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JianZhengTian climb up and patted the dust looked at two men nu way "who are you? Who on earth sent you? "

Two men took a cold look at Jianzhengtian, locked the door and turned away. Both of them didn’t say a word to Jianzhengtian.
The closed white door cut off all the roofs of the outside world, and the fluorescent lamp on is all the configuration of this room.
Jian Zhengtian has also experienced great storms. People know that there is no eye for making trouble. The most important thing is to find out who kidnapped him and tied him here.
He carefully thought about his enemies and was able to swagger and tie people in this place in Jiangbei, including the old Qin family and Qin Yue.
Jane is now under his control, and Qin Yue is afraid to make a move. Then the most likely person is the Qin family, the old deathlessly.
As early as many years ago, the old man wanted to kill him, but because he held the old things in his hand, the old things didn’t dare to touch him easily
Who else will there be besides these two people?
Jane is thinking about it. I can’t think that others are most likely to tie others or the old Qin family.
The Qin family was dissatisfied with the old things. He quietly returned to Jiangbei with Jane and wanted to blackmail Qin Yue. He had already warned him once for this matter.
If it weren’t for the secret in his hand, it would be announced to Yu Shiqin immediately after his death. Even the old things would have been secretly done away with him.
After determining who kidnapped her, Jane’s little uneasiness in her heart disappeared with the wind.
He looked around again, and sure enough, as he expected, there was a small surveillance camera next to the roof lamp.
Because the camera was too small and inconspicuous, he didn’t notice that he was being monitored when he first inquired about the room.
Looking at the camera, Jane laughed coldly. "Mr. Qin, don’t forget that if anything happens to me, if you want to hide the secret horse, it will be made public. You know best who was hurt at that time."
In the control room, when I heard this from Jane Zhengtian, Qin Yue’s eyes narrowed and a cold chill burst out, which made sense. What Jane would have fallen into Jane Zhengtian’s hands three years ago?
It was a play directed by his grandfather, and finally he was handed over to the beast Jian Zhengtian himself.
Jian Zhengtian took Jane back to Jiangbei Qin Yue before and guessed that it was his grandfather and Jian Zhengtian.
Now it’s 100% sure. What is the secret in Jane’s mouth? What kind of secret would make his grandfather be threatened by Jane Zheng Tian?
"Qin always …"
Liu Yonggang was interrupted by Qin Yue’s wave when he spoke. He motioned to continue listening and see if he could learn more secrets from Jane’s mouth.
But Jian Zhengtian is also a cunning person.
Although he suspected that the man who tied him here was the Qin master, he didn’t know that he had left a back road before he was 100% sure. Only by living well can he achieve his goal. He has always regarded his life as very important.
Master Qin and Qin Yue want to play hardball. He is definitely not their opponent. He must play chess well.
"Qin always seems JianZhengTian is not without being pressed" with Qin Yue observation for a long time Liu Yong and take the initiative to break the silence.
Qin Yue is like a sharp arrow, staring at the screen. The sharp eyes seem to be able to pass Jane Zhengtian through the screen.
He took a deep breath and took the lead in stepping out. Liu Yong followed closely.
When he came to Jianzhengtian’s shack, Qin Yueding, Liu Yong immediately called the watchman to beat the door.
It’s almost the first time to hear the sound of Jane Zhengtian. Looking back, it seems that the straight person outside the Chu Gate is Qin Yueshi. Jane Zhengtian smiled, "Good son-in-law, that’s how you invite your father-in-law. If my lovely daughter sees her, it will be so sad for me."
Qin Yue cold hum gherardini looked at JianZhengTian that get carried away, if Jane didn’t restore memory JianZhengTian this thing can talk to him here is simply daydreaming.
Jane looked around and said, "But after all, you didn’t treat me like anything, and I won’t care about a younger generation of you. If you let me go, I’ll pretend nothing happened today."
Qin Yue still doesn’t talk. It’s like two eagles staring at Jane’s body. Jane’s back is cold.
But he’s holding the most chess piece in Jane’s hand, and Qin Yue just wants to dismember him. That’s also thinking about what he can’t really do to him.
Qin Yue doesn’t talk, but the aura is too strong. Jane is so good that she can give herself courage by talking constantly.
He added, "Are you dumb if you don’t talk? Still didn’t think of how to plead guilty to my father-in-law? "
"It’s not our turn for a villain like you to talk to you," said Liu Yong.
"You say I am a villain, then I am a villain, but what can you do with me?" JianZhengTian is expected to Qin Yue dare not do anything to him to dare to make such wild remarks.
Chapter 245 Fight and stop.
Looking at JianZhengTian that disgusting than Qin Yue sink a way "Liu Yong".
Hearing Qin Yue’s words, Liu Yong immediately grasped Jane Zhengtian two steps ago and even punched him twice.
These two fists, Liu Yong almost tried his best to hit Jane Zhengtian, and her abdomen hurt so much that Jane Zhengtian seemed to have broken ribs.
"Since you claim to be a villain, I’ll meet you as a villain." Liu Yong said, grabbing Jane Zhengtian with one hand and punching Jane Zhengtian in the abdomen with the other.
"Qin Yue-"
JianZhengTian want to talk but haven’t say Liu Yong is a kick JianZhengTian legs a soft a kneeling on the ground.
Liu Yong said, "I can’t kill you, so what do you say about maiming you? Or fill you with Chili water or something. "
"Qin Yue, it seems that I really overestimated your feelings for Jane." Jane put her hand on her abdomen and sneered. "You need to know that you will never forgive you for what you did to me today. Do you still want her back?"
Liu Yong added, "Then we’ll let you have no chance to talk, so my Mrs. Qin will never know what happened today."
Jane said for a long time, and Qin Yue didn’t say a word to him, which made him even more angry and shouted, "I’m talking to your master. When is it your turn for a dog to bark here?"