1, Jul 2024
In recent years, Jane’s unique design style has been favored by many people, which has also made her famous internationally.

Fame is rising day by day, but Jane still maintains a consistent modesty and low-key style. She rarely appears in front of the media, and she never lets go of her guests who first appreciated her.
She finally remembers a truth: it was the first customers who liked her that gave her more design opportunities, which led to the shining international jl brand today.
Watching the flashing lights on the TV station, Jane was not excited. I saw that many supporters had a little ups and downs.
Jane’s eyes swept a circle, and when she finally fell on her family, her heart was instantly excited like rolling waves in the sea.
Not only Qin Yue came to attend jl’s new conference, Qin Leran, Xiao Keai and Yao Liezhan Nianbei’s family all came.
Qin’s parents are too old to take part in such crowded activities at ordinary times, but they came to encourage her.
Qin Leran and Xiao Cute usually hate to let them participate in such activities before such activities. They prefer to stay at home and play intellectual games.
Now their brother and sister also attended the conference and brought her future son-in-law, Yao Lie.
Jane’s eyes rested on Yao Lie and she looked at him, but he didn’t seem to notice that Qin Leran was beside him because all his attention was on him.
When a man’s eyes are always on a woman, he simply believes that it must be the power of love.
With Yao Lie, you can safely hand over your daughter and don’t have to worry about her daughter later.
Both of them didn’t speak, but it’s not difficult to see their love for each other from their eyes.
This pair of tell it to the judge has been like this for so many years. If one day they don’t quarrel, others may not be used to it.
Every one of them is taking practical actions to support her dreams and her work … They give her strength and she receives it.
"Brother?" Jane’s eyes caught a glimpse of a figure at Ann’s exit. He just looked at her quietly and smiled gently.
The man who disappeared for two or three years finally appeared and caught him as soon as the press conference was over. "Where have you been these years?" Don’t you know that I will worry about you? "
"I’m back, aren’t I?" Xiao Qinghe evaded the subject and smiled. "I’m hungry, please treat me to a big meal."
"I ask you, where have you been all these years?" Jane didn’t give up until she got the answer. "Are you really going to live like this alone for a generation?" Aren’t you going to find me a wife? "
Although there are more and more unmarried people now and she knows that Xiao Qinghe has her own plans, she still can’t help nagging in his ear.
She doesn’t care if others find someone to live with, but this person is her own brother and she is his closest person. If she doesn’t nag him, who else can nag him?
Xiao Qinghe smiled naively. "I didn’t want to find a sister-in-law for you again, but I haven’t met my destiny after wandering outside for so many years."
"You are so good, how come no one looks at you?" Jane suddenly thought of something, "Brother, are you hiding something from me?"
Xiao Qinghe stammered, "What can I keep from you?"
Jane looked at him. "Really?"
Xiao Qinghe shook his head. "Would you be surprised if I told you that the person I like is a man?"
"Don’t tease me …" Jane suddenly realized that this is not a joke. It is very likely. "Brother, are you telling the truth?"
"Cook" Xiao Qinghe smiled. "You are busy, you and I will find my baby boyfriend to help me with my baby."
Played by Xiao Qinghe, Jane is also a language. Watching him leave, she thought of Qin Yinze.
Xiao Qinghe, who hasn’t shown up for three years, has come back to attend the new conference of jl company. So where is Aze?
Is Azeri really going to break up with the Qin family and never come back?
"What are you thinking?" It was Qin Yueyin who pulled Jane’s thoughts back to her and shook her head. "I just wonder if Azeri is doing well?"
Qin Yue said, "He is an adult, and you and I have seen his ability to do things. Wherever he goes, he can build his own world."
Men are always more rational than women. Qin Yinze ran away from Qin Yue without paying too much attention because he knew it wouldn’t worry them.
"I know I know, but …"
Qin Yue held her hand. "You want to know his news, I’ll have someone check it out another day."
Jane shook her head. "Forget it. Let’s respect his choice. I think he will always come back."