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Qin Xiaobao reached out and pinched him, and said with a positive color, "I’m telling you that those old bachelors who can’t get married now are all because they are too stingy. It’s your blessing that you can get such a beautiful and virtuous wife. Don’t be born in happiness."

War to the North "…"
He knew Qin Xiaobao was thick-skinned, but he didn’t expect it to be so thick. This ladder wall is estimated to be inferior to her.
Ding dong-
Just when Qin Xiaobao and Zhan Nianbei bickered noisily, the ladder reached the watchtower.
I don’t want to pay attention to Qin Xiaobao’s long legs and go out. Qin Xiaobao moves faster and hugs him. Press the ladder door button quickly and then press a number key casually.
"Qin Xiaobao, what do you want to do?"
Qin Xiaobao hey hey smiled, "I’m telling you, if you don’t forgive me today, we’ll live in this ladder."
War to the North "…"
Qin Xiaobao regards his livid face as pestering him anyway. "We have been married for several years, haven’t you found that I have more physical advantages?"
I can’t stand Qin Xiaobao’s cheekiness and surrender. "Qin Xiaobao, stop it. I forgive you."
"Forgive me?" Qin Xiaobao smiled. "But you don’t look like forgiving me. Smile for me. I think it looks good, even if you forgive me."
This pushy woman!
Zhannian North is really forbearing to buckle her waist and push her back so that she can lean against the ladder and kiss strongly.
After working hard for so long, the big fish finally hooked Qin Xiaobao’s heart, so proud that he couldn’t wait to buy firecrackers to celebrate.
However, these smugness have just risen, and they haven’t been able to go through every nerve of Qin Xiaobao, and they are tinkling again.
At the door of the ladder stood several people, old and young, big and small. When they saw a scene in the ladder, some people said with disdain, "It’s really a windy day."
What is World Wind Day?
Qin Xiaobao said no! ! !
How can her husband kiss her and call it the world wind day?
Qin Xiaobao can struggle to find someone to make it clear theoretically, but this man won’t let go. Does she struggle?
This is the physical difference between women and men. Men are born stronger than women. If they fight, they will really take advantage of a lot.
"Blare ….." Qin Xiaobao was bullied thoroughly because he was blocked by Zen thoughts and could whimper like a baby crying.
"How hungry is it to get home in a few steps and still have sex in the ladder?" Others’ comments seem to ring in the ears.
Qin Xiaobao not only wanted to swear, but also wanted to hit someone. She struggled, but the old man kissed her so hard that she couldn’t contribute.
Everyone’s eyes were fixed on the two of them, and then they slowly put her in everyone’s eyes and hugged her to the ladder to "excuse me"
He hugged Qin Xiaobao and went out of the ladder. Before he had time to say anything, he added, "Wife, are you satisfied this time?"
Qin Xiaobao "…"
This man is simply telling his fellow passengers that she asked him to do it, not that he took the initiative.
Qin Xiaobao raised his foot and stepped on Zhannian North Foot to retaliate. However, Zhannian North gave her a shallow smile back. "Okay, stop that now, let’s go back and know that the guests are still waiting for us."
Qin Xiaobao "…"
She was laughed at by others, and he was very heart-felt.
His chest was shaking because he laughed when he held her.
Qin Xiaobao said that he was very angry, but he couldn’t find any reason to be angry because he didn’t say or do anything in vain.
She was kissed by him. red mouth "It’s only two floors. Let’s take the stairs to get older and exercise."
"You didn’t know you were old? Why didn’t you think you were old when you kissed me so hard just now? " Hum, villains are so melodramatic.
"I haven’t met your needs yet!" He said that his lips were slightly raised and his smile became more and more brilliant.
Looking at his smiling face, Qin Xiaobao was slow to discover that his family was an old fox in fact.
Every time they quarrel, it seems that she wins, but in fact, the winner is always him who loses. It’s her!
However, since they are husband and wife, they are going to live a lifetime. What does it matter who wins or loses when they quarrel?
Chapter 965 There is still an uphill battle to fight.
After some tossing, Qin Xiaobao and Zhan Nianbei finally returned home.
For the two of them, it’s the end of the war. The imaginary picture in front of the little guy’s door is that Dad must still be angry with Mom.
Unexpectedly, as soon as the door was opened, I saw my parents holding hands and a picture of loving each other. I was shocked to see their little guys!
He couldn’t believe that he raised his little hand, rubbed his eyes, and then opened his eyes to see that they were still holding hands and clasping their fingers like that.
He thought it might be that he typed it wrong, so he repeated that he had just closed his eyes and opened his eyes to see the picture again.
Dad holding mom and dad holding dad to say how much love there is.
This warm and touching painting style is beyond his expectation!
Mom said so much, it’s hard to listen. If he were, he would be angry for a week, but his father was angry for less than half an hour.
It seems that he has to re-examine his father-wife and slave! Real wife and slave!
He hoped that he would never leave the father gene.
That’s …
He doesn’t want to say anything. To cover up his surprise, a child should have a charming smile. "Mom, you got dad back!"
"Stinky, don’t you want me to catch up with your dad?" Qin Xiaobao put the little guy in his arms and rubbed it. "Where are my sister and husband?"
"Sister took her husband to visit her bedroom!" What else will they do in the bedroom? He is too young to understand.
"Go and tell them to come out. Your father has something to talk to Mr." Qin Xiaobao pushed the little guy out of his arms and asked him to run errands.
"good!" At the end of the war, I deserved to turn around and run for a few steps, and suddenly I turned around and said, "Mom, you just said that dad just needs beating. Did you beat him?"
Qin Xiaobao, "Don’t talk nonsense, you little brat. When did I say this?"
This little brat deserves a beating!
Qin Xiaobao swore that she would never stop him again when she tried to punish him in the second war.
See, because this kid is talking nonsense and thinking about it, his face is black again
She just put so much thought into getting back to Zhannian North, but she ignored her again because of a smelly little sentence.
She couldn’t wait to drag the smelly boy back and beat him up, but the little guy had already run to the room to call someone. She had the cheek to look at Zhannian North and giggle. "You are a thoughtful man, commander of the war. Don’t be fooled by smelly boy. He likes talking nonsense. You know."
"Qin Xiaobao, don’t. I don’t know who you are. I warn you, don’t talk to me for 24 hours late today, or I’ll fucking throw you out of the window." I lost my words and went into the room with long legs.
Wait for a while Qin Xiaobao left a fool in the big living room and was messy in the original wind.