18, Jun 2024
"I hope you can get out of the confusion as soon as possible! "Liu Ziyan paid great attention to etiquette and raised his glass.

"thank you! "Phil lip angle evokes a bit of Leng Yan. She never feels confused.
"Do you know what the old mo will divorce me? "Phil poured Liu Ziyan a cup again.
"I know it’s not because of me! "Liu Ziyan knew that she had learned the situation privately, and it was absolutely impossible to say.
Feier once again raised his glass at Liu Ziyan, feeling that Liu Ziyan usually drinks wine by herself, but she refused to accompany him and drank it.
"I don’t know how to get a bunch of photos of my affair, and there are all kinds of passionate scenes. I’m really speechless and waiting for the most ruling! "Phil face don’t see shame seems to be a pupil didn’t do well in the exam.
"Phil, I think this is what you are wrong! "Liu Ziyan didn’t know that she had had a few drinks, but there was a kind of heat that was true because she didn’t take off her coat in the room. Liu Ziyan took the initiative to untie her trench coat button.
"Marriage needs absolute loyalty. Since you chose to marry Mr. Morant, you should keep this loneliness! “
"My biggest problem now is that he can refuse me many requests for such reasons. I am really passive! "The radian of Phil’s lip angle seems to have become obvious, which makes people uncomfortable.
"Do you think if I can also put a photo of him having an affair with another woman in front of him, do you think I will have the advantage to change my passivity? “
"What do you mean? "Thirsty Liu Ziyan felt something was wrong more and more.
"That old man always walks towards you. I think he still has some feelings for you. Do you think he will be tempted to take action if you take the initiative to flatter him? "Phil know that aphrodisiac powder has happened.
"You are sick! "Liu Ziyan got up and prepared to leave only to find that the body is soft.
"There is no disease depends on the final result! "Phil got up and tore Liu Ziyan’s windbreaker directly, and the delicate V-neck small dress was charming. I have to say that Liu Ziyan belongs to the kind of charm.
"What on earth did you give me to drink? "Liu Ziyan has found himself in a physical problem.
"Ever heard of an aphrodisiac? "Phil hello hand away everything.
"What you have no matter? "Liu Ziyan can’t understand how she has a problem when she pours out two cups of the same bottle of wine.
"Mom level brain is stupid! "Feier threw Liu Ziyan’s windbreaker in the chair." The medicine was not put in the bottle, but in your glass, so you will be so hot now! “
"Madam, Mr. Wang has finished the meeting, and the glass of water has been drunk! "A western man dressed in black came and whispered a few words.
"Phil, what do you want? "Liu Ziyan uncomfortable twist the collar on the sofa was caught a lot by himself.
"I heard that this is Mr. Morant’s lounge. I heard that he would come here to have a rest after the meeting." Phil walked over and zipped Liu Ziyan’s back. "I also heard that he seemed to drink some special water. Do you think you two will have a passionate drama? “
"You bastard! "Liu Ziyan raised my hand and wanted to teach Phil a lesson, but he was severely dumped by Phil!
"Come on, don’t give me any chastity memorial arch. That man still needs some medicine. I hope it can alleviate your long-term hunger and thirst. It’s one of my good deeds! "Know it’s about time Phil gave the assistant a wink and everyone left together.
Morant feels that some inexplicable hot water seems to be thirsty as he drinks it, and there seems to be some desire to ferment in his body.
"Mr. Liu is waiting for you in the room! "Assistant respectfully helped Morant to the door.
"oh? "Morant strange don’t know how Liu Ziyan found here.
"But it seems a little uncomfortable. I have helped her to rest in the bedroom! "Assistant is very cautious to explain.
"I’ll go and see! "Morant took the tie and handed it to the assistant. There is an overload movement in the heart rate. It seems that some passionate pictures have flashed.
Liu Ziyan was dumped on the back of the big bed by a feier, and it was so charming that it showed the whole person whining and rubbing his body on the bed. It was a feeling that I hadn’t felt for a long time that Liu Ziyan was provoked by pain and happiness like a nervous purgatory.
Smooth and white back with a firm light. That’s really not like a woman who is near fifty years old. Morant’s body is instantly stiff and she has no thinking ability.
Why did Liu Ziyan come here?
Why is she lying in her big bed in such a strange way?
How do you zip the back of her?
These problems that should have jumped out at the first time are not exposed at the moment. Morant is nervous and excited. He is close to that piece of rough palm and shivers and sticks it on the woman’s back
Like a long drought, like a drowning man grasping the lifeline, Liu Ziyan gave a pleasant sigh, and the whole body was even more charming and stretched out in front of the man
Section 5
What morality, what shame, what conspiracy, at this moment, I don’t know how to fly to that layer of cloud nine. Liu Ziyan knows that this hand is what she needs to yearn for. She hopes that he can touch it all the time to dye that hot temperature all over her skin.
No words, no communication, the man directly posted the woman’s base hand and touched his chest through the open clothes, rubbing it carefully and pressing it against the man seems to understand the amorous feelings.
Liu Ziyan’s dry heart has been rubbed out of the water, and this thing has long been stepped on her feet. She and he are both advocates of chastity archways.
Men’s lips hold women’s ear beads, sucking, biting and licking all the way, slipping and lingering in women’s sexy collarbone. Always pay more attention to the maintenance of women’s neck, which is smooth without an eyesore. Men’s passion is more intense, and their bodies seem to be more closely attached.
Liu Ziyan was provoked by a man, like stepping on a cloud, and her strength completely collapsed, hoping to get more, more real and more practical. Her red lips were kissed carefully by a man, as if her crazy tongue were going to get into her throat. She madly took over the man’s neck, hoping that that place could also encounter such a overbearing invasion.
Finally, all the shelter was abandoned. She tightened her skin and stuck it on a man’s hot chest. The pleasure of ru blending made the world a better place. Liu Ziyan was modest and her body became full as soon as she got there.
I never knew that people at an old age would have such a strong desire. Two people actually fought a protracted war in bed until both of them exhausted their physical strength before they lazy into their dreams.