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The smell of Zizi meat drifted out slowly along the airflow, but everyone smelled the smell of burnt meat the most. However, for Chen Kai, the clearest thing he saw was not the huge damage, but the huge hole in the wings of the attacked wild dragon. After many attacks, even if the dragon protected its wings again, it was still broken by two little guys, and there was a huge air leakage hole in its wings. If it is a dragon, even if its wings are eyes, it can still remain stagnant by powerful magic power. Unfortunately, it is not.

Although this flying dragon tried to keep its body balance and tried to escape from Berkner town with broken wings, in the end, two little guys’ minions smashed it. It hoped to tear off the corner of this flying dragon’s wing with a fierce bite, knocking it out of the sky and losing its dominant position. It was definitely like heaven falling into hell. You know, for most urban defense organizations, the target is always the most difficult thing to hit, even magic attack weapons such as magic crystal guns are very capable of flying in the air. It is difficult for anyone to use ordinary crossbows or magic crystal cannons unless they are archers with excellent eyesight and skills.
However, when this kind of creature falls to the ground, their advantages will swing. However, it is absolutely necessary to eliminate the dragon life from this kind of flying creatures, because even the most common flying dragon’s horrible body and special forces can still make them have extremely strong fighting power on the ground. Therefore, when the wild flying dragon fell from it, Chen Kai’s eyes kept twitching, and then he jumped directly from the window sill of the Lord’s Mansion nearly five meters high to the lawn, relying on the forward roll to slow down the landing impact. After that, Chen Kai directly whistled and stayed in the stable, and Lal appeared in front of Chen Kai in less than ten seconds.
However, at this time, the flying dragon, which has been flapping its body with one wing, has already fallen to the ground, and some players who want to win the title of dragon slayer have been sharpening their swords and running there, but these players have obviously underestimated how terrible the flying dragon with the dragon life label is. Although it is not as scary as a chicken, it is still full of bright feathers, and the chicken still can’t change its poultry quality. For players, ordinary weapons can break the wound and hurt the flying dragon’s body directly. When it fell and landed, it still broke a wing and barely waved a few times to keep its balance, so it did not hurt its limbs and still maintained a strong fighting capacity, even though it had a narrow wound in its chest and abdomen, its fighting capacity remained nearly 10%.
The first batch of players rushed in front of it, holding up a butcher’s knife to kill the dragon, but the result was that it took a long breath and turned it directly into coke. When the long breath rose in the streets and lanes of Berkner town, Chen Kai was very glad that his city was a masonry structure rather than a wooden structure, otherwise he should directly run to direct the fire fighting now.
Dozens of screaming players rushed ahead to witness the dragon’s breath horror, even if the dragon was not a dragon but just a dragon. Those players didn’t even hold on to their armor for a second, but at the moment when the dragon was near, they became accomplices to kill themselves. High-temperature heating of the metal made the players cry out before they were hit by the dragon’s breath. Unfortunately, they were swallowed up by the flames before they cried out. The high temperature directly made Chen Kai spread on the streets of Berkner Town, and the rocks directly zoomed, and some of the sand roads turned into glass crystals.
However, in the face of death, never back down is the only thought of many players after seeing this flying dragon. The most important thing is that those who hang up and are killed by seconds can’t feel the pain. These backward players didn’t choose to escape because of a dragon’s breath, but continued to scream and wave their weapons, and then they were snapped into patties by a claw that fell from the top of their heads.
Of course, the meat pie male player was not the only one who was shot to death, because there were many players who followed. When Chen Kai rode Lal to the street where the fighting took place, less than a dozen players were swept out by the dragon’s tail and fell half to death. I don’t know how many players were directly cut off by sharp claws or directly shot out. No matter how thick armor they wore, the impact resistance was less than that of flying dragons with dragon life signs. For Donnie and Xiaojin, the strength of this five-meter-long wild flying dragon claw was not enough to hurt their bones, but for some ordinary players, such a heavy attack was enough to crush their bones by the armor protection department
When Chen Kai arrived, he died. Most players died of broken bones. These players’ bodies did not necessarily turn into minced meat, but they were protected by armor. They looked intact, but on the armor surface, they were actually soft and almost noodles. Maybe the bones of the limbs would be more complete, but the sunken armor wrapped around the trunk had completely turned into a rotten meat.
What Chen Kai saw was not only those charred bodies, but also more bodies lying on the ground with blood and dirt. In less than three or four minutes, hundreds of players fell on the claws and tails of this flying dragon, and of course, some of them were directly turned into coke by Long Yan. The original players came to help, but they didn’t know that these two little guys were very cunning. They knew very well that they were facing an opponent stronger than themselves on the ground, and they chose to hover in the middle instead of falling down and crashing with each other.
Therefore, after nearly 100 people died, the plot of killing dragons in players’ minds finally faded away. Instead of players screaming and waving weapons, they chose to wait and see around and wait for some early bird to appear. At this time, Chen Kai’s arrival was obviously regarded as the best early bird by them, but Chen Kai did not rush away with weapons at the first time, but waited for other soldiers to arrive, that is, to clear the field.
Although this line is a bit of a monopoly, Chen Kai’s starting point is to prevent more players from dying. Unfortunately, most of the time, players are not necessarily grateful. Unfortunately, when Chen Kai was tough, those players finally chose to retreat. After all, their numbers could not be compared with the regular soldiers in the established system, and Chen Kai’s appearance obviously made the dragon feel the pressure. Although Chen Kai did not kill the dragon, his blood is also a higher creature, which can scare off mice and scare some wild animals.
The most important thing is that Chen Kai is riding nearly three meters high, and the height of Chen Kai’s body directly makes the dragon feel a kind of pressure. Chen Kai directly looks down from the angle, which not only makes the wild dragon who has never seen the world feel a sense of contempt, but also feels terror. After all, Chen Kai’s head is nearly five meters from the ground at the moment, which is two meters higher than that of the dragon’s head. In front of Chen Kai, it looks like a short dragon with a body length of more than five meters.
"roar! !” In order not to be overwhelmed by Chen Kai’s momentum, this dragon killed nearly 100 players and roared loudly to enhance his momentum. However, in the eyes of others, it felt weak because its limbs retreated when it roared, perhaps because it felt its retreat. At the moment when it lifted its limbs and retreated, this dragon once again made a bigger roar and took a step forward.
"grass! What about Fei Long? Where is it? Where is it! " When the dragon roared out, Yu rode his pony and came running very quickly. The knife in his hand was in his right hand, and his head was constantly looking for the dragon. When he saw the dragon, he didn’t rush directly with the knife as before, but stayed not far away like Chen Kai.
But maybe it’s because the feather is much smaller than Chen Kai, even among human players, the feather is very magnificent, but it’s still small compared with Chen Kai. After he appeared, the flying dragon took him as a breakthrough target. Because when the feather appeared, the soldiers around him directly made a way for him to get in and out. At that moment, the flying dragon suddenly dumped its tail, and then when the feather didn’t react, its limbs jumped towards the feather.
"Damn reptiles! Your master is not a soft persimmon! " If ordinary people see such a huge dragon coming at them, they will show their nervousness. Unfortunately, feather is not an ordinary person facing the flying dragon. He has no choice but to retreat and directly lead it with a big knife.
The first volume Chapter 17 Dragon in the sky (end)
Bitter! Yesterday, the unit worked overtime until ten o’clock, just after the end of the New Year, so hard and pitiful!
Ask for a ticket! Ask for recommendation! Seek comfort
When Feather appeared, he was less than 50 meters away from the wild flying dragon. It took a few seconds for a well-developed flying dragon to cross it. Almost when Feather raised his broadsword, the flying dragon rushed to him with a terrible momentum, but when its huge head bit at Feather, it was found that Feather had put away her pet. The horse body suddenly shrank to the ground and rolled away.
When the flying dragon tried to turn his head to catch up with the feather body, he felt a sharp pain behind him. When he launched an attack, Chen Kai also rushed towards him. The huge body appeared behind the other side at Lal’s high-speed Mercedes-Benz speed.
Actually, the flying dragon should be able to find the movement behind it, but it happened that Lal stepped out of the horseshoe under the command of Chen Kai and stepped on the place where the flying dragon landed. At the same time, Lal was not only moving slower than the other side, but also faster than the other side, which is why it was able to be farther away than the other side, but rushed to the other side to help Chen Kai stab the attack when the other side finally stopped.
The sharp Longinus pike directly penetrated the dragon’s back and plunged it into the other side’s body. It can be said that Chen Kai’s attack this time not only surprised the other side, but also helped Lal to stab the pike at high speed, which was even more terrible. It was almost directly inserted into the other side’s body nearly half a meter, and the nearly forty-centimeter spear head of the Longinus gun was added with the penetration effect, which directly broke the dragon’s defense and directly poured into the other side’s body.
However, it’s a pity that the wound is relatively small. Even if Chen Kai stabbed the other person’s body, the damage caused by the dragon’s size was not serious. However, Chen Kai did not pull out the pike, but left the sacred weapon on the other person’s back, which led to the second and third injury to the other person every time he moved his body and inserted it into his trunk. This injury will always follow him until he pulled out his weapon or died. This is the most dangerous place for Chen Kai. He did not choose to seriously hurt the other person, but chose to pave the way for the next battle.
Of course, Chen Kai’s weapon can be said to give many players a chance to drool. Although some players may not be able to afford this weapon weighing more than 100 kilograms, it does not prevent them from seeing it as a pile of gold coins. As more and more players enter the game, it doesn’t look very expensive at the beginning of the game. The price of some sacred weapons has been raised wildly because of the transaction. Chen Kai’s extremely heavy Langjinus gun is now twice as expensive as it was at the beginning. You should know that this type of weapon was only sold at the temple for 100 yuan. It’s only tens of thousands of gold coins, although it requires some temple feats or contributions, but for those players who can buy such weapons, they can double or triple their profits as soon as they change hands, but most players will not choose to sell their weapons, because once such weapons are in circulation in the market, it is easy to find out the original owner who sold them.
At that time, players will face not only punishment from the temple, but also bad reputation and confiscation of wealth. Of course, players can also choose to transfer property, such as deleting numbers. Unfortunately, players can usually buy such weapons, and their status and money in the game far exceed the benefits of selling such weapons. Therefore, few players will sell such weapons, which also leads to the continuous increase in the price of such weapons.
Most players drool when they see that weapon, but they can also watch it drool. No one will want to rush to rob it, because the owner of this weapon is obviously more annoying than the dragon with the gun in it.
Even if the dragon is dull, it will feel pain. On the contrary, it is not dull. On the contrary, it has a reaction force that is extremely disproportionate to its body. In an instant, when Chen Kai’s pike pierces its back, the dragon already feels attacked from behind. Unfortunately, its reaction is still not fast enough. So when its tail is thrown at Chen Kai, Chen Kai has suffered from another weapon and then put away Lal and feather to roll away from the attack from the dragon’s tail.
The flying dragon’s tail was whipped to the ground like a whip, and a large piece of green flag was instantly shot into pieces. Unfortunately, the target that the tail wanted to attack has already jumped up from the ground and raised its weapon to attack the target again. It is the same whether it is feather or Chen Kai. That is to say, it is the same thing to get up from the ground and instantly raise its weapon to stab the flying dragon’s huge belly. However, there is no wound on the feather side, but there is a wound on the belly of Chen Kai’s side made by a small gold forehead horn.
So for Chen Kai, he is a little better than feather. He can attack this wild dragon without breaking the dragon defense again. The thick scales and flesh that are protected on the body surface are stabbed in the sword. When Chen Kai suddenly thought of a huge barbecue on the table, he had an idea in his heart that he wanted to taste the dragon meat often. Of course, this idea was thrown out of his mind by him. After all, Chen Kai had two dragons at home.
However, when the giant sword in Chen Kai’s hand stabbed, it didn’t hit the target, because the dragon was not stupid. Although its line of sight was blocked by its huge body, it still saw Chen Kai and Yu moving out of the corner of his eye. Even if its brain was smaller than a walnut, he would think that two weapons stabbed at him would do harm to himself. The metal was already painful, which made him how terrible it was for a white man to make weapons. What’s more, the brain of this dragon was not necessarily smaller than a walnut. After all, it was a magical creature in the game, not a dinosaur with little muscle in the Jurassic period.
At the same time, the dragon jumped directly from the ground, although it didn’t fly because of its wings, and it couldn’t even jump high out of gravity, but it could at least make itself temporarily off the ground to hide from the attack of Chen Kai and Yu. The most important thing is that if two people don’t stop moving forward immediately, they will be pushed to the bottom by a giant beast weighing more than one ton, and of course it is more likely to be directly pressed on the fat belly.
Therefore, Chen Kai and Yu directly stopped the attack pace and chose to retreat at a higher speed. If one strike fails, it will be far away. This attack method is the most effective way to deal with BOSS-class creatures. Although this attack method is similar to an assassin, Chen Kai can attack in this way when they can choose to fight BOSS one-on-one.
Although this wild flying dragon doesn’t have the glittering silver or gold Se label on its head, its J and jīng English-level template with more than 700,000 health points, and at the same time, dragon creatures have all the skills and abilities to act as a BOSS-level creature. It is not wrong for Chen Kai and them to treat it as a BOSS, and there is no problem with their retreat, because when they retreat, the flying dragon just landed and directly spread its nearly seven-meter-wide wings and swept over directly towards their position.
Even though the wings look extremely broken and a little inconvenient to wave for some reason, when the wings sweep, everyone still shakes hands with Chen Kai and Yu, and the wings sweep across the ground, leaving a very clear scratch mark on the rock. If Chen Kai and Yu don’t retreat, even if they won’t be badly swept by the wings, they may be shot out. However, after this series of movements, the dragon’s back is inserted with a Longinus gun once again into each other’s body, and at the same time, a blood sword flies directly from the wound. She came out. When this blood sword soared, she came out. At the same time, ll saw that the other person’s health was directly reduced by nearly 3,000 points. Even if it was a minor injury, the loss of health was extremely considerable.
It’s a pity that for ll and Yu, they saw not only the loss of each other’s health, but also an attack opportunity. On the other hand, ll and Yu both stopped in an instant and stepped back again. At this time, we can see that the strength of the two men is high, even if the fighting capacity of Yu is tough, but the skills are less than that of ll. He has no magic steps and death steps. This kind of fighting pace has an ordinary fighting pace. When ll conjures up a phantom, ll is less in shape in less than a second. It flashed three times. It was so rapid that Chen Kai almost didn’t breathe. When his body reappeared, it had appeared on the side of Fei Long’s body.
The sword in Chen Kai’s hand was almost like a nightmare, magnified in the pupil of the flying dragon, and then inserted into the other person’s eye socket before the other person could react. This attack was very successful, but after Chen Kai stabbed the blow, he also temporarily fell into a dizzy state because of moving at a very high speed. This situation is like a passenger suddenly stopping in a high-speed train and feeling that most people will feel something in his stomach coming out. Although Chen Kai’s resistance to abnormal state is very strong, this cannot change the consequences he faces when he suddenly stops after high-speed exercise. Although he may not vomit, he feels dizzy for a moment.
In this second, Chen Kai even inserted the weapon deeper into the dragon’s eyes and directly into its brain. As a result of such a stop, Chen Kai made the other side blind and still half blind. At the same time, Chen Kai-hang made the other side feel severe pain and at the same time let the wild dragon launch a counterattack. The direct result was that when Chen Kai recovered and prepared to insert the weapon deeper, the dragon’s claws tore up and roared. At this time, Chen Kai was faced with the choice of whether to continue to strike a fatal blow or give up the attack to save his life.
Actually, of course, I don’t want to think about this choice because Ll knows that even if his direct weapon is inserted into the dragon’s head, it may not be able to directly crush the other person’s brain. On the contrary, if the roaring claws behind him are shot, Ll will be even worse than those players’ bodies. Those players whose bones in the trunk are shot into slag are not killed in the dragon’s rage, but Ll will definitely be even worse if he is attacked by the other party.
Therefore, Chen Kai chooses to pull out his weapon and then retreat. Of course, it will be very difficult to retreat. Because Chen Kai’s speed is not necessarily comparable to that of flying claws, he is furious and flying claws are twice as fast as usual. This situation is like the boxer’s boxing speed will increase than usual in anger, but just as Chen Kai himself can’t hide, he will be directly hit by his back claws. At the same time, he hears a weapon waving sound and sees a claw with blood rising in his eyes.
The blood gushed out like a waterfall behind ll, which caused all this to be brilliant. Compared with knife light, of course, feather waved out this attack and showed his white teeth. Even if ll didn’t turn his head and look back at him, you can know that feather must be showing his healthy teeth from Colgate. Of course, ll brushed his teeth from black toothpaste, which is not necessarily the variance.
On the sharpness of weapons, the feather broadsword is much sharper than Chen Kaihui’s smooth blade, because Chen Kaihui’s weapon is only a sacred weapon, and the feather broadsword is a complete sacristy. Even if it is sealed with special abilities, the sharpness of the sacred instrument is extremely terrible. Feather can cut many things only by relying on the sharpness of weapons, including of course the dragon with flesh and blood claws.
With the feather to help you cut off the opponent’s claws and block the attack on Ll, you naturally don’t need to avoid it, but continue to insert nearly half of the drawn sword into Feilong’s eyes again. Unfortunately, the other party shook his head hard and let Ll reveal his thoughts directly through the other party, which became a hope that Ll’s sword fell out of the other party’s eyes directly, or it can’t be said that it fell out but was pulled out by the other party.
However, just the attack of Lleyton and Feather caused tens of thousands of injuries to each other, and cutting off the dragon’s eyes and claws was equivalent to making the dragon half disabled. Of course, the so-called half disability does not mean that the other party has no ability to continue attacking. After Lleyton and Feather completely angered each other, the other party’s neck kept accumulating things, which is the most terrible dragon’s breath. This is the third time that this dragon has made its dragon’s breath power much lower than the two times, but it is a dragon’s breath after all, even if it is only a dragon.
Ll almost knew what would happen in a moment when the other party’s neck was encouraged. No matter whether Ll or Feather chose to run away, neither Ll nor Feather chose to run towards the location of other players, but to find a spacious place to run. After all, when the distance of dragon’s breath spray is less than ten meters, it will hurt if it is sprayed. Neither Ll nor Feather wants to become a charred body, and they don’t want to get a little dragon’s breath.
When this dragon’s hot dragon breath chased Chen Kai and feather butt to spray her out, its power was much worse than the first time. Although it was significantly older than Donnie and Xiaojin, it belonged to the dragon in the late growth period, but it still did not belong to the dragon’s dragon’s dragon breath. After spraying her twice, its power dropped significantly, and even the distance was reduced to less than ten meters. Chen Kai and feather easily hid from each other’s attack. Of course, Chen Kai’s body was slightly burned by high heat, and half of his hair was burnt. It was hard to raise a beard directly, so that he could imitate beauty.
After spewing out this dragon’s breath, the dragon’s breath has obviously weakened a lot, especially when the pike is stuck in its back and deeply plunged into its body again, causing new injuries. At the same time, the claw keeps spewing blood, taking away its life almost every second. Although the wound has a little sign of healing, it is just a dragon, not some creatures with strong limb regeneration ability. The recovery speed is not so fast. Now Chen Kai and his colleagues observe each other’s life value, which has been rapidly reduced from 700 thousand to less than 400 thousand, and it is still dropping at a speed of nearly 1000 points every ten seconds.
At this time, no one knows that this flying dragon will have been killed without accident. However, in order to minimize the loss of Berkner town, Llewellyn must let the other party die faster. After all, no one knows whether this flying dragon will suddenly explode before dying, causing irreparable damage to Llewellyn’s territory. Therefore, when the dragon’s breath dissipates, Llewellyn will once again raise his weapon and rush toward the other party, followed by feathers and not fall in the wind, waving a broadsword and preparing to disappear and take revenge on Hu.
An hour later, when dusk slowly descended on the land of Huguodi, most of the aborigines in the Berkner Town pub were talking about the huge flying dragon being cut by their Lord, and a little person was directly regarded by these aborigines. In their eyes, it was their Lord who finally killed the flying dragon, not the one who waved a big knife to cut off the claws and feathers of the flying dragon.
Although Yu and Chen Kai won the title of dragon slayer, it’s a pity that this title doesn’t have much practical significance to him. Relatively speaking, Chen Kai gained more prestige than Yu, because Chen Kai finished the final blow, that is, beheading the other side’s head.
The first volume Chapter 171 The abyss (a)
Although the residents of the city are talking about the great achievements of their lords, it’s a pity that the Lord of Berkner Town, Chen Kai, has no mind to know his great deeds. Now even the most leisurely feathers are sitting in the lobby of the Lord’s House, and the only large player paramilitary leader in Berkner Town, the former village head of Mograine, is also present in the lobby.
The reason for this situation is very simple, that is, the huge dragon head that was beheaded by Chen Kai’s sword in the discussion hall. Everyone looked at the huge dragon head outside the discussion hall with extremely serious eyes. Two little guys poked around and looked at their kin’s beheaded. Of course, in their consciousness, they probably wouldn’t agree that this attack on their own creatures would be their own kin, even if they were dragons, there were many grades. Some wild dragons with no IQ were the closest to dragons as beasts, and some high-level dragons often ate low-level wild dragons, even dragons.
"Ahem! !” Xu Fei’s face was pale. He slowly punched a piece of parchment and rolled up the writing paper. When he coughed, everyone withdrew their eyes and stared at the flying dragon’s head. Of course, greed or other ideas were mixed in these eyes. It is estimated that the owner knows these eyes.
Feel all eyes are behind him Xu Feicai slowly chanting stationery "according to the signing of the agreement! Our message is to respect the Lord of Berkner Town, the great dragon slayer, Kaichen? Saint? Lapston? Baron’s Pavilion in Berkner The source of the flying dragon you are looking for has been found out. It flew out from the abyss exit in your territory not long ago. We are sorry to tell the respected Baron’s Pavilion in Berkner! If there is no accident, there will be a wild flying dragon nest near your territory. Although we don’t know how many flying dragons there are in that abyss, we don’t recommend the Baron’s Court to know about it, because if you know about it, you may fall into more terrible despair than rolling in the deep! Berkner Town Thieves’ Guild will respect! "
"all right! Everyone has now understood why I want everyone to get up! " Chen Kai has no idea about stationery and dragon slayers. Actually, killing a dragon root is enough to kill many dragon slayers. However, most adventurers can’t find a dragon to kill the dragon. There are quite a few, but even ordinary dragons have fighting capacity comparable to three or four strong people in the sanctuary, and the dragon base can wander outside at the same time. Now, in the game, dragon slayers generally refer to those who kill dragon adventurers. After all, even the seven-order dragon fighting capacity is nine-order higher than the ordinary dragon. The most important thing is that Chen Kai, the warrior, was the first player to kill a flying dragon with two people’s strength, and rewarded them with this title. Although it is only a green SE title, the effect is still very remarkable.
"I think we can move!" The Chen Kaijia Mograine said this. Of course, after he finished speaking, he saw all the people staring at him with extremely strange eyes, staring at his hair and finally being able to laugh to hide his embarrassment.
"If Red Se Crusader friends want to move, I can ask the guards to open the gate for you!" Ll sat in a chair and looked at the former blood Se village Lord. Of course, Ll just explained one thing and didn’t mean anything to the other side. Although he very much hoped that the other side could stay in Berkner Town, Ll was also very alert to the other side in the face of a paramilitary organization with more than 3,000 players. Of course, Ll definitely didn’t mean anything to the tone but was very friendly when he said this sentence.
"Still don’t! It’s quite comfortable to live here! " Mograine smiled and directly rejected Chen Kaiyi, and then the whole meeting hall fell into silence. In fact, it is Chen Kaiyi who is really in charge in the meeting hall. Although his injury has not healed, he still attends, and his physical injury needs to heal in two days, and after this period, his strength seems to increase again.
"good! Recently, everyone has noticed that the attack we are facing now is not only a monster demonizing underground creatures, but also a group of enemies flying in the sky. I hope all players can participate in the night patrol! Lord Mograine, I hope your blood Se Crusaders can help me! " After a long silence, Chen Kai finally broke the silence, which was close to the imperative tone and was discussed by someone in the place. Although the Chen Kai family was not very happy, he finally nodded in agreement.
When other players left, Chen Kai collapsed in his chair and fought in the afternoon. Chen Kai spent a lot of effort. Almost after beheading each other’s heads, the only thing Chen Kai wanted to do was to lie in bed and sleep, but Chen Kai still forced himself to go to the town without stopping. The guild of thieves just released the source of dragons to the guild leader who had just arrived. Only a few hours after paying a high price of nearly 50 thousand gold coins, Chen Kai got this very unfortunate news from the other side. It can be said that when he got the news, Chen Kai’s face was almost pale because once it was confirmed that there was a dragon nest in that abyss, then for Berkner.
"What now?" Xu Fei looked at Chen Kai, who was slumped in his chair, and asked softly that he was actually the same as Chen Kai when he learned the news. Even for an aboriginal Lord, it was a terrible nightmare, because no one knew whether there would be a Lord-level dragon in this nest, although it might become another opportunity. For example, it would be possible to cultivate dragon knights on a large scale if they wanted to grab dragon eggs from this dragon nest, but for the idea of player lords, It’s too unrealistic to say that once the news is confirmed to be correct, the situation facing Berkner Town will be an extremely dangerous situation. For Berkner Town, Feilong Nest is an irresistible force.
"What else can I do?" Ll scarlet eyes looked at Xu Fei. When he saw those eyes, Xu Fei was almost startled, but soon the bloodshot in Ll’s eyes dissipated. This is not that he is playing with transformation, but that his heart is slightly depressed after self-adjustment. "Continue to wait for news! Let all residents try not to go out at night! "
When ll said these things, he left the meeting hall and walked slowly at the top of the Lord’s Mansion, followed by two little guys with small steps. Of course, the body length has exceeded three meters, and the little dragon is no longer a little guy, but their combined age is only over one year old. Although the growth speed of the two little dragons in the dragon clan is definitely fate, except for those dragons cultivated by magical forces, which consume life and cost less, the growth speed of the two little guys is the fastest in the pure generation.