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However, the effect of the "new" latent image technique really deserves to be a fusion of the mystery of the time-enduring technique!

Because the "new" latent image technique is impressively cross-country, remember that a person’s spiritual energy breath can instantly shuttle and hide in the other person’s shadow!
You can show up for assassination anytime, anywhere!
Shuttle the distance anytime, anywhere!
What a horrible secret effect is this?
The cross-country was there silently sighing that it was really the fruit of the shadow escape occult technique!
With such a super-S-level shadow escape secret technique, his combat power can be said to have risen several times!
Even the three generations of Huo Ying Nagato controlled Six Payne’s cross-country of the strong peak shadow level, and now it is powerful to shake it. And thinking about that time, I suffered in the hands of Spot Ye. Now I really want Spot Ye to see how strong his "new" latent shadow technique is. Can you kill a BOSS-level figure like Spot Ye in a round of confrontation?
right after
Take a deep breath and cross-country is to understand the mystery of the "new" latent image and communicate silently with the APP. "APP, I want to name the" new "latent image and call it shadow blink!"
"And I need to study new secrets. Please turn on the R&D function."
Communication finished, R&D function started.
At this time, it is very cautious to browse the new shadow escape secret technique that can be developed. Cross-country is to think that the new shadow escape secret technique can be developed earlier so that the effect can be better. Another cross-country is to consider its own lack of means and hope that the new shadow escape secret technique will further enhance its strength.
There is no doubt that if the ordinary shadow escape secret technique is not super-S-class shadow escape secret technique like shadow blink technique, it will already meet the cross-country demand, because the disadvantages of research and development functions have already been exposed, that is, with the development of cross-country power and research and development functions, it has been too long to develop new secret techniques, which has been unable to keep up with the cross-country rhythm.
After considering the cross-country for a long time, I found that the combination of shadow separation and manipulation was vaguely mysterious. I added the combination of shadow separation and manipulation in the R&D function, and in the aspect of completing the APP, I made the cross-country is to cast my mind and feel the spirit and energy of Terumi Mei.
One second
Shadow blink!
Suddenly, people are discussing how to solve the problem of fog-tolerant ninja troops attacking Terumi Mei. It’s just that he is staring at his eyes and suddenly sees a cross-country figure emerge from her shadow.
"Shadow Master, you"
Suddenly saw the cross-country figure emerge and Terumi Mei and others were taken aback.
Especially cross-country in the shadow blink when it was no breath, but also let Terumi Mei and others marvel at the strength of the shadow mage, which proved to be worthy of the name and actually holds the secret of this terrorist assassination.
I don’t know that cross-country shadow blink has just been developed.
It’s just that the APP is wonderful. Now cross-country has mastered the shadow blink perfectly.
Then, watching Terumi Mei and others in the sad fog, the ninja troops came to attack things, and a faint smile was raised at the cross-country corners of the mouth. Terumi Mei and others said, "Is it a blessing, not a curse, or a curse to hide? But since Shui Ying has decided to get rid of you, you must have a tough attitude to escape. Not much to say. If you choose to escape, it is impossible for you to resist Shui Ying’s rule."
"And me."
"I just mastered a new secret technique perfectly just to experiment with a new secret technique effect."
"Let me help you solve the first tough battle you have to face."
"After that, you will be on your own, you know?"
Listening to cross-country talk, I don’t know that even Terumi Mei has an idea of cross-country will.
What is that?
In short, it is leadership temperament!
And when I didn’t give Terumi Mei and others a reply, it was another "whoosh"
Outbreak of body energy cross-country figure suddenly disappeared in front of Terumi Mei and others until Terumi Mei and others found that cross-country has entered the battlefield. Since the future, Shui Ying Terumi Mei’s face has raised a faint smile!
"Interesting Shadow Master is really an interesting person."
"Let’s go and see how the Shadow Master is going to solve the hard battle in front of us!"
Said Terumi Mei is with green and others slowly toward the battlefield.
While going to the battlefield, Terumi Mei narrowed his eyes, and suddenly some information emerged in his mind!
"I don’t know that Master Wenying destroyed a small forbearing village."
"Is it true!"
Chapter 61 The muscles of the shark show off their power
There is no windtight wall in the forbearance world.
Obviously, when the cross-country destroyed Xingren Village, it was already gradually flowing in the forbearance world.
It’s like this. Only a few people can know the secret information. Shui Ying and Terumi Mei will be one of them in the future.
Thinking about cross-country can extinguish even a small forbearing village. At the beginning, it had the horror record of destroying the elite troops of Yunforbearing Village. Terumi Mei sighed deeply and looked at the cross-country with a pair of beautiful eyes that were alone in the face of the ninja troops of Wuforbearing Village. It was filled with a kind of worship color.
Not all the strong in the forbearance world are suitable for group warfare.
Like being able to crush Sanren in Hatake Sakumo in Konoha Village?
If it’s assassination or one-on-one combat, no one in the Three Endurances can be the enemy of Qimu Shuomao. Daddy Kakashi was the first assassin in the Endurance world at that time, but if you put Qimu Shuomao in the Endurance War, he just fought by assassinating the enemy commander, catching the thief and winning the king first.
After all, in the face of so many enemies, Qimu Shuomao wants to solve the enemy’s physical strength and chakra one by one. Not all ninjas are stupid enough to wait for you to kill, but they are weaker than Qimu Shuomao. With the help of three forbearance, they can be psychic. The giant psychic beast is simply a killer in the group war
At this time, Terumi Mei obviously has certain attainments in one-on-one hit.
But in the face of so many ninjas in Wuren village, especially so many elites in Wuren village, they have to endure the siege.