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"If I have the IQ of a teenager as the doctor said, will you still marry me?" This is what ink painting wants to know most at the moment.

"Fool!" Shen Li took the child by the hand and gently touched the ink. "Dad is so stupid. Everyone knows that we are a family. Dad still asks such stupid questions to beat Dad!"
☆, Chapter 237
As soon as the ink painting rings Shen Li and the child, "So you are willing to have me as a fool?"
"That you really want to marry me? Do you really want to treat me as your lover? " Shen Li looked at the ink with trepidation and always felt that she was taking advantage of someone’s danger.
"I think you are already my lover!" Ink and wash gently kissed Shen Li’s forehead, which was his heart promise.
The past has been left in the past, and now life is new. Although the physical function is still a little slow to adapt, it is no longer the obsession of yesterday. It is necessary to care about women’s pressure. Why is it difficult to love their women?
Think about hearing those words in my sleep, and my ink heart is completely relieved! He has done too many wrong things, and he has caused them too much harm. Life can’t afford to miss it like this and can’t afford to hurt it like this!
"Ink-"Shen Li gently called the name of ink and wash, and the tears of happiness were suppressed. Finally, this day came, and she and her son finally kept a real family reunion.
When Lu Fengxing came home, she was already asleep. A woman’s calm and sleepy face always made a man’s heart feel particularly solid. It was the high belly that made people feel particularly hard and walked into the sanitation. Lu Fengxing didn’t want to wake up the woman.
In fact, it is very difficult for pregnant women to sleep until dawn in the later period, and it is normal to wake up several times in the middle. When Lu Fengxing came out of the bathroom, Miao had already sat up from the bed.
"Did I wake you up?" Lu Fengxing wiped his hair, and there was a sorry smell in his soft voice.
"No, I want to wake up in the toilet!" Said the following has got up and walked to the health.
"By the way, how about the ink painting? Is everything all right?"
"Which do you want to hear first, bad news or good news?" Lu Fengxing helped women into hygiene.
"It’s better to listen to the bad first. It’s a comfort!" I balanced one and gave my own answer.
"Now I don’t remember anything about ink painting, and I’m just a teenager. Everything needs to be relearned!" Lu Fengxing held the woman sitting on the toilet.
Miao cocked his head and rang for a long time, and his face smiled with joy. "How can this be bad news? Remembering nothing means that he can really start over from white, which is good for him and Shen Li! "
Looking at a woman’s face and rejoicing, I realized that little women used to bear a kind of pressure, and it must be very hard to respond to ink pressure that way! Lu Fengxing, this is the real intention of white ink painting. He is still considering this little woman.
"What’s the good news?" Miao has got up from the toilet and walked out of the sanitation with the help of a man.
"The good news is that the doctor judged that Ink and Wash really woke up!" Lu Fengxing helped the woman back to bed.
"hmm!" Following assured nodded his head.
"Wife, don’t go to the funeral in Mo Ran. I’m worried that your body will be too much!" Lu Fengxing helped women cover up again, and there were still some concerns in his heart.
"I always have to see my friend off. I don’t want her to go too lonely!" I have nested myself in a man’s arms. I have experienced too many joys and sorrows this day. It is true that the world can always cherish the people around me.
"Then you shouldn’t force yourself to quit if you feel tired or uncomfortable, can you?" Lu Fengxing knows that women don’t want to be too reluctant, but he is most worried about women’s health.
Section 291
"Listen to you. I’m not afraid of anything with you around anyway!" Miao went into the man’s arms again and closed his eyes.
It’s good to have him around!
Miao entered the dream with such a sigh of sweetness!
At 9 o’clock in the afternoon, Sun Yi appeared at Kyoto Airport with Little Kidney Bean and Xiaoru. She felt that she and the children should attend Mo Ran’s funeral. Kidney Bean took Sun Yi’s corner step by step and walked out of the airport. Xiaoru slept quietly. Sun wrapped the children up and got into a taxi.
"Mom and Dad will not be happy to see us back?" Little kidney bean remembers that when his father left, he told them to wait for him.
"No!" Sun Yi caressed her son’s hair lightly, and her heart was full of sadness.
She hated and resented that woman and tried to deal with it, but now she has deep gratitude and guilt in her heart, and she is deeply sorry for the harm she once caused to Mo Ran. Looking at the sleeping baby Sun Yi in her arms, her heart is full of love, but she never gets a chance to feel her mother’s hug and kiss again.
Mo Ran, don’t worry, I will take good care of Xiaoru for you, just like you did with Xiaokidney beans, and I won’t let her suffer any injustice! Sun made up her mind silently that this was the only way for her to repay Mo Ran.
When Sun Yiling led Zhao Xiaoyun and held Zhao Xiaoru in front of Zhao Pufan, the man was still dazed for a moment. He didn’t know how Sun did it, which was absolutely impossible for her before.
"I think the children should come to see their mother off!" Worried that men would be angry, Sun spoke first.
Zhao Pufan silently sighed in my mind, but these two children should come to see Mo Ran and Mo Ran off. They have paid too much!
"Come in, the horse is about to leave!" Zhao Pufan gave up the passage and his eyes were already looking at the urn on the table. Mo Ran should also want to see the children, right?
Mo Ran’s funeral is very simple. After all, it’s not a funeral. Everyone’s heart is full of heavy sadness. The eyes are crying again, and Momo makes Lu Fengxing feel bad! But it’s really hard to say whether there are silent companions and painful hopes that women can really carry it.
Miao walked up to Sun and gently pulled the quilt wrapped in a child. Zhao Xiaoru’s lovely sleeping face was still so quiet that she couldn’t understand the sadness of adults.
"The name is Mo Ran. After remembering the nickname, you can call it Xiao Ruyi, but now-"Sun said no.
"Little Ruyi, our little Ruyi will definitely not let mom down, and everything will go well!" Miao gently kissed the child on the cheek. "This is Mo Ran’s wish. We still have to call it that!"
"I always know that Kangda is in need of someone now, but I still want to quit!" Sun knew that Miao had communicated with Kang Da Holdings first.
"What?" Some don’t understand.
"Kidney beans still need special care in kindergarten. I once missed my child’s growth and wanted to make up for it in Ruyi’s body." After experiencing separation and living alone, Sun Yicai realized that he had lost the most precious thing.
"Pu Fan’s career is now in the ascendant, and so do the children. Dad, I can’t let him drag down his work again. I want to learn from Mo Ran and support him well. I feel that they are all my relatives and I need to be with them without thinking about a result!"
Miao sighed deeply and patted Sun on the shoulder. "I see. Go through the normal procedures. If there are any problems, I will help you communicate!"
"Thank you always!" Sun is 100% impressed with following now.
It’s really hard for a woman to run her family so lovingly and make her career so clear, but it’s hard to get such high praise from her friends. She has never done this, and I hope there will be no more mistakes in her life!
"By the way, take Xiao Ruyi to the hospital after the funeral. Ping Li also wants to meet her. She has milk now, and the two little guys can eat together!"
"Great! The child hasn’t tasted breast milk yet!" Sun canthus had a little excited, but most still cherish.
On that day, Miao also went to see his father, told Shuiyuan about ink painting, and cleaned his father’s tomb. He once gave up all his free choices for his career and development, but now he is just a few square meters small and has already achieved everything.
"Do you think he ever regretted it?" Miao looked at his father’s photo and asked a sentence lightly.
Lu Fengxing sighed and took the little woman into his arms. "I don’t know if he regrets it, but I know I won’t regret it in my life because I met you!" "
"Me too!" Miao looked up and looked at the man with great certainty.
"When I die, I must be buried together. I want to lock your generation and generation!"
"If you don’t lock it, I will definitely wait for you to come to me. If you forget, I will definitely come to you!"
"this is what you said!" Lu Fengxing looked at the little woman seriously. "It is no longer allowed to have a crush on others for n years."
How can this man remember this crop!
The hilarious nest in the man’s chest seems to have dissipated a lot.
When Miao and Lu Fengxing returned to Lu Zhai, Shen Li had already waited at home, and it seemed that she had not waited too long.
"Che? You didn’t bring the children with you? "following at half a day to determine Shen Li didn’t bring children in the mind some unease.
"Ink play with him at home? Two people are now in a particularly good place. Ink has already bathed the guy! "Shen Li thought about two people helping the child to take a bath last night, and her face had a happy smile.
"Wow so capable! "I’m really happy." Then you can relax later! “
"There is one thing I want to discuss with you! "Shen Li face expression has some uncomfortable.