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The female ghost who was hanged in pain even turned her eyes. A red tongue was pulled out of her mouth and hung straight down on her chest. It is chihuo’s ghost

Nani, why do you flirt in front of me and get another man who seduces me? I told you to regret it after you died
Section 117
The car smiled, its eyes were cold and biting, and it was full of irony.
Just now, those ghost hands who tried to pull Guten desperately tried to pull the thin thread of the neck, but instead they pulled it tighter and tighter. What’s the so-called ghost surgery department failure? It’s like a dead fish like a chopping block.
The car laughed suddenly, causing the ghosts behind the coffin to be in an uproar, and everyone was eager to move. I don’t know if I want to escape or tear up the car and smile.
The vicious man stared at the car and smiled. His big hand pointed to Jiang Aitong in the back and said, "Put him in the coffin first and then solve the latter two."
Push, push, push, push, push, push, push, push, push, push, push, push, push, push, push, push, push, push, push.
Come on, come on fiercely, grandpa. My hands and feet are itchy now. Since I came with Guteng, he has rarely moved his fists and felt that his hands and feet are going to be moldy.
Therefore, comrade Jiang Aitong, who is in high spirits, is very excited at the moment, looking at the fierce and rushing to four big men, and then wearing camouflage long legs with thunder, he kicked out and castrated-
Huh? How to put your feet through each other’s chest?
Kick through the chest? Why am I so powerful? Why don’t I look like it?
Hurry up and recover the meat feet, and then swing bravely with one punch-
Huh? ! Why did you put your hand through that man’s heart?
Why don’t you feel anything Nothing? So easy?
Finally, I quickly grabbed the saber from the military boots and cut it with my hand-
Shit, what does it look like? ! I can’t wipe it wrong. It’s just splitting air!
Jiang Aitong’s camouflage backbone wait for a while blew out a thick cold sweat.
So on how good Jiang Aitong was, he fought with four big men who were not human beings, and one of them was caught by four big men’s ghosts and carried heroically to the first coffin.
Facing being carried, Jiang Aitong finally saw the car smiling hanging in the half-ghost, as well as his proud car smiling and his captain as a rock.
Jiang Aitong gave a cry. This mysterious Xiao Ni really didn’t cover what she said just now. She knew that these things were not normal people. She thought she was talking nonsense … ahhh, I don’t want to sleep in a coffin.
Laughing classmate, don’t forget your instructor when you have my captain …
Jiang Aitong looked at the red lacquer coffin pit and got goose bumps. He found that he had never missed a girl so much that he longed for her to take one last look at himself before entering the coffin.
Even if you give your captain a good beating, it’s worth it
The limbs were strangled by four GREAT GHOST Hans. Jiang Aitong desperately looked at the car that was torturing the female ghost and smiled, but his heart shouted "Captain!"
Before entering the coffin, the sound was particularly loud. Finally, Gu Teng’s attention was focused on the car and his eyes were successfully led over.
Long and thin, with sharp black eyes, looking at the capable person carried by the ghost is calm but calm, but with less comfort, be calm.
Sure enough, the white jade hand lifted four golden thin lines sharply and straight toward four tall ghosts.
The man on the side has already prepared for it. His fingers are like claws, and he wants to cut off the four spiritual lines halfway-
Sit firmly in the car and laugh, but ignore it. Instead, there is a hint of ridicule floating around the corner of your mouth, and then a slight flick of your finger adds some special fuel to the golden thread.
I dare not touch the monster of tens of thousands of years in the magical days of the spirit line, even you, the ghost of two thousand years? !
Not surprisingly, when those thin lines like dead wood and ghost claws touch each other, they squeak instantly! A burst of white smoke rises! With a piercing and sharp ghost scream!
Seeing the man’s ghost claws split in two, if he struggled to endure the pain and worked hard to be cut off, the ten ghost fingers were regenerated and grew back.
Soon, the same four sharp screams also sounded golden thin lines, which rolled up the four ghost big fellow thick ghost arms in Jiang Aitong’s glaring, and the four ghost arms immediately turned into smoke.
Picking up the freedom again, Jiang Aitong finally made himself a superb collar and was able to deal with normal bodies, and these souls were as energetic as his captain.
So he jumped a few steps and became a quiet guard seriously beside Guteng.
"Smelly girl, who are you?" There are two and a half ghost palms. The man stared at the big stone car with a ferocious face and smiled.
And that young girl who is only in her teens is naked and sees him giving orders to her habits. She is so painful that she is so angry that her eyes are full of ghosts-
The car smiled, the flaxen little head turned, and two pale blue eyes stared at Guteng excitedly. "Uncle, why don’t you look at my actual knife method later?"
"Knife method?" Guteng is dull as a pool, and her eyes are black, and she is spoiled with doubts. When did this little girl learn to use saber?
"Uncle, I’ll take you to teach me stick as a knife. Uncle, look good."
"Good …" Gu Teng, an expert in various techniques of body knife and stick, heard for the first time that stick is equal to knife and knife is stick, which is really a surprise.
The car smiled and pinched off the thin thread of the female ghost hanging in the hand, and the concave and convex ghost body hung half in the wind.
Give me another bad look, and I’ll deal with you later, you ghost mistress.
Then slim camouflage body in guteng thick doting eyes and bang man vicious hatred ghost eyes gently jumped up and took a few steps across the stone in front of the three lipstick paint coffin graceful.
"Do you want to know who I am?" The crisp and sweet sound is full of fantastic taste. The car smiled and gently lifted up its little face. The pale blue eyes looked at the two men who had no half-palms, and then looked at the back of the coffin covered in linen. The expression of the ghosts was mysterious.
"Say it, and we will let you die a little easier." After wandering in the valley for two thousand years, the man’s vicious and cold eyes braved two burning and prosperous anger.