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"Really?" Liu Feiyang finds it hard to believe that her parents don’t want themselves. Will an outsider really stay with her all the time?

"Don’t be paranoid. Aunt will come to see your heart in a few days. You are still a lot of people!" Choi in accordance with the know Liu Feiyang now is the most insecure time.
"Aunt, can you sleep with me? I don’t want to be alone!" Liu Feiyang bowed his head and his mood was always low.
"You go and wash first. I’ve taken it out for you. The new capital is you." Choi put her hands on Liu Feiyang’s shoulders. "I’ll accompany you when you’re finished washing, okay?"
"hmm!" Willow flying obedient into the health.
Li Jing, an angry girl in the university dormitory, gave Wang Ni a mouth and angry little face with tears. "How can you do this to me? I have always regarded you as my best friend. I even introduced my family to you. I came to see you as my family! But what about you? You turned out to be good for me. You even concealed all your intentions. Are you worthy of your friends? "
Wang Ni rubbed her cheeks and looked at Li Jing with cold eyes and tears in her eyes. "I have never regarded you as a friend. You treat me as a friend. That is wishful thinking, and it can be said that it is a low IQ thing. It is not necessary to come to me and yell!"
"Do you have any conscience?" Li Jing looked at this and Wang Ni was really angry to the extreme. "Two lives were ruined by you, and two children were lost at that moment. Don’t you feel a little guilty without your mother? Are you human or not? "
"Shut up!" Wang Ni crazy pointed to the Li Jing nose "what makes you here to tell me what to do? I tell you that everything has nothing to do with me. Don’t throw cold water on me! "
"no?" Li Jing atmosphere dial off Wang Ni finger "not you and Jia Xue agreed to help her find opportunities to total whereabouts? Didn’t you send her a text message? Could today’s tragedy have happened if you hadn’t done it secretly? Will the children lose their mothers? "
Hard slap landed on Li Jing cheek "you are not qualified to run here to teach me! Finally. What? It’s just a little bitch who can seduce men. It’s just pretending to be serious when she catches Kay. I don’t want to have anything to do with such people! "
"Really?" Li Jing rubbed his cheek and glared at Wang Ni angrily. "Then you have to go to her house. What piano teacher do you have to go to her house to be? It’s your father who is jealous of the sky, and you have to say that people behave badly. I really don’t know how you were educated and raised. Your family is equipped with a ruin! "
"You want to die!" Wang Ni went completely crazy and jumped directly, grabbing Li Jing’s hair and ruining it. It was too harsh for her.
"What are you doing?" Li Jing, who was caught by Wang Ni, struggled desperately, and Wang Ni’s hand was caught with blood marks.
"What are you doing? Send you to meet my parents and let them teach you how to be a man! " Wang Ni mercilessly tugged at Li Jing’s hair root and didn’t want to relax. Li Jing has been dragged to the wall by Wang Ni.
Wang Ni frantically grabbed Li Jing’s hair and hit Li Jing’s head against the wall one by one, frantically and violently, and soon bright red liquid dripped down.
"You let me go!"
"Wang Ni, are you crazy? Let me go! "
"It hurts to let me go!"
"Let me go-"
"Help me-"
Li Jing struggled desperately, but no matter what, she could get rid of the pain and become numb. At present, she was completely blurred by bright red. It seemed that she couldn’t see anything. That charming little face was full of bright red blood. Li Jing’s eyes seemed to have no strength to open anymore.
"No, Li Jing!" Ping Li shouted and woke up from a dream. His forehead was full of cold sweat.
"What’s the matter?" Aside, Tang Shu rubbed his eyes and hit the wall lamp. He looked at the woman and was shocked. "Did you have a nightmare?"
"Tang Jingjing had an accident? Wang Ni grabbed her head and hit the wall. It was so red that she left a lot of blood quietly. She was crying for help. She asked us to save her! " Ping Li’s mood is still not calm.
"Wife, you are too nervous!" Tang Shu held Ping Li tightly in her arms. "You forgot that Ang Lee had gone to school to find Wang Ni. Her dormitory people said that Wang Nigen didn’t go back and didn’t see Li Jing to find her. All her dreams were against you. You were just too nervous and quiet. You should be independent. Go out and figure it out and come back!"
"But she didn’t take anything!" Ping Li was in a mess.
"Then say she didn’t want to go too far!" Tang Shu stroked Ping Li’s arm and continued to feel relieved. "Let’s not always think of the bad side. You are not an old hen. Learn to let them go and let them undergo more baptism!"
"Maybe, but I’m still not at ease!" Ping Li frown still didn’t play.
"Ang Lee also said today that it will take 24 hours to report the disappearance. Relax. I also asked many friends to help me find it. Even Lu Shao participated, there will definitely be quiet news. Don’t stretch your strings too tightly!" Tang Shu raised his hand and gently stretched Ping Li’s brow. "It’s easy to wrinkle like this. You’re not a young girl. You should pay attention to it!"
The man tried his best to coax the reconciliation and finally made the woman laugh. "Are you looking for those beautiful young girls?"
"Too tender and tasteless!" Tang Shu made a face. "I prefer this, you know!"
"Husband-"Ping Li was relieved to depend on the man’s arms, and he had a good heart. Can she taste it again?
"Don’t think too much, I have to take care of the children during the day!" Tang Shu gently stroked the woman’s back. "No matter what happens, I will stay with you!"
"God, I don’t want to go to your house!" Ping Li is really not in the mood for holidays now.
"Well, then I’ll stay at home with you!" Tang Shu understand Ping Li’s feelings very well.
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