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However, the experts present are not stupid. The Changning Provincial Expert Group came to kick the field. They won’t make a fool of themselves by getting young experts who are full of straw bags. Then these three young experts who are not more than 30 years old must be geniuses in the field of traditional Chinese medicine, which will make people feel confused, uneasy and scared.

"Wei Wei’s family of Chinese medicine believes that the older generation should have heard that Wei Jia’s famous bonesetting is superb; Zhou Huanyu Huanyu Pharmaceutical Shaodongjia is said to have returned from studying abroad. When he was young, he studied Chinese medicine. After studying abroad, it was a method of combining western medicine with Chinese medicine. It is said that the situation was advocated by his tutor. The East is also a famous genius Chinese medicine practitioner in Changning Province. "Cao Ying finally said the identity of the three people. Every time he said a name, the expert’s heart sank."
Wei Xiao and Zhou Huanyu did not mention that the East was also famous. These experts have all heard of it. It is said that when the East was also the vice president of Changning Provincial People’s Hospital, many people questioned that a teenager wanted to take on such a big job at a young age and didn’t see if he had this thing. Even if he had a background, he was a nominal vice president!
But later, people in the East were slapped in the face. At that time, the Changning Provincial Party Committee remembered that the old father was rushed to the people’s hospital because of a car accident. It was a car accident. When he got to the hospital seriously, people were already dying. It was also a face injury. Luo Shenxian’s presence was also a great help.
At that time, in the face of the anger of the provincial party Committee, all the hospital leaders, doctors and nurses were frightened, but people in the hospital were used to life and death and saw too much. This time, the identity of the dead was extraordinary
As a result, when the emergency doctor announced the patient’s death, Dongfang continued to rescue the patient on the operating table. At that time, other leaders of the hospital tried to throw Dongfang out, and everyone was dead. If you continue to rescue the patient, it is not to save people, but to desecrate the body. It is to save the face of the provincial party Committee. What’s worse, you are a Chinese medicine practitioner who enters the emergency operating room!
But who knows that in the East, after a few silver needles were also inserted into the body, the patient had stopped beating and started to beat again. At that time, cowardice was cheating on the body.
In the end, the patient was snatched back from the terrifying hand by the East, which also established his position in the medical field of Changning Province. He is behind the Changning Provincial Party Committee, and it is said that the East is also the exclusive health care physician who goes to the provincial party Committee compound every month.
How can Wei Xiao and Zhou Huanyu be ordinary people who can come with Dongfang? Many experts present at this time are frowning one by one. They can already predict how fierce the situation will be this time and how terrible the result will be.
It’s really behind the scenes! Tao Mo’s ears are sharp, and listening to the experts’ comments all around is also white. These three young experts have strong medical skills and they are definitely furious.
The meeting ended in a depressing atmosphere. When Tao Mo saw Cao Ying surrounded by many experts, she said nothing and said hello. She went out of the meeting room with a backpack. Tao Mo just had to see more. She was most concerned about Joe’s face at present.
Just after he took out his mobile phone and dialed the old man’s words, the old man gloated and teased, "Yo, little girl called back to ask the master for help?"
Old man Ji, with his legs crossed, looks old and disrespectful. Let go of the medical records inside. "You tell me about the fart big place in Tanjiang City. First you provoked the old man Qin to get into trouble with your master. Don’t say that now even Minister Joe provoked Tao Wench. You said that you met these two big men in Tanjiang City in total?"
"Master saves lives regardless of identity and status." Tao Moyu turned a supercilious look at the blue sky. Where did she know that she was casually provoking one of the big shots in Beijing? "You know Master Qiao Jie’s face."
"Hum" is very smelly fart. The old man’s face has been heavy for a season. "I just got the medical record of Qiao Ning from several old deathlessly. Her face was badly burned at the beginning and was delayed. What can you do? Don’t hide it. Say it quickly and I’ll give it to you."
"Master, is it really good for you to inquire about my secret recipe for treating burns?" Listening to the words, Tao Mo, the eager voice on the other end, smiled sloped. Whether it was the ancestral stunt or some precious party, it was nothing more than killing.
Of course, Tao Mo doesn’t want to hide anything from her generation, and she is alone in this generation. Naturally, she is willing to give these secret recipes to the right people to benefit more patients.
It’s old man Ji’s urgent voice that makes Tao Mo feel a kind of warmth belonging to his relatives. Because he regards you as his family, he won’t have any worries, just say what he thinks and don’t worry that Tao Mo will think wrongly.
"Do you really have a secret recipe?" Old man Ji suddenly became interested and hated that he could not immediately go to Tanjiang City to study the secret recipe. Scalding is very common, but it is also the most difficult to cure a kind of pain, especially deep scald, which cannot be cured.
However, when I think that I will continue to recuperate Qin Lao’s head now, the old man suddenly wilted like frost and eggplant and roared at Tao Mo on the other end of the mobile phone. "It’s all your girl who got into trouble and hurt the old man. I can stay in this broken place in Beijing!"
Tao Mo got mixed up in the muddy water of the old chief of Qin Dynasty. Now, the old chief of Qin Dynasty is ill safely. No one dares to do anything to Tao Mo and Ji Lao. But if anything happens to the old chief of Qin Dynasty, those who have just been cleaned up by the old chief will definitely unite and bear the brunt. It is estimated that Tao Mo and Ji Lao are broken.
It is said that the old chief can’t save the city, and all these doctors will not accept the operation, so they will dare to jump out and want to carve up the old chief soldier.
Who knows that Tao Mo and Ji Lao Man, the master and apprentice, jumped out to save the old chief, and then it was their turn to be unlucky. Speaking of hate value, Tao Mo’s body was howling. Fortunately, it was Tao Mo in Tanjiang City. If it arrived in Beijing, it was estimated that people would kill the rhythm in minutes.
Can you blame yourself for being scolded for touching your nose? Who let his life be reborn to the original owner? He is too young, even if he has a medical skill, there are too many places to worry about.
"Master, I want to ask you, do you know red bamboo grass?" Tao Mo and Ji Laoren talked nonsense before getting down to business.
Dai Taomo once studied the treatment of scald with several national doctors, and there was a substantial breakthrough at that time, and the most important medicinal material was red bamboo grass
Amaryllidaceae perennial herb flowers are poisonous and grow in damp and shady places, and the efficacy of amaryllidaceae is also an accident. Tao Mo walked past the trash can and aimed at the abandoned grass, but Tao Mo didn’t think much.
Who knows that three days later, when Taomo passed by again, she found that the red bamboo grass had not died yet, but it was 37 degrees in summer and people left it outside for three days, and even worse, a plant was uprooted.
Tao Mo observed it carefully, only to find that the roots of Chizhu grass were slightly moist like garlic. Tao Mo was frightened at that time, when the spirit penetrated into the grass roots of Chizhu, he was alert to find that the grass roots of Chizhu would devour his spirit.
However, after absorbing the spirit, Phyllostachys pubescens quickly recovered its vitality. The study on the root section of Phyllostachys pubescens with pottery foam found that the root cell activity of this slightly poisonous plant was more than ten times that of ordinary plants.
However, it is difficult to treat burns because the cells in the burned area have died and formed scars. If it can stimulate the skin in the burned area and rejuvenate the cells, then treating burns is not a method to solve the problem.
"Is red bamboo grass effective?" Old man Ji wondered and thought hard, but he didn’t have the slightest impression. It is very difficult to master hundreds of Chinese herbal medicines one by one.
Chizhucao is not a traditional Chinese medicine institute. The old man didn’t know it. After all, it was an ordinary grass plant with slight toxicity before Taomo said it. It’s not surprising that the old man didn’t know it.
"The cells in the roots of Phyllostachys pubescens have strong activity, but it is not easy to be treated. It is necessary to match with chalcedony. I have not yet figured out the matching ratio." Tao Mo did not retain any generations. She accidentally discovered the strong activity of the roots of Phyllostachys pubescens.
However, it is not easy for this to be applied to human body, and the active cells of Polygonum multiflorum will die immediately after being taken out and exposed to gas, and even if it is taken at most in the true state, it will be delayed for ten minutes. This method will apply Polygonum multiflorum to medicine.
After several years of research by Tao Mo and several physicians, they found that the chalcedony medium can protect the active cells of Chizhu, but the problem is that the proportion of this chalcedony to Chizhu and several other medicinal materials is still unclear, and the research of Taomo stopped people from being born again.
"You won’t worry about this two or three years if you continue to study Minister Joe." The old man in the season is very comforted in his heart. If this topic is really studied, it is not only a major breakthrough in the country, but also in the world. Tao Mo didn’t guard and hide it. He told himself that he didn’t accept the wrong apprentice.
At the beginning, he took a fancy to Tao Mo, which impressed him the most. Tao Mo’s eyes were clean and bright. Yuan was fooling Tao Mo to buy fake medicinal materials, but he didn’t know that this girl had already seen through Yuan’s counsel. That was the old man’s mind of collecting disciples.
Some people have known each other for decades, and some people become friends at the first sight. However, the old man is naturally scattered and wild. He likes Tao Mo, a girl who has no hesitation in accepting her as an apprentice. At this time, it seems that Tao Mo has not let him down.
After hanging up, Tao Mo went back to her pharmacy. She planned to re-record some experimental data of her generation to study Chizhu grass. The most difficult part is that she needs chalcedony, which has a market price and it is hard to find a daughter to study. That’s really burning money.
Recording the experimental data of the next generation, suddenly there was a loud bang outside the door, and Tao Mo let go of his pen and walked out quickly, only to see that there were already people nearby.
"This is a lucky person. It seems that nothing is wrong. Although it is on the second floor, it can also kill people if they are not careful."
"This scaffolding bamboo is rotten. No wonder people fall from the surface, but it looks so lucky."
"I’ve called 12 times, and the ambulance is coming."
"Where did you hurt just now?" Lao Wang, who is in charge of the balcony project on the second floor together, is worried about sitting on the ground at this time. No one thought that the scaffold suddenly broke and would just fall on the surface.
Scared and pale, I just didn’t return to my senses for a long time. At this time, I heard Lao Wang’s question and moved my body slightly. "Brother Wang, I’m fine. There is nothing wrong with other parts of my body, but my feet hurt badly."
Nothing is wrong with bones and dirt. That’s great luck. Lao Wang quickly squatted down to help him just lift the leather shoes. Only then did he find that the bone of his right foot was broken and the instep bulged like a big bag and the instep was swollen. It seems that his foot was broken.
Looking around, people are feeling lucky when they see that they have broken their feet. However, looking at the kung fu just now, they have been sweating and the right instep is also red and swollen. It is estimated that it is also painful. Look at the instep, it is estimated that the bone is directly broken, as if it is going to poke out from the instep.
The hospital 12 ambulance came soon, and the doctor came quickly with two nurses to watch people around and make way.
After asking about the situation, the doctor sat on the ground and couldn’t speak. Just after a general inspection of other places, he broke his foot and had to say that he was just lucky.
Section 73
"It’s no big problem. Just take the knife back when the instep bone is broken to the hospital." The doctor smiled and soothed the pain and pumped straight. "The guy is lucky. If the average person falls like this and hurts his brain, the problem will be big. You will be fine if you have an operation."
The doctor once again took a look at the instep, which was just red and swollen, and the bones were about to poke out. "Bring the stretcher over for the hospital to prepare for the operation."