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Her family, Mr. Qin, has sat beside her, and those women still look at her. Does he want to fight?

Jane wished she could have magic, so that she could conjure up a barrier and hide her where Mr. Qin could see her. Others should not want Xiang Xiao.
But she has no magic and can’t fight with others, so Mr. Qin is seen by others.
Fortunately, in her eyes, Mr. Qin could see her as if she were the only woman left in the world.
"Does Mrs. Qin want to drink milk by pouting like Xiao Ran?" Looking at Jane’s bulging appearance, Qin Yue felt so funny that she couldn’t help wanting Doby.
Jane gave him a blank look and said, "I want to drink milk. Do you have it?"
As soon as Jane said this, she immediately saw Qin Yue’s eyes sweeping her chest. The eyes were evil and dirty.
Section 19
Jane can put her hand on her chest and growl, "Qin Yue, if you look around again, I’ll beat you up."
President Gao Lengqin, come back quickly. She doesn’t want this shameless man in front of her.
Qin Yue laughed in a low voice. "Silly girl, when others look at your husband, it proves that your husband is not bad, that is to say, if you have a good eye, you should be happy to be angry and become ugly."
Jane said, "No matter how ugly I become, it’s also Qin Leran’s mother. If you dare to abandon me, we won’t want you."
"Jane, what did I tell you two days ago?" Qin Yue face a heavy cold way "talk again I hit you".
"Are you willing?" Jianran trail
In fact, she is also talking about playing with her. Why don’t you want him? If she doesn’t have him, will there be sunshine in her life?
Certainly not.
Qin Yue originally wanted to book here, but mainly wanted to bring Jane to feel the dating state of an ordinary couple without booking.
I didn’t expect this little woman to be a jealous woman. If other women look at him more, her jealous woman will knock over that sour one.
Qin Yue sighed, "Little fool, let’s go shopping after eating."
Jane put the food in Qin Yue’s bowl and said, "You haven’t recovered yet. Eat more."
"I really want to be sick all the time." I can enjoy her when I am sick all the time, and I can play tricks with her occasionally. It’s good temper.
"I’ll beat you if you talk nonsense again." Why is this man so stupid?
"Are you willing?" He she talked to ask her.
"I’m willing to part with it", but it hurts in his body and hurts in her heart if I hit him. What’s the reluctance?
After eating a meal in a bickering between two people, I didn’t realize that ordinary couples are dating romantically. Qin Yue is going to doubt life.
But he didn’t want to end his time together and drag himself along the mangrove bend by the sea.
Qin Yue took Jane’s hand and leaned against Qin Yue like Jane innocent girl. It finally felt like a couple walking together.
Walking through a long tree-lined path, the sight suddenly becomes clear, and you can hear the waves and see the nearby sea view because of the light.
Qin Yueding caressed Jane’s forehead judo "Jane, do you remember that we walked this road together?"
Jane nodded
Of course she remembers, but at that time, she took an excuse to walk to avoid him, but I didn’t know that this man was not available at all
However, it was because he didn’t know the inside story that the husband and wife took a walk after dinner for the first time.
They walked through Qin Yue together this way, remembering Jane and her wish to build a sea paradise in that bay.
Looking up at this, I think that the bay of the nature reserve has set up various frames, which should be under construction.
"Qin Yue Na Pianhai Bay is not a nature reserve? Why is it under construction? Did the construction unit get the government approval? "
The place where I dreamed of building a sea paradise was made by others, and I felt that my heart was cut off by meat.
Qin Yue said, "Well, I don’t know about this either."
Jane, if you are more careful, you will find a smile that passed in Qin Yue’s eyes, but she is impatient and missed it at the moment.
"How can the government do this? Say yes, can the protected area be sent? " In Jane’s heart, if this bay stays here, she can still have a thought, and her dream will be shattered.
Qin Yue hugged her and was very excited. She simply comforted, "Little fool, just send it. Maybe something unexpected will happen."
"I’m not Xiao Ran, but don’t kid me." This man is not her and certainly can’t understand her feelings.
"However, today you promised to accompany me to dinner and walk with me, but do you know that you have been ruining the atmosphere?" This woman is not romantic enough to abandon her and find someone smarter and more beautiful than her.
"Who told you to piss me off?"
"I … okay, okay, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have made you angry."
It’s natural to simply say, "It’s good that you know you’re wrong."
Qin Yue "…"
Sure enough, don’t reason with a creature like a woman. You never know what’s going on in her head.
No matter whether you have done something wrong or not, you should remember one principle, and admit your mistakes to them, so everything will be easy.
Qin Yue is preparing to lead Jane home and accidentally received a call from Zhannian North. I don’t know what Zhannian North said, but Jane saw Qin Yue’s face suddenly changed.
He said, "Jane, I will take you home first, and then I will go to Jiangbei Military Region."
Chapter 343 Whether I kiss my grandfather or not