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Marriage is just the best cover-up for them to deal with their parents, and more and more people will take the initiative. They have no reason to refuse, but it is just an engagement ceremony to please the elderly.

For Jin Yuying, there is nothing unacceptable if it does not affect their marriage process.
It was early when it was dawn in the summer. When I opened my eyes vaguely, I saw a very attractive and handsome face. Those charming peach eyes looked at her gently.
"Are you awake? Feeling better? "
A man’s voice sounds gentle, but I don’t know who this man is and what will appear in front of her.
"What’s wrong with me?" Li asked her most heartfelt question, because she felt good and didn’t hate the man in front of her.
"You’ll be fine when you wake up. The child is fine!" The stone in Wen Zezong’s heart finally fell to the ground. "Take a nap and I’ll arrange something for you to eat!"
Miao couldn’t help but caress her lower abdomen, and her mind was groggy and shaking the sea and yachts. The picture was that she had children, and she struggled to save them. What happened later?
No, why can’t she remember what happened before!
Who is her child? Who is she? What will be in the sea and what will be here?
"You’ve been hit in the brain and lost your memory. Don’t worry, you’ll get better slowly!" See the woman panic WenZeZong light comfort way
"Then when can I recover?" No memory is a very insecure thing, which raises a kind of fear from the bottom of my heart.
"Don’t worry!" Wen Zezong smiled softly. "You are a pregnant woman now, and many things can’t be helped by drugs. We can make it recover slowly!"
"Since I saved you, I will be responsible for it! Trust me, okay? " The more Wen Zezong looked at it, the more he felt that the woman in front of him was the one that God had arranged for him to belong to him.
"hmm!" Miao nodded slightly and intuitively told her that the man in front of her could be trusted that he wouldn’t hurt her.
"Shall we give you a name first?" Wen Zezong already has his own ideas.
I have no objection. After all, it is inconvenient to have no name. It is just an identification code.
"Do you think it’s okay if we call you Shadow Key Shadow when you don’t remember your original name?" Wen Zezong thinks she is Ying.
"Shadow? Key shadow! " Women find this name interesting.
"If you don’t object to me, I’ll call you a shadow first!" Wenzezong fundus with a smile.
"What’s your name?" Women have re-accumulated their memories.
"Wen Zezong!" The man told his name seriously, "temperature, temperature, luster, ancestors!" "
Section 22
Shadow suddenly laughed heartlessly, and the sound and the beautiful sound in Wen Zezong’s memory were so imaginative! What? It’s amazing that this woman even looks and sounds like Miao.
"What are you laughing at?" Men can’t help raising eyebrows.
I licked my lips and gave an unkind answer. "I don’t know why the word athel Loren flashed in my mind and then I felt very connected."
Wen Zezong smiled from the bottom of his heart. God really loves him!
"Well, you go to sleep and I’ll get you something to eat!" The man stopped laughing and got up.
Shadow lip angle with a smile slowly closed her eyes, although she doesn’t know who she is and can’t remember what happened, but the children are still with her, and they are still alive, which is enough.
When she needs it now, when she believes it, she will help her solve all the problems. Now she must make herself good, so as to ensure that the child is good.
Slowly falling asleep and slowly relaxing the nerves, the woman finally said that she was out of the fear in her heart. She was convinced that everything would be fine if she wanted to be good with the children!
☆, Chapter one hundred and ninety
"I heard that you are awake?" There is no temperature sound in the quiet ward.
"And you are?" The following eyes looked at this noble woman.
"I am Wen Zezong’s fiancee and I also fished you out of the sea!" Jin Yuying gracefully sat down at the bedside.
"Thank you!" No matter what status a woman is in front of her, she feels that she should show her gratitude.
"You really can’t remember the past?" Jin Yuying light asked 1.
"A little headache!"
"I’ll take you to the accident site before you recover. Maybe you can remember something!" Jin Yuying doesn’t know why Wen Zezong has to take care of this woman, but a pregnant woman must have her own lover to help her remember it.
Yin Fan in lucky chance Pavilion had a full sleep. Yesterday afternoon, she received Sun Tianning’s words. Everything has been handled safely. She is the only one in this world and there is nothing to worry about anymore.
When Yin Fan tidied herself up and walked to the restaurant that week, Miao had accompanied Yuan Qing to the TV station to record the program.
"Little lady is tired of playing yesterday?" Liu Ma asked Yi with a heart full of rice. After all, it is very rare for a young lady to sleep until this time. It is already noon.
"Well-"Yin Fan gave a heavy well. Even if she responded, she felt that this family was too irregular, so she could ask questions casually. She didn’t like it at all.
"Little lady, are you all right?" What’s wrong with LiuMa? I can’t help worrying.
"I would feel better if you weren’t here!" Yin Fan neither too hot nor too cold replied to Liu Ma without even lifting a corner of his eye.
Liu Ma was so embarrassed that she didn’t know why Miao would have such an attitude towards herself. This has never happened before.
"Why don’t you understand me?" Yin Fan lost patience and looked at Liu Ma who was nervous.
"Little lady, did I do something wrong to make you angry?" Liu Ma is really confused.
"Do I want to be alone?" Yin Fan’s words have been very straightforward. Liu Ma angrily withdrew from the restaurant, but she was still struggling with that question and didn’t know what she did wrong.
Looking at Liu Ma’s reluctant back, Yin Fan thinks it’s time for this domestic servant to change. She can’t always live in the shadow. She wants to be the new owner here!
"Liu Ma, come here!" Yin Fan Shu Shu sat down on the sofa after dinner.
"Little lady have something?" LiuMa tidy up the hand work came along.
"This is your salary for three months in a row. You can leave lucky chance Pavilion today!" Yin Hang put a stack of money on the coffee table.
LiuMa hands tightly usurp the skirts for a long time speechless.
"Take it, I haven’t wronged you, and don’t play any lazy new helper for me. I’ve found it, so pack up and go!" Yin Fan finished and got up from the sofa.
"Little lady, what did I do wrong?" Liuma unwilling to mouth.
"Are you really interesting?" Yin Fan raised his eyebrows and leered at Liu Ma. "Does the employer want to change the maid and give you an explanation? Take the money, pack your things and leave! "
Liu Ma couldn’t figure out why Miao’s temperament changed greatly and how her words became so mean, but she didn’t refute her position. Picking up the stack of money was a concern of her family. After all, there was nothing to say after two more months.
"Then I’ll clean it up. Thank you, young lady!" LiuMa slightly bent down and walked back to his room.
Yin Fan looked at the sad figure coldly, and there was no temperature at all. All these were superfluous to her, and it was dangerous to clear her mind early. Before Lu Fengxing came back, she still had to stabilize the overall situation first.
"Liu Ma, what are you doing?" Liu Ma walked out of the villa with her luggage and met Li Shifu Li Shifu with a puzzled face in the garden.
Liu Ma wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes and smiled reluctantly. "I’ll leave today if my wife has changed!"
"Impossible!" Li Shifu looked incredible. "It’s been so many years since we got it back from Lu Shao. Mrs. Shao is usually very kind. How can we say that people are people?"
"It is estimated that our culture is low. Now, taking care of pregnant women and children pays attention to finding professionals. We can’t occupy other people’s positions!" Liu Ma took a sniff and was ready to leave.
"Liu Ma, don’t worry. I’ll talk to Mrs. Shao. Even if I really want you to go, I should wait until Lu Shao comes back!" Lao Li said that he was ready to go into the house to find Miao.