanmu Yunji held Yuan Ye tightly for comfort.

At this moment, Duanmu Yunji’s eyes were once again hallucinating, but this time Duanmu Yunji held Yuan Ye tightly before the hallucination, and he still held him tightly. Both of them entered the same dreamland at the same time, and the dreamland was full of friendship, betrayal of relatives, abandonment of strangers, insincerity, meanness and ugliness.
Yuan Yelai is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I’m afraid it will really be crazy to think about the twelve levels of hell again, but this thirteenth level of fantasy is really a hundred times better for Yuan Ye than the previous one. I’m afraid that this thirteenth level hurts Yuan Ye the most, that is, Rui Xi’s little jerk betrays what kind of pain is the most painful, that is, it hurts the most important person in himself. Then Yuan Ye came to this world, but in just over two years, his feelings were long and short, and he was suddenly betrayed. Yuan Ye’s mind was not yet alive, and he was not alive. Pseudo-betrayal hurts Yuan Ye much better than Rui Xi’s little jerk, while others don’t care about Yuan Ye. He doesn’t have many relatives and friends in this world. He is reviled by the world as a fierce demon, but it will reduce his guilt a lot more than this thirteenth hell. All kinds of betrayal harm to Yuan Ye make Yuan Ye feel more practical.
But Duanmu Yunji is different. She grew up with her father’s care all her life. Duanmu’s strong ability can be seen by her, and she is full of people’s truth, goodness and beauty. But now that the world is full of falsehood and ugliness, Duanmu Yunji really no longer has illusions about the world.
Maybe the pain in the front hell can last longer, but the hell behind it is all spiritual damage, which can be as effective as your strength. The eleventh floor Yuan Ye is heavier, and the twelfth floor Yuan Ye is more terrible, but this thirteenth floor is hypocritical to human beings. Duanmu Yunji is going to collapse
Beauty, I survived, and you have to survive. Yuan Ye smiled gently and held Duanmu Yunji in her arms to encourage each other. At this time, the fact that Yuan Ye was coming from the shadow just now was endless, but the comfort effect of two people with mental injuries was often much better than that of one person trying to comfort the other.
At the moment, in Duanmu Yunji’s eyes, everything is false, and one person is true, that is Yuan Ye. At this moment, a sentence that most annoys Duanmu Yunji rings gently in her ear.
Even if the world is deceived, don’t be afraid because you pay me back.
Duanmu Yunji couldn’t bear to hold Yuan Ye any longer and kissed her affectionately.
In just a few days, Duanmu Yunji has embraced Yuan Ye from strangers to hating her guts, relying on letters and taking the initiative to hold hands.
At the moment of lingering, Duanmu Yunji regarded Yuan Ye as her greatest reliance, and she was not afraid that Yuan Ye would disappear in the whole world.
Yuan Ye Duanmu Yunji entered the fourteenth floor of hell in the light.
Where will you go, a man from the fourteenth floor of hell, came here to qualify for practicing the power of death. The power of death entered their minds. The two men woke up and entangled their tongues, but they still looked at each other affectionately.
Thank you for staying with me when I was most vulnerable, Duanmu Yunji said with tears.
Fool, no one abandoned you, your relatives and friends didn’t. That was an illusion just now, and I’m not a real person. I’m afraid I’ll cheat and betray you together. Don’t think about it.
Yeah, I know Duanmu Yunji looked at Yuan Ye very cleverly, and suddenly Yuan Ye smiled at her mouth, but your sweet lips are tempting to try again than us.
Smelly self-protection is this virtue again. Duanmu Yunji blushes with one punch and will hit Yuan Ye’s chest. Soon she broke free from Yuan Ye’s arms.
Hey, beauty, we just need uncooked rice to cook mature rice. It’s not good for you to treat me like this. Yuan Ye is depressed in the back.
Shut up, stinky self-protection, thinking about these disgusting things. Duanmu Yunji turned her head contemptuously but couldn’t find Yuan Ye. I panicked, stinky self-protection, where are you?
Hey, hey, I’m here. How can I not be willing to part with it? Yuan Ye suddenly sounded behind me, and Duanmu Yunji turned back once again. When she turned back, she suddenly saw a sword shoot directly to shoot Yuan Yedantian through Wudantian, and it was doubtful that Yuan Ye even fell to the ground directly when she reacted.
Ah, Duanmu Yunji screamed and ran to hug Yuan Ye, but Yuan Ye was almost out of breath. After just changing the world, Yuan Ye was still with her, even though she knew it was an illusion, but Yuan Ye was so kind to her that Duanmu Yunji was moved by a man who had just loved him and died. Duanmu Yunji accepted it
My dad is very good. I’ll take you to him, and I’m sure I can save you. Duanmu Yunji stubbornly picked up Yuan Ye’s body and didn’t hesitate to walk towards the back. She wanted to go now, but her father was a master of quasi-honour. In Duanmu Yunji’s impression, her father couldn’t do anything. At this moment, she actually expected her father to bring people back to life. Duanmu Yunji was really panicked.
A burst of light shines, Duanmu Yunji Yuan Ye disappears from the 14th floor of hell together.
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In addition, chapter 13 of the day before yesterday is always reviewed for excessive pornography, but we all know that snails are pure. In fact, they haven’t changed their colors for seven times. Everyone has read a lot of comments about Duanmu Yunji’s journey. Many brothers don’t want to play for a lifetime because the protagonist seems to have spent that. Brothers don’t know who the heroine is, but I don’t know who the hero is. I don’t know this either. I guess I will die to apologize.
The tenth hell is still that hell, which is not in line with the fairyland. Duanmu Yun Ji Yi is now in her arms, but Yuan Ye disappears. At the same time, before returning to the tenth hell, the negative emotional department disappears. Instead, this time and again, the soul of Duanmu Yunji has leapt greatly, reaching the peak of the war emperor. Actually, Duanmu Yunji was an intermediate master of shura. Because her treasure piano is a middle-ranking weapon, she can fight against the emperor’s power, but now Duanmu Yunji’s strength has not changed, but her soul has gone from Shura intermediate to the peak of the war emperor.
Where will you go Duanmu Yunji, a 14th floor person in hell, was all an illusion just now. It happened that when she was Yuan Ye, the illusion was different now. In that case, she may not be fooled, but it’s too late to say anything now.
Smelly for self-protection, you piss me off. Duanmu Yunji stamped her foot and felt very sorry that she didn’t go to the next level of practice. It’s completely different. It’s simply a qualitative difference. Today Duanmu Yunji is qualified to practice fourteen levels of hell. Death, ghost force, ghost force is stronger than Kouyi’s practice of death. I don’t know how many times the law of death is. To put it bluntly, it’s a kind of fighting force. Darkness is the same kind of flame. Inflammation is a fighting force. He is a level that is much stronger than him, but death
Duanmu Yunji regrets in her heart, but she is also happy that Yuan Ye didn’t really die. Even in this aura-rich place, she sat cross-legged while waiting for Yuan Ye to practice the new death power.
On the other side, Yuan Ye, the 14th floor of hell, also fell into the same reality. The next few floors of hell in where will you go seem to have some kind of connection. The 11th floor allows you to expand and consume your spirit, and then the 12th floor makes you weak. The 13th floor of hell then lets heaven and man abandon you, betray you and give you no hope. The only person in the 14th floor also dies before your eyes. In Duan Yunji’s view, it is Yuan Ye who died, and in Yuan Ye’s view, it is Duan Yunji who died. Yuan Ye is also extremely painful in the face of Duanmu Yunji’s death, but what does Yuan Ye want to go back to? What Yuan Ye thinks is that since death is here, it is to continue to rush and hope to find the power to control death in front.
With this will, I will go to the fifteenth floor of hell with the dead Duanmu Yunji Yuan Ye.
Fifteen floors of hell people are lonely. They are qualified to practice the law of death. The law of death enters Yuan Ye’s mind. Unfortunately, Yuan Ye is still in a dreamland at this time. These latter floors of hell dreamland will destroy your soul all the time.