6, Jul 2024
"It’s compressed cake again!" Marisa really doesn’t feel like she has any appetite. Her cheeks are aching.

"You can take a bite of cake, then drink saliva and wait for water to soak the cake in your mouth. You will chew and swallow it almost at the same time, so it will be less exciting!" Wesley handed the water to Martha, too
"Now everything is alive!" Lu Fengxing took a cold white look, and the melodramatic woman took the woman in her arms tighter.
Marisa pouted and knew that it was unrealistic to think about anything now. I didn’t even know that life would end at that moment. I just didn’t think it was fast enough to die! I picked up the compressed cake root in my hand, and there was no water. Marisa took a big bite and chewed. Looking at her sleeping face, she was so quiet. I was really envious of this woman. Why did she fall asleep all the time?
Lu Fengxing took out a blanket from his chest bag and gently covered it on his body. He stroked the woman’s abdomen with his big hand. He hoped that the child could feel some warmth and everything would be fine with his parents’ love.
I don’t know if it really happened that everyone prayed in their hearts, but they didn’t encounter a thrilling boat all the way. I don’t know how long it has been like this, but it has gradually become bright. There is a luxurious arched pavilion in front and what is connected behind it?
I can’t find out where the light source comes from, but the feeling of lighting up is really like returning to the daytime. It is very obvious that everyone is still somewhere in the ground because they look up and see that there are still stone walls.
"Where is this?" Miao was awakened by the light, and I was stunned to see such a scene in front of me.
The boat is firmly anchored by the river, and there seems to be no road ahead. I don’t know how the river seeps outside, but I don’t see the river rising over the riverside. Everyone didn’t expect the river to be so clear, but you can see the sand and stones in the river. If you see such a scene in any scenic spot, you think you will definitely jump.
"Let’s go and have a look!" Lu Fengxing directly carried Miao from the boat.
"Where does the light come from here?" After watching it for a long time, I didn’t find anything like torches or light sources. The whole world seems to be more and more mysterious.
"Let’s talk about it at the pavilion first. We still have to take the torch!" Wesley took torches from the ship, so it seems that the land is peaceful. I don’t know what dangers are waiting for them.
It’s really strange here. When I stepped on the ground, I found that my feet turned out to be a piece of green grass and there were many unknown wild flowers. If I hadn’t experienced it before, she wouldn’t doubt it.
"Plants can grow here!" Marisa also found the question, "Are these flowers and plants tenacious enough in their lives or will there really be sunshine here?"
"I hope so!" Wesley pulled Martha up the steps. The pavilion was a good place to rest.
"Really?" Looking at Lu Fengxing, Miao felt a little secretly pleased with Martha’s words just now
"It’s another day to get something to eat!" Lu Fengxing dotes on women’s soft lips, pecks at them and walks behind Wesley.
The ancients still enjoyed the pavilion and looked back at the bottom of the valley. It was really a beautiful painting. It was a moment to enjoy the clear water, green grass and small flowers, but there was still a blue sky and white clouds. It would be perfect if there were any!
Wesley, I want to take a bath! Marisa has been staring at the river for a long time, and her heart has long been itchy.
"It is best not to know what will be in this water!" Lu Fengxing cold issued a stop.
"What can there be!" Marisa doesn’t like being popular and cold. "Then I can definitely react if I see through the clear water at a glance. Now I don’t even have a pair of pants. It’s killing me!"
"Lisa insists-don’t I accompany you to wear a skirt?" Wesley waved his blanket.
Look at Wesley’s embarrassing and lovely appearance, the women are unkind and laugh.
"The less contact we have with everything here, the better. I don’t know if there will be any toxins infiltrating into our skin. If we endure it, maybe we can go out soon!" Wesley has always been very patient with Martha.
"I have wet tissue paper here. You can wipe it first. It’s really unconditional and too particular at the moment!" Miao scooped out the wet tissue paper from the bag.
"Thank you!" Martha was also frightened by Wesley’s words, so she wiped her hands and face.
This kung fu, Lu Fengxing, has put the carpet in a good place in the pavilion’s sight, which is easy to give people a sense of security. Eating compressed cakes also makes them feel at ease a lot. "I think Lisa thinks it’s really possible that it’s like a back garden. Maybe it’s really sunny and then it’s refracted by some mirror!"
"Today, everyone has been tossing all day. I think we should fix it here and then continue!" Lu Fengxing looked at the distant steps and felt too physical.
"I think we can find a way out here first to see if the wall is really pervious to light!" Wesley drank saliva and observed the surrounding terrain.
Wesley, what do you think that is? Marisa is still the most observant.
Everyone looked in the direction of Marisa’s guidance. Not far from the top of the head, there was something similar to a crystal, shining and shining. Not far from it, there was something like this. It seemed that they had strung up the light and spread it out.
"Do you think the light source will be behind one of the crystals?" Marisa has a new idea
"But they are too high for us to get close to confirm!" Wesley saw it for a long time and found something to climb.
"What if the stone hits?" Lu Fengxing is not sure what he thinks.
"hey?" Following frowned.
"If we try one by one, if our idea is correct, then we should not break a piece of crystal, which will make the light here darker. We will be sure if our idea is correct if we break a piece!" Lu Fengxing doesn’t know if his method is a good one.
"Is this good?" I always feel that they are destroying the original ecological things, and I don’t know if it will lead to disaster.
"I don’t know until I try it!" Wesley has been quietly picking up stones. "Let me try my arm strength first!" "
Wesley tried his best to aim at the stone that the crystal had recently been thrown out of his hand, and the stone was shattered in the crystal before it touched it.
"Oh, my God!" I forgot to chew the compressed cake in my mouth. "The crystal is as good as the sun!"
"Try the gun!" Lu Fengxing scooped out a pistol.
The ejection speed flew to the crystal not far away!
It sounded like a hard metal!