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Chapter one hundred and forty-nine Will Tang Shiyan like his past life? 2
Section 276
"Miss Gu Da", the gatekeeper, saw that Gu Xin Jiao, who has always been glamorous, looked embarrassed and immediately greeted him from the taxi face.
Gu Xinjiao raised her hand and scratched her eyes. "Can my second uncle be here?"
"This?" The gatekeeper hesitated.
Gu Xin charming frown denounced "door I have something urgent to find juwan"
It’s hard for the guards to scratch their heads to see if the sun is still hanging in the east. The sun said, "Miss Gu, we let you in, but the housekeeper just came and told me that Mr. Zhong needed a rest from his hangover yesterday."
It’s not noon this time, so I guess the old man hasn’t got up yet.
Hearing these words, Rao is arrogant and Gu Xinjiao also gathered his temper and wanted to think, saying, "I’m not feeling well. It’s too exhausting to turn back and forth. I’ll go in and wait for the second uncle so that he won’t be disturbed."
The guard looked at her belly and finally nodded and let her go.
The manor house is a beautiful white building. The housekeeper handed a glass of water in the master bedroom on the second floor and respectfully said, "Mr. Big Miss is coming."
A white slender finger holds the cup.
I sent it to my mouth and took a sip. My lip was stained with water, like a dying flower. It was a man, but it gave birth to a very beautiful lip.
"Sir Zhong?"
Butler see men don’t talk and light asked a sentence.
Gu Zhenglin slightly raised his eyes with a kind of meaning. "What is she doing here?"
The housekeeper has always been unable to figure out the expression and mind of this grandfather. He was silent for a moment or he said it. "As far as I know, the big lady should be in trouble. Today, it was reported that the stock fell by 20% in one afternoon in summer."
Gu Zhenglin raised his hand and put the cup on the table. purplish blue’s pajamas cuffs were embroidered with golden silk thread. "Twenty percent seems to be causing trouble."
Seeing that the Lord is in the mood to ask questions, the housekeeper’s voice is also louder. He continued, "It’s an artist who stole someone else’s song during the competition. This stolen girl or the big lady named it, and this girl heard that it was Tang Shiyan’s fiancee."
If Gu Zhenglin’s expression has always been perfunctory by listening to the housekeeper’s report at the bedside, it is rare for a man to pick an eyebrow when he arrives in Tang Shiyan, as if he heard something interesting: "Tang Shiyan is in the north of Beijing?"
The housekeeper nodded. "I heard that Tang Shiyan was very protective of this fiancee. I’m afraid that this big lady really kicked the iron plate. Many reporters and investigators were surrounded by the court early in the morning, and several indictments were submitted."
I don’t know if Mr. Zhong will reach out to help me this time at the thought of seeing Miss Da in the building. Gu Xin Jiao Gu Zhenglin’s attitude has always been unpredictable, saying that it’s not good for her, but those benefits in Gu Xin Jiao’s hand really acquiesce in your saying that Mr. Zhong’s look at this niece is still light, like he doesn’t want to care about her life or death
The only certainty is that Mr. Zhong is still very concerned about the baby in her belly. At ordinary times, there are no fewer people to send to the family for help.
Sure enough, just thinking about it, I listened to someone who asked lightly, "Come here with a big belly?" What about Xiao’s family? "
"Back to Sir Zhong heard that they had a quarrel earlier."
It’s been a long time since I heard this. Seeing the man leaning against the bed, he gently turned over and planned to sleep again.
He covered the quilt before the housekeeper.
The man waved his hand at him. "Let her wait first. You take care of it."
"It’s Sir Zhong"
In this way, Gu Xinjiao sat alone in the living room from noon to noon, and from noon to noon, when a certain man was full of sleep and drink, he finally stretched and came from the building.
See bearer Gu Xin jiao immediately meet to intimacy and respectfully shouted a second uncle.
Gu Zhenglin evoked a smile at the corners of her mouth, looked at her belly gently with her elders and said, "I heard that you came to eat at noon?"
"Eat" Gu Xin jiao saw that he was in a good mood, and there was a trace of injustice in his biting words.
Gu Zhenglin gently picked an eyebrow and motioned for her to have something to sit down and say again.
An uncle and a daughter sat opposite each other on the sofa. The servant came over and put two exquisite refreshments. Gu Xinjiao had a bitter expression.
Gu Zhenglin took a sip of the bowl and said, "Come on, what’s up?"
"Sec. Uncle" Gu Xinjiao bowed his head and murmured, "Before I got into trouble with the company, someone collided with me, and I almost got angry. I was angry at the moment, but I punished it. As a result, I even got Tang Shiyan."
With a hint of wetness in Gu Xin Jiao’s eyes, she took out two complaint forms that were not torn and put them on the desktop. "I didn’t know she was Tang Shiyan’s fiancee at that time, otherwise I wouldn’t move her even if my stomach ached until I fainted. Now Tang Shiyan has found out a few things I have done before and threatened me to apologize. The reporters are all stuck at the door."
Gu Zhenglin leaned against the armrest and sat with his head supported by one hand. Another slender finger flexed and played his trousers. He said, "Since you have offended someone and asked you to apologize, you can apologize."
Gu Xin nervous raised his head and then shook his head. "Uncle Bu, he asked me to apologize. I didn’t apologize personally, but I couldn’t. I apologized. That represents the family. I can’t apologize to an ordinary little girl for you! Then your face is there! "
How did this get to him?
Gu Zhenglin didn’t expect this girl to say this. She raised her eyelids and gave her a look. Her dark eyes suddenly faded and her silk smiled strangely.
Gu Xin jiao most afraid of is her juwan eyes swallowed saliva bowed his head.
"Afraid of Tang Shiyan?"