21, Jun 2024
"What’s your name?" Yin Fan froze and froze.

"lucky chance Pavilion is popular. I gave him a gift when he came back from the army. Considering that he still needs to experience the real estate license, I didn’t write the popular name. Strictly speaking, you really can’t make decisions about some arrangements here so casually!"
"Are you going to ask me out?" Yin Fan didn’t bow her head. Her bones were always arrogant.
"You’re a popular wife, so you have to wait here for him to come back. I don’t think it’s good for others to live here!" Yuan Jiu finished putting the perfume on the coffee table. "You should know that Adrian, right? He said he looked for you before!"
Yin Fan’s face turned white as soon as he brushed it. Just now, the magnificent momentum disappeared.
Yuan Jiu ignored Yin Fan’s reaction as if she didn’t see the same thing. She wanted this torture effect with a shallow smile and continued, "He said that he had developed a perfume based on your body fragrance and wanted to promote it in society with us. What do you think?"
"I have never managed the company’s affairs. This kind of thing is naturally up to you!" Yin Fan tried to control himself and didn’t want Yuan Jiu to see anything wrong.
"I think this kind of thing is meaningless and popular, so overbearing people certainly don’t want everyone to have the same taste as you!" Yuan Jiu has already harvested the fruits of his victory in his heart. "I feel strange. How can you say that Yin Fan is so interested in your spied? I heard that Adrian was also implanted with spices by embedding thread. Do you think this is a bit abnormal? "
"Everyone has some strange preferences. I think this has nothing to do with perverts!" Yin Fanzhen had a feeling of being on pins and needles, but his face had to be forced to smile.
"It’s a pity that I don’t know if she took your fragrance to see the king of Yan. Can the king of Yan love it more? Will she not be willing to let her be reborn!" Yuan Jiu felt Yin Fan’s strong forbearance and became even more reckless.
"I don’t think that Yin Fan is saving an oil lamp to look at Adrian. It is estimated that both of them are not clean. It’s really out of breath to think that Yin’s family is ashamed and her daughter died in a nightclub!"
"When did Mom become so divinatory?" Yin Fan tried to hide her teeth and really wanted to tear Yuan Jiu’s mouth off. It’s disgusting! But the big diamond ring in her hand is awake, and she must endure it. Her identity is hard to get now.
"It’s not that the hexagrams are all acquaintances with more feelings!" Yuan Jiu didn’t smile with anger, but she was a little more gratified. "Thanks to Yin Hang’s sensible things, he found a virtuous and capable daughter-in-law. I think it’s a good thing for Yin’s family to lose a failed daughter and multiple capable daughters-in-law!"
"Mom, I’m tired and want to rest, so I won’t chat with you!" Yin Fan then got up and walked to the floor, regardless of Yuan Jiu’s attitude.
She really can’t help it. She’s afraid that if she listens again, she’ll really rush into the kitchen and take out a knife. Then all her persistence, forbearance and suffering are meaningless. She must never let this happen. She must wait for Lu Fengxing to come back!
Yuan Jiu smiled slightly and didn’t stop looking at the woman’s back when she went upstairs. She can already imagine that her heart is crazy. This is what she wants to achieve. She will often take a photo of her daughter-in-law like this in the next day.
In the operating room of the hospital, Shen Li has been anesthetized, and the amniotic fluid broke due to an accidental collision. The hospital decided to perform laparotomy on Shen Li to ensure the safety of the child.
The original ink and wash can greet the baby with her, and the original efforts can really touch the sky and give her a miracle. I didn’t expect that the ink and wash is still unconscious, and there is no sign of waking up. That makes her overjoyed and manual work is just a nervous twitch.
Shen Li closed her eyes and felt that she was kicked into hell at the gate of heaven. It was really a blow. Hope and disappointment turned out to be so sad when she was so careless.
"Now I’m going to take your baby. It’s estimated that there will be some discomfort and I have to bear it!" Next to the anesthesiologist, Shen Li realized that she was welcoming her and the new life of ink painting must take this responsibility.
Who said caesarean section didn’t hurt? Shen Li now thinks this statement is very embarrassing! With the doctor’s hand pulling her abdomen, she couldn’t help humming.
"Just bear it for a while. Hold on!" Next to the anesthesiologist as if very patient to continue to comfort.
Shen Liduo hopes that these words can be ink telling her that he will be willing to comfort and encourage her like this? Will he like this child that belongs to him and her?
"Quack quack-"
The woman’s brain is still involuntarily thinking about the operating room, and a child cries like Hong Zhong. It’s a healthy baby boy!
"Come and show it to mom!" The doctor held the child to Shen Li.
"At 11: 26 on July 20th!" The nurse reported the exact birth time of the child.
Shen Li’s happy tears flowed into a river, and she and the ink painting child finally arrived safely!
Mo, did you hear the child crying? Is he great? You will be proud of him, too, won’t you? From today on, my son and I can stay with you together. He will cry and laugh at you every day. You will like him very much!
Shen Li believes that he and his children will be able to awaken ink and wash!
The last day of July is an ancient festival in China-Chinese Valentine’s Day! Many people refer to this festival as Valentine’s Day in China.
In order to create opportunities for Lu Fengxing and make his love sweeter, Wen Zezong had already taken Jin Yuying to Hawaii and decided to spend the last month of the summer there.
"Why are you coming to pick me up?" Shadow walked out of the company and found that the car was actually popular in Lu.
"Should we celebrate the removal of the splint?" Lu Fengxing’s posture of leaning against the car door is very charming, and his lip angle has a nice radian.
"Speak, how do you want to celebrate! Anyway, I gave it to you when I picked it up! " The shadow went straight to the car around the man, and she was both attached to and afraid of this man
Attachment is a real feeling in my heart, and fear is because of each other’s identity. After all, they all have families and some games can’t afford to play!
"Want to know what it was like when you got married?" The man rode in a mysterious car and asked 1
"Huh?" Shadow is both strange to himself at that time and strange to men for questioning.
"This is a gift for you. If you are diligent and smart enough, you will soon see yourself!" Lu Fengxing took out a square box from behind and flashed a sly light in his eyes.
Shadow curiosity has been hooked up, and I can’t wait to see the horse.
"It’s best not to play now, otherwise it’s easy to lose a piece, which will affect the effect then!" The man’s smug voice floated up again.
"Lu Fengxing, do you mean it!" The shadow is not happy. "If you can’t call now, why do you want to give it to me now? It’s not torturing my nerves!"
"Do you have such a restless time?" Lu popular a wry smile poking fun at.
"It is a sin to provoke pregnant women to be angry. Be careful, God will punish you!" The shadow crossed his chest like a crow mouth.
Looking at the little woman’s nun-like behavior, the black line hung from her forehead!
Ya, if she really becomes a nun, how can he live! That’s god’s greatest punishment!
"Are you still angry when I give you a gift?" Landwind packed up grievances.
I can’t be proud anymore. It’s scary for a little woman to be tough. It’s better to pretend to be pitiful and sympathetic
Men’s words make women feel guilty. "I should prepare a gift for you when you officially recover today. Let me treat you for dinner today!" "
"Deal!" Lu Fengxing’s lip angle evokes the radian of success
The romantic and elegant restaurant is very quiet. It seems that they put a root alone and didn’t see other guests.
"Lu Fengxing, don’t tell me that your arrangement is a charter!" Shadow really hates tooth itch. If it isn’t digging a hole for her, jump!
"Why are you still afraid that you can’t afford it? Here is a credit card! " Lu Fengxing responded unexpectedly that he now loves bickering with women, which is really pleasant.
To put it bluntly, if a man is a bitch, he will feel uncomfortable and want to hit the wall if he is not scolded by a woman.
"You are crazy!" Shadow really met a thief. "My money is to raise a child, not to eat, drink and be smart with you!" "
"Well, today is a special festival. I didn’t think of asking you to treat me. Just remember to owe me a meal!" After Lu Fengxing took the woman’s hand and was scolded, his heart was really much more comfortable.
Lu Fengxing found himself hopeless. This generation can be a worthless little man with this woman.
Shadow really wants to ask what special day it is, but at the moment when Lu Fengxing holds her hand, all thoughts are stiff. What kind of deja vu does it feel like at that temperature, that kind of strength, that kind of grip?
Is it that you are infatuated with flowers or is there something really the same?
The shadow tried to recall the messy fragments, shaking intermittently, but there was no way to fix anything.
"What’s the matter? What’s wrong?" Seeing a woman’s face stiff and popular, her heart was suddenly tightened.
"Nothing!" Shadow awkwardly shook his head and took his hand back. "I feel that this feeling is familiar but I can’t remember what is going on."
"Don’t worry, I’ll help you remember!" Lu Fengxing patted the woman on the arm. He didn’t want the woman to put too much pressure on himself or make her feel nervous.
"hmm!" Shadow smiled and followed the man to sit at a specific table. "What day are you going to be so grand today?"
"A day to know what your wedding is like and a day to help you get your memory back is also an appointment day!"
Lu Fengxing didn’t say that today is Valentine’s Day. He knew that young women couldn’t accept bullying now. He even realized that young women had great patience and planned a plan.