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"Very good!" Nan Zhai smiled coldly and added, "You should immediately inform all the links that are carried out according to the original plan that nothing can go wrong."

Chapter 932 Let them jump
Those people hiding behind, they can’t sit still so quickly. It seems that he overestimated them and they easily believed that he was killed.
"Yes" Lin Jiacheng got the order and turned around and took two steps to remember that he was just so excited that he almost forgot a big thing. Then he said later, "There are Mr. Long and Miss Shen here."
"Invite them over," Nan Zhai said.
Of course, the trick is well played. Mr. President has an accident. Shen Lingxi, who is wearing the title of Mr. President’s fiancee, is definitely going to appear
Once the news of Shen Lingxi’s coming to Beigong comes out, it will make the opponent more convinced that Nanzhai was indeed killed, so the enemy will act so quickly.
Those people have been waiting too long, can’t sit still? Now that there is such a good opportunity, they must want to do it quickly.
"No, please, here we are." Louis has appeared at the door of Nan Zhai’s office with Shen Lingxi when the man’s voice came.
Because he has changed his face, he is playing Shen Lingxi’s bodyguard for the time being, which will also facilitate him to stay with Shen Lingxi at all times to protect her.
Lin Jiacheng nodded and quit to get the order from the President.
Nan Zhai looked at the dragon wing for a few days, but he didn’t see the dragon wing. The whole person looked radiant and energetic. I knew that he was nourished by love these days.
Look at Shen Lingxi. Although she is still thin, she looks much better …
"What are you looking at?" Nan Zhai, however, looked at Shen Lingxi’s dragon wings and was dissatisfied with handfuls of Shen Lingxi dragging behind him and not letting Nan Zhai look at her again.
"If I have feelings for her, can she wait until you come back?" May be to see the former good brothers finally came out from the shadow of the past, Nan Zhai was very happy and made a joke.
"Do you still dare to have an idea about her?" Know if Nan Zhai is joking with him, Dragon Wing, or wish to hide Shen Lingxi in his pocket. No one can see her beauty.
"Dragon wing, don’t do this!" Shen Lingxi tugged at his skirt. This man is Mr. President anyway in front of him. Can he pay attention to it?
"After all, at present, she still bears the identity of my fiancee. Please pay attention to this." Nan Zhai is not joking with Longyi, but they are holding Mr. President’s fiancee as a "bodyguard" in Beigong Longyi.
What did Louis want to say? Another Nan Zhai knocked at the door and hurried to Nan Zhai to report the situation. "Sir, there is new news."
Nan Zhai Shen said, "Say"
The hand said, "After someone sent the news of your death, our department staff sent a message that Weibo received the certificate. The news was true, but soon the staff deleted Weibo, but the netizens were very fast. Someone cut the picture and now it has been broadcast wildly on the Internet."
Nan Zhai gently hooked his lips, and there was a sharp flash of murder in his eyes. "Let them continue to be known."
This is what Nan Zhai wants. Not only can he draw out the snake behind the scenes, but he can also get rid of those who have bad intentions around him, killing two birds with one stone.
"Yes" in hand
Watching the man retreat, he answered and said, "Let those people jump as high as they can. I must let them fall as high as they can."
More than a dozen people in the Dragon Family were killed overnight, that is, the dragon wing was scarred in the heart, and the enemy would never live a good life except him.
Nan Zhai stretched out his hand and patted Long Yi’s shoulder to comfort him. "When you catch those clowns, you can do whatever you want."
Louis took his hand. "If you don’t comfort me, I will deal with those people even if you don’t give them to me."
Shen Lingxi pulled his "Louis, pay attention to your tone of voice"
Louis stared at her "what tone do you want me to talk to him? A word, Mr. President? Shut up and say Mr. President? "
Nan Zhai waved his hand. "Don’t do this. If you call me Mr. President, I guess I will suspect that you are undercover sent by the enemy."
They have been two big men for nearly 30 years, and it is really difficult for them to change their usual habits of talking and doing things.
Louis didn’t polite to him and asked, "So we’re just sitting here waiting for news now?"
Nan Zhai looked up at the wall clock. It was just three o’clock in the morning.
Now the weather is getting late, and it won’t light until seven o’clock. At nine o’clock, the official classes of government departments still have six hours to spare.
It seems that these six hours are free, but these six hours are very important. If one link goes wrong before nine o’clock in the afternoon, everything they have done will be in vain.
During these six hours, they should make sure that no mistakes are made in every link, and that the enemy will jump out at nine o’clock.
Only when the enemy hiding behind jumped out can they achieve their goal.
Section 532
Nan Zhai nodded. "Now all we have to do is wait." He pointed to the next lounge. "You and Xiaoxi go and have a rest. Many things need her help."