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Tao Mo looks very ordinary in her clothes, but Chu Ruojun looks like a princess coming out of a castle. personal tailor is dressed in beautiful clothes, noble and elegant, and she is kind and kind. Contrast between Cinderella and the noble princess.

From the exhibition side, it was still early when I looked at Tao Mo. Although there was no money in my hand, Tao Mo still planned to stroll around the public market again to see if I could pick up some leaks.
Wandering around the ordinary stalls at random, there are indeed a lot of fake drugs here, but Tao Mo is too young to look like a drug buyer, and no one calls Tao Mo, who also ends up walking quietly and slowly.
A man dressed in a black cotton-padded jacket followed Tao Mo slowly, with his head slightly lowered and his eyes furtively flowing. It seemed that he was also looking at the Chinese herbal medicines spread around, but he was not anxious or slow to follow Tao Mo.
Do you look rich? I was remembered by the thief, Tao Moyu blinked, and then I came for nothing. Because the public market was completely released to the outside world, many ordinary people came, especially at home. There are patients who need to take Chinese medicine all the year round. It is 20% to 30% cheaper to buy medicine on the public market with prescriptions than in pharmacies.
Tao Mo doesn’t look like a buyer, but she looks like an ordinary person who comes to buy medicine for her family, so she must have brought a lot of money with her, which is why the thief stared at her.
After shopping for almost half an hour, Tao Moxian felt that he was staring at himself behind him, and the thief asked for help. Tao Mo went to a remote corner and made a mobile phone meeting for the thief.
The thief kept getting closer to Tao Mo and passed by for a moment, holding a sharp blade in his right hand and paddling towards the shoulder bag behind Tao Mo.
"ah!" Tao Mo hasn’t come yet, but he just reached out to the thief behind him. He screamed and held his right hand, crying and dripping with blood from his fingers. The sharp blade also fell to the ground at the moment. It was the blade that made the thief’s finger cut a few mouths.
Uncle!’ Tao Mo looked at the thief’s right hand, Liu Jiuzheng, with consternation, but did not expect to meet him here.
Cold facial paralysis face is still expressionless. Uncle Tao Mo blurted out that he called Liu Jiuzheng, and he was used to black eyes coldly looking at the crying thief.
"I …" Shocked by Liu Jiuzheng’s rage, the thief shivered and didn’t say a word, holding his bloody right hand and whew and ran away into the crowd. Of course, this is also Tao Mo and Liu Jiuzheng who are too lazy to pursue it, otherwise there is no chance for him to escape.
Is this facial paralysis uncle also coming for the medicinal materials? Tao Mo smiled and looked at Liu Jiuzheng, who was out of place with the surrounding environment. "Uncle, thank you."
The word "no" sounded short and deep, and Liu Jiuzheng’s brow was hard to hide. It was precisely because he was looking for someone that he never found it and thought of the previous call that Liu Jiuzheng was in a very bad mood.
And this thief is unlucky. He was just caught by Liu Jiuzheng, especially if he wanted someone or Tao Mo. Although he knew that Tao Mo could deal with Liu Jiuzheng, he still hit the thief’s wrist with a palm.
The strength is not more than 10%, but it is enough to make the thief’s wrist swell for half a month, especially if the thief is unlucky and his finger is scratched by his own blade. It is estimated that he will not recover in a month.
☆ Chapter 4 Eating together
I used to be attached to Tao Mo, who had a high perception of people’s emotions. Even though Lu Jiuzheng was still a cold and indifferent facial paralysis face, Tao Mo could feel that he was in a low mood and hesitated for a cut. "What can I do for you? Maybe I can help? "
When’ tis once spoken, Tao Mo felt a little regretful. For one thing, she was not the original owner, but she knew some memories of Baiquan County, and the original owner knew very few people. For another, no matter how you look at Uncle Facial Paralysis, he can do things better than himself, and Tao Mo is even more hopeless.
Because of Lu Jiuzheng’s identity or his own being too powerful, this is the first time someone asked him if he needed help, which made Lu Jiuzheng look at Tao Mo’s eyes, which were as clear as water and as pure and black as Chen Ken’s obsidian, reflecting his face "No"
Perhaps it is also because Lu Jiuzheng is the youngest in the second generation of Lujia that he came to Lu Jiuzheng in his fifties. He and Lujia’s eldest brother were completely different in their twenties. Since Lu Jiuzheng was independent and self-reliant from childhood, he has been forged, and his sex has become even colder.
Knowing that it would be like this, Tao Mo didn’t care if she planned to go first. After all, she and Uncle Facial Paralysis only met a few times, but it was already seen that Liu Jiuzheng was unhappy and turned around and left, which always felt a little unkind, especially when the other party helped herself again and again.
Hesitated Tao Mo secretly glanced at Liu Jiuzheng in front of his face. He didn’t intend to go or talk about meaning, which made Tao Mo frowned and really didn’t know how to get along with Liu Jiuzheng.
She seldom talks when she is in a hurry. When she is out of spirits, she is on high alert. When the whole person is relaxed, she prefers to stay alone and see a doctor to relieve her nervousness. When facing those Taoists, Tao Moji ignores touching her bottom line, and Tao Mo fights back relentlessly.
However, in the face of less words than her own, her face is paralyzed and her face is unfamiliar. Liu Jiuzheng’s head hurts. She can be sure that no matter what she says, it will be cold!
"Why don’t I invite you to dinner?" Taomo’s eyes were wide open, and he smiled and tried to make his expression look sincere. No matter how hard he was on the farm that time, he always had to pay back the favor, and it was really awkward to show people as gorillas here.
Liu Jiuzheng glanced at his smile and flattered Tao Mo. For the first time, he found that someone could make flattering expressions so sincere and not let himself dislike them. Although those people in Beijing tried their best to be natural and casual every time they talked with Liu Jiuzheng, their eyes were full of calculations, although they concealed themselves well.
Make sure that I can’t find someone I’m looking for here on the public plate of medicinal materials. Liu Jiuzheng nodded indifferently and took the lead.
The second generation, the most powerful young generation in the whole capital, and Liu Jiuzheng "met" those women, not only lowering their posture, but those who deliberately flatter and please falsehood bored Liu Jiuzheng.
But Tao Mo’s round eyes and flattering smile are much more pleasing to the eye, like holding food to please human squirrels, but that’s too clear and thin-faced, which makes Liu Jiuzheng dislike being too thin and look like malnutrition.
Small footman with legs behind Liu Jiuzheng Tao Monai beat his head. It’s not his own creditor. Why does he always have a guilty attitude and please the other side?
I glanced at Lu Jiuzheng’s tall, straight back and long legs. Every step seems to be a good measurement. Step by step, it is decisive and firm. It is really that the other party’s gas field is too strong! In particular, there is a face that is as tough as an old square. It seems that you are wrong about what you say, and then your posture is low.
Because of the medicinal materials, the business around, especially the hotel business, is on fire. Tao Mo followed Liu Jiuzheng and looked up and saw Liu Jiuzheng go straight to the listed four-star hotel. Tao Mo silly wait for a while stared straight in the eyes.
Found that there was no movement followed by Tao Mo. On the steps, Liu Jiuzheng looked back, but saw Tao Mo with a face of stay, wait for a while expression, Dengyuan eyes and a face of nai and distress.
My poor bank card! Yu guang glanced at the crowded fast food snack shop not far away and then looked at the powerful gas field and indifferent look. Lu Jiuzheng was out of place!
Tao Mo accepted her fate and walked up the steps, facing her face. Lu Jiuzheng smiled awkwardly. "Let’s go!"
Four-star hotel is the best hotel in Baiquan County, which is the best in terms of hotel facilities and dishes. Tao Mo and Liu Jiuzheng immediately greeted them with smiles as soon as they entered the door. "Would you like a meal for two? There are fresh Yangtze swordfish today. "
I don’t expect Lu Jiuzheng to answer Tao Mo, who has a small attendant, to answer with a smile, "Well, just the two of us look at the menu before ordering."
The deck here is decorated elegantly with wooden ornamental screens as partitions. The windowsill is a row of green potted plants. In full of green’s table, there is a narrow-mouthed vase, and a blue-and-white porcelain tea set with roses is obliquely inserted. The faint smell of tea lingers on it.
The host Tao Mo, who is about to lose money, handed the menu in his hand to Lu Jiuzheng, who was drinking tea with a teacup. Anyway, he has been suffering from rebirth to the original owner, and he has no money to make trouble. Today is just a meat!
Liu Jiuzheng didn’t refuse to order a member to recommend the Yangtze saury to order a wild mushroom soup, and then ordered two meats, two vegetables and four dishes, and then handed the menu to Tao Mo.
"Enough to eat" dreary exercise glanced at the menu, and the price was stiff. He handed the menu to a bystander, Tao Mo, and glanced at it with a cold look. Liu Jiuzheng was heartbroken and bleeding! Two catties of Yangtze river swordfish costs more than 5 thousand yuan, which is even more cruel than killing people!
I haven’t arrived at dinner yet, and it’s just Tao Mo, a table of guests. The kitchen side is also worried that this saury can’t be sold. After all, it’s bought more than 2,000 kilograms and sold to a small place like 5,000 Baiquan County, which is so willing to eat people rarely.
Fortunately, the medicinal materials that have been stained with it have been sold out. I bought two pounds of saury yesterday, otherwise thousands of dollars will be wasted when the fish dies.
Lu Jiuzheng clearly felt Tao Mo’s strange tangled expression, and his facial paralysis flashed a bit surprised. He first found someone’s expression so rich, especially when he looked at Tao Mo’s face, which made him feel naturally indifferent. Lu Jiuzheng somehow felt a little happy and even his heart was depressed.
It’s really an honor to entertain uncle facial paralysis! Dare to be angry and dare not speak? Tao Mo is unwilling to take a glance. Liu Jiuzheng took a bad sip of tea and ate more than 6,000 pieces in a meal. If you really want to overthrow the local tyrants and evil gentry!
☆, Chapter 49 Conflict again
Section 17
"Cousin, Miss Chu, please, this is the best restaurant in Baiquan County. The chef’s cooking is not bad. Today, there is the freshest Yangtze saury. This fish is particularly delicious. Today, it is just right for the two of you to taste it." Qian Siming swept away the official second generation and lowered his attitude and greeted Wei Zhonglin and Chu Ruojun with a smile.
"Two please" Dynasty and Qian Siming are quite good, and they also play together on weekdays. At this time, they also raise their smiles and greet the two people to lead the way into the hotel.
Wei Zhonglin and Qian Siming are cousins. Qian Furen’s maiden is the birth of the Wei family in Tanjiang City. However, it is definitely a big boost for the dynasty to really value the capital, Chu Ruojun, if he can build a relationship with the Chu family.
The hotel manager knew that Qian Siming and Wang Chao were going to entertain the distinguished guests and personally arranged the most luxurious box. It was also before the Qing Dynasty this year that Mao Jian was afraid of accidentally offending four distinguished guests.
"Chef saury has already done it" and heard the manager tell the clerk to run over and answer in a low voice.
"Well, remember to treat these well today, but our ancestors can’t make any mistakes!" The manager wiped his forehead and felt a little relieved.
half an hour later
"What did you say? Swordfish didn’t send it to Qian Shao and Wang Shao? " The manager was dumbfounded directly, so be careful, but he still made a mistake!
The manager stamped his feet in a hurry and stared angrily at the head member. "How do you ask questions! Swordfish is not going to change the main course today! "
"The manager is short of money, and before they come, the swordfish has been ordered by other guests, and we have made a difference." The clerk also looks bitter and so expensive, and ordinary swordfish can’t order it.
When I went to the kitchen to ask, the kitchen was indeed cooking, but this swordfish root was not the order of the dynasty. As soon as it was ready, it was sent to the guests at the order table. Only then did I know that it had made a big oolong.
"What? Did anyone else order saury? " Before the manager’s eyes widened, he was worried that the swordfish was dead. As a result, both tables were ordered now, but it happened that two kilograms of swordfish was enough for one table. At the thought of Qian Siming’s temper, the manager wished that he could not run over himself.
"No matter how to compensate the guests who exchanged the swordfish for the table first!" The manager hurriedly grabbed the clerk and strode towards the lobby. No matter how little money there is, you must not offend here, otherwise the hotel will not be in Baiquan.
No matter how delicious these more than 5,000 swordfish are, although they haven’t been tasted yet, Tao Mo has smelled the scent of swordfish, and the tender white fish adorns this green chopped green onion, which is simple and steamed, but the thick fish flavor has come to the nose, and the greedy insects in Tao Mo’s stomach are screaming.
"These are two swordfish, please …" The two words haven’t been said yet. Suddenly, I came to the lobby, drumming with eager steps and looking back at the tray clerk in surprise, only to see that the manager led another clerk to rush towards himself.
"Bring the fish back!" The manager screamed and saw that there was still a complete plate of swordfish on the plate, which completely gave a sigh of relief. "Fortunately, I didn’t eat it!"
Tao Mo lifted the chopsticks again and looked puzzled. "What’s the matter?"