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Of course, the second uncle and Cao Fu don’t recognize that Tao Mo made a fake recommendation letter by himself. It is estimated that Tao Mo’s pharmacy certificate was detained and someone was found to dredge it. Maybe this person was too unreliable to get a fake recommendation letter for Tao Mo.

The Taos here only knew the story, but they knew Tao Mo well. Would she be so stupid as to get a fake recommendation letter to the Health Bureau?
However, if this recommendation letter is true, it is too impossible. How old is Tao Mocai and how can he enter the expert group of the Health Bureau? Moreover, the only one recommended by the Provincial Health Department is Cao Jia in the Health Bureau.
"Master Cao doesn’t care whether my recommendation letter is true or false. Why does Cao Shao instruct people to tear up the recommendation letter? Is it that Cao Shao destroyed the evidence for me?" Tao Mo smiled and looked at Cao Fu who had a fight with Cao Changyun in Tang and Song Dynasties. He was out of his mind to help Tao Mo destroy the evidence.
"Don’t you ever think that if this recommendation letter is true, Cao Shaoguo dares to direct people to directly tear the recommendation letter of the provincial health department. This is a slap in the face of the provincial health department." Before Cao Fu said anything, Tao Mo continued, "Can the provincial health department give me a recommendation letter from a college student to enter the expert group?"
Cao Fu and Cao Xiao-shu Cao Ying suddenly sat up straight in the blink of an eye. They have verified in many ways that this recommendation letter is 100% false or forged, but if it is true, it can make the provincial health department reach such a recommendation letter. The identity of this person is definitely not something that Cao Jia can provoke.
Second uncle’s face is also a change at this time. Is it Tao Mo, the so-called master, the national physician of Beijing? If that’s the case, it’s possible, but Tao Mo, after all, is too young for his master to take care of his disciples for personal gain. It’s really a big deal. It’s also called that
Cao Fu also thought of this. No matter whether Tao Mo is absolutely unqualified to enter the expert group of the Health Bureau, it is illegal if his master gets this recommendation letter. After all, doctors are saving lives. Tao Mo entered the expert group and said that it was disregard for human life in the worst case.
"Who gave you this letter of recommendation?" Tao Jing finally spoke at this time. In fact, he is still confused about Tao Mo’s intention to guess whether Liu Jiuzheng is hiding from Tao Jing, but he feels that Liu Jiuzheng should not let Tao Mo enter the expert group. After all, she will be excluded and vilified because she is too young.
Looking at Cao Cao’s family, several people’s hearts were hung up. Tao Mo grinned and looked at Cao Changyun, whose face was gloomy. "Cao Shao is really brave enough to ask people to tear it up, but Minister Joe of the Ministry of Health personally got me a recommendation letter."
Yet a Cao Fu several people suddenly a pale shock stare big eyes staring at the tao mo health minister Joe! That’s impossible! It is impossible for Taoists to take Minister Joe of the Ministry of Health even if they ascend to heaven. This is absolutely impossible.
"Manager Zhu, the householder in Tang and Song Dynasties, came over and said that he had something to find." Tao housekeeper quickly came in from the outside and told Tao Jing that the atmosphere in the living room was a bit weird.
"Let Manager Zhu in" Tao Jing also recovered from the shock. Tao Mo can’t lie. So Cao Changyun? Cao Jia? Tao Jing suddenly laughed Tao Mo. This time, however, the Cao family was killed. If you don’t make moves, you have already made a surprising move.
Everyone feels that Tao Mo is talking nonsense. It is a natural thing that a little girl next to Tao Jia can enter the main house and be adopted by Tao Jing. Is it Minister Joe of the Ministry of Health? Dream On! That’s the head of the Ministry of Health in Beijing. Can Tao Mo take the unified handle of national health?
"Miss Tao" Manager Zhu strode into the living room accompanied by Mr. Tao’s housekeeper and didn’t care about the presence. These people were respectful and nodded slightly towards Tao Mo. "I just got the news that Miss Tao’s recommendation letter was torn. This is a new recommendation letter that I didn’t do well. I have already greeted Director Huang of the Health Bureau. Miss Tao can report directly in the morning."
"It’s really troublesome for Manager Zhu to thank Minister Joe for me." Tao Mo took the letter of recommendation with both hands. After all, the occasion was wrong and it was not suitable for greeting. Tao Mogang planned to send Manager Zhu out.
"I still don’t bother Miss Tao." Manager Zhu smiled and gave a hand to directly let the Tao housekeeper accompany him out. Before leaving, the eyes were staring at Cao Changyun. If it is really a good dog, dare to tear the letter of recommendation from Minister Joe. It’s time for Cao Jiazhen to rectify it.
In fact, it’s not strange that Cao Fu didn’t find out clearly about the recommendation letter. It’s also worthy of the name that Minister Joe decided to protect Tao Mo and give her an expert title because of what happened in Joe. After all, with this title, no one will say that Tao Mo illegally practices medicine, and Tao Mo will have the opportunity to attend more seminars in the future. It is very beneficial for Tao Mo to communicate with those doctors and experts.
Secretary Joe instructed Zheng Mi to execute a word immediately and arrived at Nanjiang Provincial Health Department. Although he was also surprised by Secretary Joe’s move, he had no objection to personally get Tao Mo a recommendation letter and then send a driver to Tanjiang City.
Cao Fu asked someone to inquire about the matter. The Provincial Health Department didn’t know about it, and the Tanjiang Municipal Health Bureau didn’t know what the misunderstanding was.
Manager Zhu left Taojia, and others were shocked that Taomo was lucky enough to actually get married with Minister Joe, while the Cao family was pale.
"Brother Tao, it’s our Cao family’s fault. On behalf of Chang Yun, I apologize to Miss Tao." After the shock, Father Cao suddenly got up with a sincere attitude and apologized to Tao Jing. The gesture was extremely low. "Brother Tao, we really didn’t know that it was Minister Joe’s recommendation letter. Please ask Brother Tao to help me deal with it. My Cao family is very grateful."
Cao Changyun even hated killing Tao Mo, but at this time he could come forward and bow to Tao Mo to apologize. "Tao Mo, it’s all my fault. Please forgive me for being reckless regardless of villains."
The situation is instantly reversed, but it is also true that Cao Cao’s power is in the health system. Now we have sinned against Minister Joe of the Ministry of Health. That’s really boring and I don’t want to do it. Even if Minister Joe is too lazy to care about this small family like Cao Cao, once the wind goes out, I am afraid that the Nanjiang Provincial Health Department can clean up Cao Cao’s dare to tear up Joe’s recommendation letter. Is this a rebellion?
Tao Jing looked at the apology at the same time, and Cao Caofu was really resilient. Cao Caofu and his wife were thrown to the ground and trampled on by the Taoists.
Think of this TaoJing look aside TaoMo, after all, this matter still have to TaoMo family.
"Cao Guzhu and Cao Shao don’t have to be so. After the so-called ignorance, I hope that Cao Shao will be a little less tempered and calm down. After all, some people can’t offend Cao Jia." Lazy mouth Taomo didn’t deliberately make things difficult for Cao Jiafu.
As a result, Cao Cao really didn’t know about it, otherwise he wouldn’t dare to tear up the recommendation letter if he gave Cao Changyun some courage. If Tao Mo was aggressive, he would fall by.
Secondly, Cao Cao’s father bowed his head because he was afraid that Secretary Joe Tao Mo would borrow the title of Secretary Joe to hold down Cao Cao’s head. If he suppressed Cao Cao through Secretary Joe’s title again, he would push his luck, which might even arouse Minister Joe’s disgust. Moreover, Tao Mo would rely on himself if he really wanted revenge.
Section 71
Happy Lantern Festival to my dear ones! Hehe, eat more dumplings. It is said that dumplings and Yuanxiao are still different. Yan has always had different names.
☆, Chapter 97 When the door is right.
Cao Cao’s family left the Taojia mansion with a face of ashes. They didn’t expect that the background behind Taomo was so horrible and that Minister Joe of the Ministry of Health should take it and it must be not shallow. Otherwise, how could Minister Joe sometimes personally reach an order to get Taomo a recommendation letter to enter the expert group?
"In the Tang and Song Dynasties, the boss behind the scenes is said to be a woman from Beijing. I think it should be unusual with Minister Joe." Cao Changyun, in the back seat of the car, made a fist with cold eyes and clenched his hands. Today, he will personally find Tao Mo to beg for it in the future.
Cao Ying’s handsome face with a gentle smile can’t see that he has been over forty years old for a moment. He said, "It should be Tao Mo and the female boss in Tang and Song Dynasties. Otherwise, Minister Joe can’t make friends with Tao Mo in Beijing. This is not the same for Cao Jia. We must not miss it."
Cao Fu is now the head of the Cao family, and Cao Cao’s greatest potential now is his brother-in-law Cao Ying. He is now the deputy mayor of Tanjiang City, in charge of health integration, and the annual assessment is excellent. It is very likely that he will be transferred to the provincial party Committee. If he can take Minister Joe, it will be a leap in the sky for Cao Cao.
"I’ll send someone to make a detailed investigation." Cao Fu sank his mouth. Although it was a shame to lose the first world war today, it was not without any benefits.
If it weren’t for the mistake of knowing that Tao Mo actually took Minister Joe, once Cao Cao chose Tao Jiachang in the Tao family fight, it would be fatal for Cao Cao. Now knowing that Tao Mo and Minister Joe had a short time, Cao Cao would never get along with Tao Jing’s enemies.
Without Cao Changyun making trouble in the dark, Tao Mo went to the Health Bureau again early the next morning, or the security guard yesterday. This time, the security guard bowed and said hello to Tao Mo, but he didn’t send Tao Mo to Lou Huang’s office in person.
"Come in" heard a knock at the door. There was a masculine voice in the office.
Tao Mo-ying pushed the door into Director Huang’s office and looked at the middle-aged man sitting behind his desk with correct facial features and looked down at the files in his hands. It seemed that he didn’t know anyone had come in.
"Director Huang, I’m Tao Mo, and this is my recommendation letter for entering the expert group." Being regarded as Tao Mo doesn’t care, he came forward and put the recommendation letter in his hand on his desk and glanced at the Chinese medicine seminar where Director Huang was reading the document.
After a long time, Director Huang looked up and glanced at the cold eyes at his desk. Tao Mo took a side recommendation letter and looked at it. Because he had already received the notice in advance, Director Huang was not surprised. "I know the procedures. I will deal with it."
Then I looked down at the file in my hand and looked at Tao Mo as a gas again. For such a young expert who came in through the back door, Director Huang didn’t take care of it or make things difficult, so she looked at Tao Mo.
"That doesn’t bother you, Director Huang." Tao Mo didn’t care if she sat on the bench, and then she went out just to get the former detained certificate back.
Looking at Tao Mo leaving the office, Director Huang once again looked up with a dignified color. Every March is a routine seminar on traditional Chinese medicine. It is this time that Changning Province actually wants to take the expert group to attend the meeting. It is a good idea to learn from the experience of the expert group in Tanjiang City, but Director Huang knows that Changning Province is absolutely furious and is here to kick the pavilion.
Nanjiang province is economically backward and relies on agricultural development. Although the economy has developed a lot in recent years, it is too thin after all, but it is different from Changning province adjacent to Nanjiang. That’s one of the best economic provinces in China. Changning county is richer than Tanjiang city.
Over the years, Changning Province has been holding up Nanjiang Province everywhere, whether it is economy, education or humanities. To put it bluntly, Changning Province is richer and what kind of finance it wants to develop can support, but the Nanjiang Province, which is independent of traditional Chinese medicine, is holding up Changning Province.