28, Jun 2024
I filled my feet with momentum and suddenly stopped, only to find that I was poor and didn’t even have an outlet!

"You won!" The back of Miao’s hand rubbed his cheeks, turned around and gave the man three words directly and returned to the car.
The man clenched his fist and hit the roof with his big palm, and the whole car shook when there was a loud noise. He put it directly on the back of the chair and went to sleep. His storm was the same as his own.
Wesley is really depressed to see such a non-violent attitude of women!
He doesn’t know why he will be upset when he sees a woman’s happiness and smiles all over her face. Maybe he is jealous, maybe he is blamed for being left in the shadow. He just can’t help but want to hurt a woman’s good feelings.
But now it seems that his goal has been achieved directly, but the irritability in his heart is even stronger!
The man slammed the door with anger and started the engine. The car whizzed out. I couldn’t help but hold on to the bottom of my seat, but my eyes were still stubbornly closed. I didn’t mean to ignore the man.
People are like this, no matter how well-bred you are, no matter how versatile you are, you need to vent after going through too many things, and you are easily angered. I have experienced too much anxiety and anxiety along the way, and that tense heart has long been fragile. She really can’t stand Wesley’s words. She admits that she is a little angry!
Wesley always felt that he was in debt. If he hadn’t been popular, he might not have been stranded in Tavan Castle, and there wouldn’t have been any trouble later. Seeing how pregnant she was, I was really touched and admired, and I felt a little distressed and cherished.
He hopes to help women achieve their wishes early, but he is worried that women’s hopes are too great, and then they will accept disappointment and women’s faces are really too dazzling. Wesley has a feeling of being deeply abandoned!
"Let’s talk!" The car went back to the villa and the man finally sorted out his emotions and slowly said.
"I’m tired and want to rest!" Miao got up and got into the car. She admitted that she was still in a bad mood to talk to anyone.
"You know there shouldn’t be such a conflict to join the team!" Wesley amplified his voice. He hoped that women would stop.
"Mr Wesley, I admit I’m terrible! I didn’t think there would be so many fantastic things in this world before I met you, and I didn’t think I would come into contact with so many messy people. I really can’t adapt well at once. You can think that my cooperation is poor and you can despise my ability! " The following excitement clenched his fist.
"I want to discuss some details with you. Do you think it’s ok?" Wesley took a deep breath and didn’t get excited with Miao.
I really want to vomit blood and face my weakness. She doesn’t have the ability to fight back at all. She slowly loosened her fists and tried to adjust her breathing. She endured it when her lover came back safely!
"Let’s talk about it in the house!"
"I admit that I was a little direct and didn’t care about your feelings!" Wesley was sorry for rubbing his hand and looked at Miao sincerely. "I’m sorry, I hope you can forgive me!" "
"Do you really think you are wrong?" Is it really the same as the man who threatened himself just now?
"Please, people have apologized. Would you stop being so meticulous?" Men suddenly have coquetry feelings, and they are amused when they don’t stretch.
"When you smile, it’s ok?" Wesley seems to have relaxed a lot, too.
"Actually, I’m a little impulsive. Maybe I’m under too much pressure during this period!" I’m not melodramatic, but I’m sincere in showing my self-criticism.
"Then let’s take it as an outlet. Is it better now?" Wesley took a woman by the wrist and walked to the seaside. He knew that this was the most difficult way for a woman to refuse. Holding hands or holding her waist was bound to be destroyed.
"I’m all right. My emotions come and go quickly, and I rarely keep unhappy things in my heart." Gu Xiaoyao took back his wrist and habitually put his arm around his chest. "I may be too nervous and popular. The more I get to the key point, the more I seem to be afraid of what will happen. So I really accept your questions, even if I deceive myself!"
"You are already very good. I believe this is a world. Few women find husbands like you!" Wesley once again remembered his mother’s tragic fate. He didn’t want this fate to land in Qitou again.
"In ancient China, there was a woman named Meng Jiangnu who was also looking for a husband for thousands of miles, but at that time, she traveled to her husband’s place to repair the Great Wall with her feet. Only then did she know that her husband had been beheaded. The woman cried at the place where her husband died for three days and three nights, and the Great Wall collapsed." My heart felt limited. "I am much luckier than her!"
"You will always be lucky!" Wesley was persistent and looked at the woman.
"Thank you!" I know you have helped me a lot and that it is risky, but I can’t help you much. Thank you very much!
"Fool, have you forgotten that you helped me get the Eye of the Sky?" Wesley’s eyes reveal cherish.
"What’s the matter with you and Marisa now?" I feel a little depressed.
"At least she is safe now and is not threatened!" Wesley’s attitude is very positive. It seems that this is what he wants from the women’s department. "She will come back when she doesn’t feel happy!"
"Can you really accept her then?" I have always been a little difficult to understand this point.
"Two people are not tightly attached to each other because they have more physical possession of each other. It should be a habit, a tacit understanding and a spiritual connection. That is the most important thing!"
"But isn’t the combination of spirit and flesh the most perfect and pure?" This view has always been the same, which is why it is so resistant to the popularity of the land.
"But what will you choose when the two are wrong?" Wesley simply gave his own answer, "I will choose the soul. What about you?"
"I don’t know!" I shook my head blankly. "I think I probably don’t want anything!" "
"You are so perfect that you end up being the most imperfect person!" Wesley disagreed with Miao’s point of view.
"What? Everyone wants to pursue perfection! "
"But perfection is not that everything has its relative perfection and imperfection. When you want to have it, you should accept its imperfection!"
"This and spiritual betrayal are two different things!" Although I feel that this emphasis hurts men, I hope to find out the correct answer to this question.
"When you haven’t met betrayal, you can ask for it at will, but when such a thing happens, you have to figure out what you need most. If you don’t want anything directly like you, do you still have a perfect chance? After all, it is perfect that you have him, isn’t it? "
After thinking about it for a long time, I still feel contradictory. "Well, I agree with your choice, but I still don’t know what kind of choice I will have!"
"I hope you will never encounter such a choice!" Wesley sincerely wishes the woman in front of him, knowing that she is far from being as strong as she appears.
"I think so, too!" I smiled sweetly, because she thought of all the good things men did to her.
"Well, I hope we can all achieve it!" Wesley raised his fist at Miao, which was a feeling of brotherhood!
Miao Yingying raised his fist with a smile and held it in the man’s fist with great strength. "It must be realized!"
"I agree!"
Miao finally threw himself into all kinds of expectations.