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The leader and the others leaned out to see the situation at the edge of the cliff.

Because the cave is concave inside, you can’t see anything from their position, but the man hanging from the tree pole can see everything
He was hanging from the tree stem, but he didn’t come out and watched Qin Yue’s hand face him, but he could do nothing.
If you want Qin Yue to pick the valve, then he will die. However, Qin Yue did not look at him casually and pointed to the edge of the cliff.
The punk suddenly looked at the edge of the cliff. At this time, the high tide has flooded the hard sea. He still has a chance to survive than the rock jumps in front of Qin Yue.
He turned to look at Qin Yue Qin Yue again, and his mouth was still facing him, but he didn’t intend to.
Is Qin Yue trying to cut him some slack?
At the thought of this, the man threw a grateful look at Qin Yue and jumped into the rolling sea with his hands loose.
Qin Yue has never been a soft-hearted person. He didn’t mean to cut that man some slack, but he knew that they had a gap and that this man was no longer a threat to him.
More importantly, she can buy people’s hearts without one, and she can also save one to kill two birds with one stone.
After the man fell, the leader was so angry that he kicked him and shot at the water. I don’t know whether he hit the man or not, but he went to the news anyway
"You go for me." Seeing that the waves are getting longer and longer, they can’t do anything about Qin Yue. The leader is also anxious to hold his mouth and order a hand to continue to find out the situation
Qin Yue has it, but it’s definitely not much. There are many people here. Let a few people feed it. When Qin Yue is finished, they can catch turtles in a jar and see what Qin Yue can do.
They watched two companions fall into the sea. One must be dead, and the other is uncertain … No one wants to be the third to die.
Scared by the person who clicked, I took a step back and pretended to be clicked, not myself, pretending that I didn’t see anything.
However, the leader didn’t give him a chance to pull the valve. As soon as he hit it, his head exploded and he shouted angrily, "Come out and let me see if you don’t want to go."
If you come out, you must eat, be ordered or eat. Both roads are dead ends. A group of people dare not move with their heads down.
Chapter 459 abscond
The leader was very satisfied with this effect, so he ordered another person casually. "If you dare to jump again, don’t blame the old man for not having eyes."
There is no point if the people sent in front fail to make Qin Yue have no waves and Qin Yue, so the leader will not allow Qin Yue to jump into the sea without them.
Is it a dead end to go or a dead end to go? The named one gritted his teeth and went with the feeling of death.
Similarly, when he slid half of his body to the cliff, he saw Qin Yue Qin Yue, still with a Gherardini expression.
Qin Yue’s expression seems to be friendly, but the gangsters feel that their scalp is numb. This man is terrible.
Qin Yue didn’t do anything, but it made him feel chills from his bones, as if he had already been his lunch.
Seeing him, Qin Yue still didn’t have the first time, but pointed to the edge of the cliff and let the gangsters jump by themselves.
The punks looked up at Fang, and their boss pointed at him. Going forward or backward is a dead end. He simply gritted his teeth and grabbed the branch with one hand and came out with one hand to prepare to shoot Qin Yue.
However, how could Qin Yue give the enemy a chance? His finger moved and grabbed the valve in front of the gangsters.
After a ring, he shot straight into the room and shook hands with the gangsters like eyes.
At the same time, I heard the little punk scream. One hand fell into the sea, and the other hand hung with branches and lost his strength. He plopped into the sea and was quickly submerged by huge waves. No one knew where he would be swept away by the waves.
"Damn it!" The leader was so angry that he cursed a few times with a volley and pointed another person to die.
They can hold five rounds at most, even if Qin Yue has two full ones, he can hit ten at most and hurt ten of their brothers.
Add property, old six, Qin Yue has lost four rounds, and there are at most six rounds left in the four rounds. The leader is ready to let six brothers die again.
However, it is here that the situation has changed greatly, and the waves are getting bigger and bigger.
The waves are fierce one after another. At this rate, the tide will flood the caves before long. By then, Qin Yue has already retreated.
Obviously, the leader has seen this. To make sure that Qin Yue is here, they will stick to it and Qin Yue will die.
He said, "If you don’t go, stay here and stare your eyes wide, waiting for Qin to come out and die."
Listening to the sound outside, Qin Yue raised his hand and looked at a watch. Two hours have passed since Liu Yong agreed, and Liu Yong should bring people here soon.
If you want Liu Yong to bring people here before the sea rises, then all difficulties can be easily solved, and these enemies Qin Yue will not pay attention to it.
Ambushers are now betting that Qin Yue will come out by himself when the tide comes, and they will have no strength to attack him then.
Qin Yue has never been a man who holds his destiny in other people’s hands. The tide should rise soon, and they have little time to escape.
In this short time, he must find another way to get out, and he must not rely on Liu Yong to save them.
He went back to Jane and gently lifted her feet to see that the venom was cleaned up by him, but Jane was in stable condition.