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"Pretty. Aren’t your lips afraid of biting?" Seeing that this girl has been ravaging her lips, the man raised his hand and pinched her face, and the lip was liberated from Bei tooth.

"Why are you so good to me?" Determined to ask the questions she wants to know, the girl hardly gasped and then said, "It’s not a holiday. It’s really a reward for letting the company do so many things to accompany me out to play. Do you want me to relax? I remember that you should have gone to break off your marriage at that time, but then you left me without saying anything. You didn’t punish me and didn’t do anything to me. Instead, you treated me well and took care of me. I don’t understand what this is. "
Tang Shiyan picked an eyebrow.
Shen Xinyu bowed his head and touched the bird tattoo on the back of his hand. "Later, I heard people say that you want me because I have this mole, which is good for me, but you just regard me as a substitute for others."
"Who told you that?" The man didn’t finish asking about the meaning, but the girl moved her eyes slightly and couldn’t hear "in fact, even if there was one, there was none"
"I don’t want you because of that person. I don’t want to find anything more like it … and you said you wouldn’t want me." The last sentence is like determining what girl is stressed.
Tang Shiyan felt that he was being laughed at by anger. He held the girl’s little face and said in a rather nai tone, "Do you think about these messes without thinking about learning every day in class?"
The girl raised her long eyelashes and blinked.
The man seems to have lost his heart and teased her, "Isn’t it that there are no identical people in this world?"
Shen Xinyu "…"
"I didn’t treat you as an adult." Tang Shiyan suddenly became serious. "For whatever reason, since I chose you, I haven’t thought about changing people. I don’t do anything for you, not that I don’t like you, but that you are still young."
Tang Shiyan believes that she is not very good at deceiving people, but my little girl likes to think about things. If a few promises can reassure her, that’s fine.
Shen Xinyu some don’t believe the zheng big eyes.
Tang Shiyan couldn’t see it, smiled and held her hand and rubbed it on the back of the flaming bird for a moment. "If you said that I should send you back to Shenyang after your tattoo?"
No wonder this girl was so abnormal at that time.
Jealousy is not small
Seeing that the man has been looking at her Gherardini, he almost debunked all the little secrets in her heart without doubt.
Shen Xinyu felt her cheeks rise and quickly became red at the root of her ears.
At night, after Tang Shiyan and Shen Xinyu covered the quilt, they pushed the door and walked out of the room.
Before he left the housekeeper, he greeted him. "Mr. Tang is not well?"
The man raised his hand slightly one leng and hit the lamp. "Why are you still here?"
"Before the doctor left, he told me to watch Mr. Tang put the medicine in." Just now, he was trying to persuade Mr. Tang to take the medicine, and Miss Shen came out.
Tang Shiyan raised his hand and pressed his temple to the housekeeper’s mouth and said, "Give me the medicine, and you should go back to rest early."
The housekeeper will always take out the medicine bottle with her and watch Tang Shiyan eat it.
Quietly relieved.
Mr. Tang’s allergy is a hindrance, but it has affected the old injury caused by previous surgery. After all, there is still a shell casing that has not been taken out, which is more sensitive than the parts.
Tang Shiyan will finish smoking a cigarette after sitting on the sofa after taking medicine. Seeing that the housekeeper hasn’t walked over, he asked, "Is there anything else?"
The housekeeper hesitated, but still said, "The more I think about Mr. Tang, the more I feel strange. I have cleaned all the mangoes and checked them, but there will be another one in the kitchen at midnight." And it’s a coincidence that the maid asked her to be a night shift substitute and didn’t hear my daytime lecture … "
Tang Shiyan didn’t say anything, but the housekeeper went on to say, "When I came back, I asked them a few times and made a little investigation. Miss Shen took a bus from the former county at noon, and then took a taxi from Waiguo County to the city in the evening …"
"That’s enough" Tang Shiyan suddenly raised his hand and interrupted the housekeeper to speculate that "this matter should stop here."
"Mr. Tang …"
Tang Shiyan got up from the sofa and took two steps, thinking of something like "send the itinerary to your brain for a while, and you should go back to rest early"
"… is" housekeeper nai bowed their heads.
He knew in his heart that Mr. Tang didn’t want to blame him.
Mr. Tang, the housekeeper, has a great bearing than ordinary people.
Shen Xinyu, who said that I didn’t know where my tutor was?
Tang Shiyan hehe
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Chapter seventy-seven The girl here gave it to Tang Shiyan