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It turns out that the first thing that appeared in front of the three people was-

A waterfall nearly 1,000 meters high is like a white waterfall falling from the sky with a little silver light. The pen divides the high and steep stone wall into two halves, which is pleasant to listen to.
Waterfalls, like fog clouds, disperse around in the direct sunlight, shining with dazzling colorful light, which is beautiful.
Section 123
Flowing from a kilometer, the water forms a small deep pool on the surface. The pool water is clear, pure and clear, and you can see the beautiful pebbles of different sizes at the bottom of the pool and all kinds of beautiful fish that can’t be named.
Then that wat that overflowed the deep pool slowly formed a thin stream of tens of meters, stick to the stone wall, and flowed into a gap less than half a meter wide.
This is a small valley with less than 100 square meters in Fiona Fang.
Surrounded by a steep cliff road into the clouds.
Of course, except for the 11-meter-high tunnel where the exit is easy to get to and difficult to get to.
It turns out that the tunnel that has been sliding for a long time is the only way to get here straight through the hillside.
The whole small valley is covered with soft green grass and flowers except the small deep pool and stream, Yuan Ye.
All kinds of colors and shapes are beautiful, but the car smiles and can’t name it. The little flower is like a small, slim beauty swaying in the grass. Everything is really cute to the extreme.
Surrounded by flowers, the fragrance of Fangfang grass makes the car smile and relax a lot.
She opened her mouth deeply like a cherry blossom petal, took a few breaths, and then twisted her little flaxen head-
"Uncle, this small valley is so beautiful. It’s a good place to be hidden from the world. Well, it’s not bad for us to come here for our honeymoon after that." White hands touched their fresh and beautiful faces and raised an evil smile.
"Good" LengQiao handsome face slightly low with intoxicating resolute smile tone is different.
On the side, Jiang Aitong suddenly felt handsome and handsome, and he was an unnecessary one at the moment.
Che smiled, and a pair of blue eyes shining with light sapphire were carefully watching everything in the valley. Suddenly, not far from the left, their eyes stopped at the stone wall more than 20 meters above the ground, and their eyes were full of excitement and dazzling expression-
I saw the smooth stone wall, but a flat big stone stood out horizontally. The big stone stubbornly grew a plant with two meters high branches and luxuriant leaves, full of flowers like roses, but it looked thousands of times better than roses.
Because the same flower comes out with different colors, pink, brilliant red, purple, orange, white, yellow and blue all in one, which is very magical and beautiful.
Laughing straight at the car, the eyes were full of surprises, and there was no way to make it so beautiful and colorful by artificial grafting, which attracted her to love flowers.
"Hey, uncle, look, there is a flower on the stone wall. Wow, it’s so beautiful, uncle. I’ll go and see what it looks like."
The words sound just fell and don’t wait for Guten’s response to reply. I agree with my mind. The slim camouflage body has suddenly gone with the wind and risen to more than 20 meters and a half, drifting towards colorful roses-
"Be careful" two deep and powerful voices with a strong heart chased from behind.
Some people have forgotten flowers, but they have drifted to the side of the big stone, but the whole person froze and bent down to pick up a camouflage hat from the big stone, and even the flowers were not appreciated. The slim camouflage figure flashed-
Instantly back to Guteng’s side, I handed the camouflage in my hand and pointed to the face, "Uncle Dashi has a hole."
Guteng gently took the hat and the eagle’s eyes flashed a cold light and then became dark.
"They should be in there. Let’s go and see my girl. You go and wait for me at the mouth of the cave with Jiang’s guard horse."
"Uh-huh" car smiling figure is instantaneous back to the mouth of the cave beside ling and stand.
"Go" Guteng grabbed Jiang Aitong’s arm and jumped effortlessly. In a second, several ups and downs have stepped on the stone wall, and after blinking, the tall body is not surprisingly firmly in the wide stone with an area of four square meters.
Have no reaction to come over Jiang Aitong glaring at the moment when his captain skill so much?
At the top of the slope, he felt incredible when he saw that the captain didn’t climb a seven-meter tree without help.
Now the captain of Shibi, who is more than 20 meters high, has stepped on the wall with a weight of 140 Jin, which is even more surprising.
Is it that this mysterious Xiao Ni smiled and gave her captain a martial arts secret? Is there that kind of flying skill posture in the snow?
"Let’s go to Jiang Aitong and take out the saber behind the house." Guten stretched out his hand and grabbed the car, smiled and pulled her back to the stone with a small hand, then bent down and pulled out a cold light shining saber in the black military boots with another big hand, leading towards the dark hole that is not dark-
I guessed the secret. Jiang Aitong finally had an epiphany on his face. He also quickly pulled out the saber and followed the car behind him.
Inside the mouth of the cave is a small stone step with a width of more than one meter, which keeps extending towards the inside and towards the surface.
Three people gently moving steps carefully step by step toward the front.
Guteng took the saber with a serious and cold face and observed it with great vigilance. He listened attentively to the movement of the caves and a pair of black military boots.
Behind the house, Jiang Ai’s children are also very thick military boots, and so are the ground nerves, and they follow behind them verbatim.
And the car smile is the easiest one. He doesn’t lead the way to find the way or the guard behind the house. Hugh has his hands on the waist, and he is unhurriedly holding two people like a ghost.
Along the way, there are no obstacles and no dangers. It is getting darker and darker, but you can still see the stone steps.
After walking for about five minutes, the stone steps reached the end, which was a 90-degree turn, and the forward view was completely blocked.