14, Jun 2024
She is quick-witted and coherent.

But …
Still far from it.
Cold-blooded quickly ran to the front of Lin Zixiao, tugging at Lin Zixiao’s arm, slightly pulling her heel off the ground, and then another gunman pushed Lin Zixiao’s forehead and smiled "try it."
"raining ~! !” Xia Mu flow stare big eyes and put his hand over his mouth.
"Lin Biao!" And Lin Shengyan and Su Moxiao are also worried about calling out.
Yanchen looked at the virgin child not far away with a face of heartache.
And Anshun day really a sullen hands clenched into a fist on both sides of the leg.
"What do you want?" Lin Zixiao asked after seeing the mountain.
"Except me?"
"In addition to you? That’s gone. "Cold-blooded thought for a moment and then replied.
It’s very uncomfortable to hear Lin Zixiao’s eyebrows wrinkle and be slightly pulled up by this posture, and the man still looks at her with gherardini in front of him, which is really disgusting.
"Cold-blooded ~" Lin Zixiao immediately changed her eyes to please the laughter, and the temperature gradually approached the cold-blooded and said, "You are really handsome. Do you know what I will come this time?"
Lin Zixiao’s face is getting closer and closer, and it is very timely to dye two blushes.
"What?" In the face of Lin Zixiao strange close to cold-blooded tone a cold.
"Because I am interested in you!" Say that finish Lin Zixiao slightly raised his head slowly close to the cold-blooded pursed lips …
Par334 Lin Zixiao fought in cold blood
Looking at him slowly, he felt like he was close to his lips, and he was cold-blooded for a moment, because he never thought that this special girl would make such a move.
While Anshun Tianlin Shengyan and Su Moxiao were slightly shocked and Yanchen’s breathing suddenly accelerated a lot of chest amplitude.
"Hey!" Xia Mu pity is very suitable for shouting-she wants to wake Lin Zixiao up and don’t do anything to sell herself for whatever purpose.
However, Lin Zixiao ignored Xia Mu’s pitying cry, but gradually approached, about 1 mm away from his lips. When Lin Zixiao suddenly turned around on one side of his head, he grabbed the pistol while he was in a cold-blooded daze and quickly grabbed the cold-blooded heart and warned, "Don’t move!"
"Ha ha ha ~" Cold-blooded suddenly sneered. The lip of the thick flame in the eyes gradually evoked a radian, but it was very strange.
Lin Zixiao unconsciously wanted to step back when she heard him laugh, but she remembered that she had an arm still being dragged by cold blood, and if she stepped back at this time, she would be taken advantage of by cold blood.
"Very good, very good. What are you, so shameless and confusing me? Let me relax my vigilance?" After a cold-blooded sneer, I dragged Lin Zixiao’s hand suddenly and vigorously.
"Well …" Lin Zixiao crooned slightly, frowning, and her cold-blooded strength was really extraordinary!
"How can you admit it?" Cold-blooded lip smile suddenly expanded. Look at Lin Zixiao’s face. When he was in pain, he hesitated slightly, but then he was replaced by anger and squeezed Lin Zixiao’s slender arm harder.
Lin Zixiao is a girl after all. Even after practicing martial arts, her arms are still very thin. How can she stand such a cold-blooded force?
"You …" It hurts so much that it’s hard to say anything.
Cold-blooded eyebrows pressed her arm, and then such a strong pressure made Lin Zixiao slowly squat down. Lin Zixiao clenched her eyes and grabbed "Don’t move! !”
"Then you gun!" Cold-blooded Gherardini looked at Lin Zixiao or was holding up Lin Zixiao’s arm. Lin Zixiao slowly squatted and gradually pressed the trigger.