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With Chang Li’s help, Qin Leran took Shen Lingxi away when others didn’t know his identity.

Everyone in the mountain enjoyed the scenery for half a day, and it took more than an hour to get to the mountain because it saved people and helped them constantly.
Chang Li followed Qin Leran in his own car, so they decided to send Shen Lingxi to treat large troops first or take a bus.
Qin Leran asked Chang Li to turn up the temperature of the car, and then asked him to get back to Linhai as soon as possible.
"Sister Lingxi, no matter what happens, promise me that you must hold on, okay? No one else, you should also think about the person in your heart. If he comes back, he will be so sad if he can’t see you. "Qin Leran can think of this method to arouse Shen Lingxi’s courage to live.
"Miss, she should be fine if she breathes smoothly. Don’t worry too much." Chang Li is worried about her little master.
"Well, I know she’ll be fine. She’ll be fine." Qin Leran said to her with Shen Lingxi in her arms, and also said to herself.
As soon as the car was on the mountain dragon wing, he suddenly felt suffocated and always felt that something was going to happen.
However, he attributed this boredom to not going to a crowded place for too long, which did not attract much attention.
The car behind the mountain has been driving for more than an hour, and the feeling of boredom and panic in my heart is getting stronger and stronger, as if to swallow him up.
In this generation, he has never had such a terrible experience, even when the dragon family was wiped out, his fear was not as strong as at this time.
"Stop the car!" He suddenly shouted
"Master?" Dragon day stopped the car anyway.
"The horse turned back," Louis Shen said.
How long has it been since he felt afraid? He doesn’t know what fear is, but at this moment, his heart is afraid as if he were going to lose the most important thing in his life.
Dragon day asked cautiously, "Young Master is not going to see the President?"
Louis didn’t answer words at dragon day somberly face dragon day never ask a word, immediately turned around and drove back.
Go back to the road dragon days from time to time in the rearview mirror to see the main face he looks more and more gloomy, ranging from the main command dragon day and speed up the car.
It took more than an hour to get back to Wushan villa, and the car hit the door before it stopped.
After the car, he didn’t stop. He immediately went upstairs to Shen Lingxi’s room and knocked on the door. He didn’t see the woman.
In an instant, it seemed that his heart was broken, and he could hear the sound of heartbreak in his chest.
"Shen Lingxi! !”
He roared!
He growled!
He immediately turned and rushed in to wash his hands and there was no Shen Lingxi.
He was so nervous that his hands trembled slightly and clenched them into fists to restrain his nervousness and fear a little.
He walked out of the door in two steps and shouted at the open corridor, "Find someone for me and get me back!" "
"Master …" dragon day was too scared to get too close to him.
"Ma sent someone to search the mountain. If she leaves, none of you will live!" At this time, the dragon wing is like an irrational beast.
Chapter 39 Find her fruit
Louis always knew how much influence Shen Lingxi had on him. Even if she frowned gently, his heart would tighten.
It is precisely because he knows the influence of this woman on himself that he has been restraining himself from staying away from her and telling himself never to be influenced by her and never to be deceived by her again.
However, as for how he refrained from seeing it for a while, he always felt that something was missing in his heart. Today, the mountain felt wrong, which is the best proof.
"Master, I’ll send someone to find it." dragon day turned around and ran. He almost fell when he turned the corner because he ran too fast
Louis eyes coldly swept a circle and turned to the third floor to adjust the monitoring.
When he pushed the door, he immediately found that someone had entered his room after he left, and he looked at the table for the first time.
The photo frame and ring in the most conspicuous position are missing …
Section 479
That photo is his most cherished thing, and he has thought about destroying it for a year, but he can’t bear to destroy it.
He deluded himself by telling himself that he would see that face every day and wake it up. He could not destroy it by taking revenge.
But he knows better than ever that he doesn’t need that photo to ignite his strong desire for life-saving and revenge, and he can’t bear it.
That ring is the thing he ordered with that woman. The other day, he felt that she didn’t deserve the ring he gave her. He took it back from that woman, but they were all gone.
The photos and rings are gone, and Louis feels as if a piece of blood has been cut off from his heart.
These are all evidence that they loved each other in the past, and he can’t bear to be taken away from him.
Louis immediately hit the brain to check the monitoring, so he saw Shen Lingxi will be wrapped in a quilt and crept out of the door.
As soon as the camera turned, she came to the third floor and entered his room.
She found the photo and the ring. She shouted his name like crazy … Is she blaming herself? Are you afraid?
Seeing that she has betrayed and framed someone, she may still be alive. She should be afraid. Otherwise, what could it be?
Finally, Longyi saw her go out from the back door and escape from the backyard, leaving him completely and she was ready to "cage".
It was a cruel and cunning woman!
These days, he or she stays in the room every day and can’t do anything. Never thought that she would find out the escape route early.
At this time, there was a flash in Longyi’s mind that she stayed in her room every day, which he saw with his own eyes. How could she have a chance to find out the escape route?
But at this time, he was in a state of extreme panic and anger, and the idea appeared and disappeared too quickly, so that he completely ignored it in a state of rage.
He knew that Shen Lingxi, a cruel and vicious woman, had just left with his front foot and fled with her back foot … When he brought this woman back, he would definitely cut off her legs to see how she could escape.
He said he was going to cut off her legs, but all he could think of was that the terrain behind the hill was very dangerous and the fog was too thick to tell the direction. The woman was so weak, how could she escape?
Think of these times in my mind that Louis has rushed out from the back door and looked for it from the backyard along Shen Lingxi’s escape trace.
His legs were long and his skills were vigorous, and it didn’t take him long to get to the accident site of Shen Lingxi.
When he saw the tree stained with blood, every nerve in his body tightened, and a kind of fear gradually suppressed his anger.
"Shen Lingxi, you dead woman, if you dare to die here, you will never let go of your body." He growled as if he was about to face a disaster like a landslide.