29, Jun 2024
Obviously Lu Zhan spelled it right this time.

Four minutes ago, a little blood money was very morale-boosting.
Lu Zhan returned to the city with a blood money and can make a lot of supplies.
There is no suspense in winning or losing this game
But everyone is watching him play.
Chapter 43 Super God Yasuo
In addition to the live audience and the live audience, everyone naturally includes the lpl players who came to the scene.
Lu Zhan got a blood and made their faces look bad.
One blood made the demon Ji lose a blood bottle and sent the first three levels to play well after the economic land exhibition.
When Yasuo finished his melee, he added troops with the face of the demon girl. He had five blood bottles in his body and was not afraid of the demon girl.
He beat the demon Ji in the face before the demon Ji reached the third level E to the soldier’s side.
"This guy is playing so strongly. What if he really gets so many votes?" In the dragon dance team, Nohara Fan asked the captain Guo Xinghua.
"Look at the alliance saying that it takes 700,000 votes to make Paris change its mind!" Guo Xinghua black face said
"When these two heroes meet, they have to fight for speed. The demon Ji is silent, but it takes two paragraphs to release Ya. It takes a lot of blood to throw Q before being silent."
In two side Lin Wankuo said
"But that guy’s wrist is just right. I don’t believe how fast his hand is!"
He squinted and looked at the big screen.
As Lu Zhan thought, his actions touched the interests of lpl team.
Players who have been fighting for a long time in the first echelon of League of Legends do not want to see others rob them of their opportunities.
Although not everyone can enter the Star Wars, the chances of everyone will be greater without a competitor. What’s more, Lu Zhan has brought the whole lspl in.
Naturally, they don’t want to see someone rob their jobs.
So today, they reached a private agreement to make Lu Zhanqu.
Almost all lpl players know this except Lu Zhan’s good friend Xiao Shengqiang.
Jiang clan evaded Xiao Chengqiang’s eyes and ears before coming.
However, with the live broadcast of the game, I have seen this group of people, and the camera gave them a close-up. A group of professional players wearing their respective teams appeared in front of several people.
"It seems to be here!"
Everyone found out their true identity.
Everyone is not stupid. Things guessed these people soon before they passed.
"There is a good show!"
Many people who don’t pay attention to the game also think about it.
"Why don’t you hide this from me? You must win these two games and show them your strength."
Before Jinling high-speed railway, Xiao Shengqiang boarded the qq group and went to Shanghai high-speed railway.
The game has been going on for 1 minute.
After getting a head, Lu Zhan rolled up the snowball. Liasso’s displacement characteristics kept dealing with the demon Ji and killed the demon Ji in the 6 th and 9 th minutes respectively
"Three heads get it. This is really Yasuo’s suppression of the country’s first Yasuo!"
Explain that abortion is delighted to see Lu Zhan’s performance.
The other side claims to be the first in the country. Yasuo is more familiar with this hero, but Lu Zhan is very flexible or cunning.