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"What a coincidence?" Qin Yue walked beside her and rubbed her head. "I heard Lingfei say that you are here to pick you up and go home together."

It turned out that Lingfei talked to tell him that if he didn’t talk, she might suspect him.
Jane is very white, but now she is in a bad state, but she can’t control her thoughts.
She smiled apologetically at Qin Yue and said, "Mr. Qin, if you have nothing to do, please accompany me to a place."
Qin Yue nodded "good"
Say simply, "You don’t even ask me where I’m going?"
"If you let me go with you, I will accompany you wherever I go." No matter whether it’s a knife, a mountain or a sea of fire, he won’t have a complaint if she lets him go.
Jane said, "What if I take you to sell it?"
Qin Yue: "Then I will see who dares to buy me."
Jane said, "Who has the money to afford our president Qin Da?"
Qin Yue "you"
"Me?" Jane pointed to her face of surprise.
Qin Yue also said, "I will give you the president of Qin Da for nothing."
Jane smiled. "People don’t know how to cherish things without money. You must never give yourself away."
Qin Yue said, "Then you can have any price. You can have as much as you say."
Jane raised her hand and compared it with a two, then with a five. Finally, she compared it with a one and said, "Mr. Qin, what do you think of this price?"
Qin Yue knew she was teasing him but nodded. "Is this price too high?"
Jane just learned some news from Lingfei language. It was too calm. Qin Yue didn’t know how to persuade her.
If she wants to make trouble, he can make trouble with her.
Jane took the initiative to hook his arm and said, "Mr. Qin, in fact, this 250 is for you. You still belong to me."
Qin Yue put her arms around her waist and said, "Listen to you."
Jane took Qin Yue to the cloth market. She carefully selected some pieces of cloth to make clothes for Xiao Ran, and it was also a gift for children’s day.
After buying the cloth, I simply want to go back to my place of residence because I only need tools to make clothes at home.
Qin Yue said, "What tools do you need? I am now preparing people to wait until they return to Nuoyuan. "
Big boss put such generous words, but there is no reason not to let him play handsome and give Qin Yue the important tools
When they returned to Nuoyuan, they got everything ready for sewing machines and got her a small workshop.
Jane exclaimed, "Is this to say that the speed of the sky is high?"
Qin Yue shrugged. "Are you satisfied with this speed, Miss Jane?"
"I’m very satisfied." Jane smiled at him. "Mr. Qin, I’m going to work, so go and do your thing."
It is not difficult for her to be a qualified fashion designer, cut and sew cloth and so on.
She drew the artwork before she brought it, and put Qin Yue aside seriously and intently.
Chapter 27 Teaching Bad Children
Qin Yue watched silently and didn’t bother.
Simple and skillful, it can be seen that she is so absorbed that he has been staring at her without affecting her.
Qin Yue didn’t leave until he rang with his mobile phone.
He answered, "What is it?"
Liu Yongyin came from his mobile phone. "Master Qin returned to China a week ago, and his destination was Kyoto, but so far he has not been found."
Qin Yue eyebrows a cu "master back home? Can’t you contact him? "
Liu Yong said, "He should not deliberately prevent us from contacting people around him."
After learning that Master Qin had returned to China as early as a week ago, Liu Yong immediately asked the person in charge of Kyoto Airport to adjust the monitoring record of that day.
After watching the surveillance video, it can be confirmed that Master Qin and two assistants arrived at Kyoto Airport voluntarily and were not intimidated.
There is no coercion, but all kinds of methods can’t contact them, so it can be said that they are deliberately hiding.
Qin Yue sink a way, "If you can’t contact him, then find a way to let others take the initiative to contact you and give you another day."
"Yes," Liu Yong added, "The acquisition of pm company has been completed and the shares held by pm company have been transferred to the name of Mrs. according to your instructions."
"Well" light hum a qin yue then hung up the phone.
Jane likes fashion design, so he bought her a big name and transferred his shares to Jane’s name. After that, she could play whatever she wanted without being restricted by others.
But he can’t tell Jane yet, otherwise she won’t accept it according to Jane’s character.
Hearing the soft waxy sound, Qin Yue looked back and saw the little head, Xiao Ran, running towards him.
Qin Yue Zhang arms caught Xiao Ran but ran quietly and kissed her face "but came back from school"
"Dad …" Xiao Ran ran a small hand to hold Qin Yue’s face and kissed him twice. "But I really miss my father."
"Dad also wants to be natural." Qin Yue kissed Xiao Ran natural judo again. "But tell dad what he did in kindergarten these two days?"