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"Silly woman, don’t cry! Save some strength to go back and cry. "Louis hugged her and turned to leave. He completely looked at that man. He had an identical man.

Chapter 93 Shadow body double
"Xiaoxi …" The man sideways blocked their way. "It’s only been a year, and you forgot our agreement?"
"Shut your mouth!" Hearing other men calling Shen Lingxi’s name so intimately, Louis wanted to kick her away.
He protected Shen Lingxi in his wings like a hen, and kept the fake number away from her.
The man ignored Longyi and said to Shen Lingxi, "Xiaoxi, I don’t know who this man is, and I don’t know what he is talking about. I know that no matter how long you have been in my heart."
Since he’s here to pretend to be a dragon wing, he certainly won’t give up their plan easily because a man breaks in.
A year ago, the dragon family was wiped out, and the dragon wing lived or died. At that time, he knew that he had taken the dragon wing instead of the opportunity.
After living in the dark world for more than 20 years, few people know that he is actually the dragon wing shadow to the dragon family, and he can live in the shadow of the dragon wing.
He is also a human being and a dragon family. It is because he was born two minutes later than Longyi that his fate is very different.
Longyi came to this world two minutes before him, just two minutes. Longyi is the sedan chair, the heir of the Dragon Family and the hope of the Dragon Family.
And what about him?
He doesn’t even have his own name.
He is a dragon wing shadow and a backup of the dragon wing.
When Longyi is alive, then he can live in the dark world that belongs to him and can’t appear in the light world.
If anything happens to Longyi, he will have a chance to get out of the dark world and continue to live.
He came out to take the place of Longyi and possess everything that belonged to Longyi, including Longyi workers and Longyi women.
Because he is a substitute, he can’t have his own thoughts, let alone his own life. Since he was a child, he has been educated to imitate the dragon wing.
Louis loves to eat, and he must love to eat; Louis hates what he must hate; Whether it’s food or women, he must love dragon wings.
After living for more than 20 years, he never had a day of his own, getting up with Longyi at the same time every day and repeating Longyi’s work every day.
As early as many years ago, he wanted to get rid of the dragon wing, so that he could come out as a dragon wing and start a new life.
He wants to replace the dragon wing.
I didn’t expect the opportunity to come so quickly. When he was not fully prepared, the Dragon Family was wiped out and the Dragon Wing disappeared.
He was excited, he was excited, and he felt that he could finally get out of that dark world and finally live his own life.
However, he is too naive.
He imitated the dragon wing for more than twenty years. Once there was no dragon wing for him to imitate, he didn’t even know how to continue his life.
Just when he didn’t know how to go out and continue this road instead of Longyi, someone found him, who knew his identity better than himself.
The man promised him that he could continue to live as a dragon wing, but he had to wait for a while, and he waited for a year
He waited for more than 20 years, and he didn’t care to wait another year, so he agreed to the man’s request and lived in darkness for another year.
A few days ago, the man finally found him and asked him to come out as a dragon wing to find Shen Lingxi …
Shen Lingxi is a dragon wing who likes women. He knows that.
He is a dragon wing shadow, and he must also love what the dragon wing loves and like it, so Shen Lingxi, a woman, unconsciously occupied his whole heart.
He doesn’t know whether it’s because of the dragon wing or Shen Lingxi. This woman can really make men tempted. Anyway, she stirred his heart.
He knows that he wants that woman, that he wants that woman to be his own, and that he wants her to be his real woman.
So he came.
Without giving Shen Lingxi a chance to speak, he said, "The Dragon Family was slain, and I was seriously injured. I was in bed for half a year before I could walk … I came back to you for the first time when I could leave. I didn’t expect that you wouldn’t want me to know each other."
He said that the experience was similar to that of the real Longyi this year, which shocked Shen Lingxi. Was Longyi’s life under the supervision of those people this year?
Thinking of those people staring at the dragon wing in the dark is likely to cause a second injury to the dragon wing.
Shen Lingxi clung to the dragon wing hand and trembled with fear. "I won’t let anything happen to you again. I won’t let those people have another chance to hurt you."
Louis smiled and pinched her small nose and said, "I don’t need your protection, little fool. I will protect you in the future."
She is so weak that a gust of wind can blow her down, but she holds his hand tightly and wants to protect him in front of him.
This stupid woman, her love for him is so white-skinned, and he had previously suspected that she was an accomplice of the Dragon Family because of some uncertain evidence.
The man said a lot, but Shen Lingxi didn’t seem to listen to a word. His eyes sank and he added, "Xiaoxi, I love you forever. I didn’t expect you to love others so soon."
In the information he got, Shen Lingxi didn’t have other men around her. She was still obsessed with Longyi and didn’t love other men.
If Shen Lingxi is still obsessed with Longyi and doesn’t love other men, then he is exactly like Longyi. Seeing Shen Lingxi with this face will definitely make her resist.
He has a face exactly like Dragon Wing. That’s just one condition. He should be able to kill all opponents who want to pursue Shen Lingxi.