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Yuan gave Qi Yun medicine so that Qi Yun could lie in bed and die, but he didn’t know that Qi Yun still had some diamonds and ancestral jewelry.

On the last day of her life, Qi Yun wrote this letter and put diamonds and jewelry in it. She hoped that the person who got the diamonds and jewelry after her death could avenge her.
However, because she was severely betrayed by her fiance, her identity was not written in Qiyun’s legacy, and the only person she wanted to retaliate against was Yuan. Although her fiance betrayed their feelings for more than ten years, it was also unclear, but Yuan was too vicious. If he had Qiyun’s life,
"So you went to the drugstore in town to avenge Qi Yun?" Captain Yin sighed but didn’t expect that Yan Lixi and Yuan Hatred turned out to be due to a legacy "You didn’t look for Qi Yun’s identity?"
"I looked for it, but unfortunately I couldn’t find it. I also checked it from Yuan, but all the clues were wiped out by him. I couldn’t find it." After selling diamonds on the black market, Yan Lixi took money to find Qiyun’s identity at the first time
After all, she didn’t write about her family and identity, but Yan Lixi felt that Qi Yun, although her parents died young, had relatives nearby, and they would definitely look for Qi Yun. Maybe we can find Qi Yun’s identity along this investigation.
It’s a pity that Yan Lixi couldn’t find anything except the name Qiyun for several years. In the end, Yan Lixi was able to give up looking for his family and plan to retaliate against Yuan according to the request.
"Scar man called you claiming to be Ms. Qi Yun’s cousin before committing suicide, so you can be sure that the black hand behind this time must have something against you with Ms. Qi Yun?" Captain Yin finally feels that this murder case is a little bit long. The person behind this is afraid of being involved with Jiyun, but what is the point against Yan Lixi? Captain Yin is still not white. After all, it has been more than 30 years.
Yan Lixi also shook his head. It can be said that Ms. Qi Yun is his benefactor. Without that batch of diamonds and jewelry, Yan Lixi will die of an injury sooner or later. It is with this batch of diamonds that Yan Lixi has a lot of money and is very worthy to compete with Yan’s family.
However, if the other party has a connection with Ms. Qi Yun and wants revenge, it is also against Yuan. It is impossible to take two lives against Yan Lixi. If the other party is an enemy of Ms. Qi Yun, there is no need to do so. After all, Yan Lixi got Ms. Qi Yun’s relics, and this revenge will not be repaid to Yan Lixi.
After going through the whole case in my mind, Tao Moke must find out the identity of Ms. Qi Yun. Then everything will be confusing. There must be something hidden behind Ms. Lang Qiyun, otherwise the behind-the-scenes people will not be so interlocking and the layout will kill Yan Lixi.
However, after many years, it is understandable that Yan Lixi couldn’t find out the identity of Ms. Qi Yun. After all, Yuan must have destroyed all the information. Tao Mo guessed that Yuan’s appearance was also behind the scenes. The arrangement was to trick her into suffering from lovelorn pain, but her heart was pure and Qi Yun. Could it be that cousin or fiance in Qi Yun’s legacy?
"It should be related to the property written in Ms. Qi Yun’s legacy!" Tao Mo guessed that anyone who kills someone must have a plan. Ms. Qiyun has been dead for many years, and it can’t be a love murder or a vendetta. It may be because of money. It is also written in the legacy that her fiance was also engaged with her for a pretence. The property may be the most important place.
Here Tao Mogang intends to ask Liu Jiuzheng to check the identity of Ms. Qi Yun, but the car was stopped by the receiver to look at the window and wait for everyone. Tao Mo is surprised. "What’s the matter?"
The connection between Tanjiang City and Baiquan County is that one of the provincial roads closes the bumper, but a few police officers are put aside.
"What’s the matter with you?" Captain Yin in the back seat hit the car door and watched several police officers take out their work permits. "Who told you to do this?"
"I’m sorry, we also received instructions to detain a black Hummer off-road vehicle." The leading police officer returned the police officer’s card to Captain Yin, or before the criminals violated the law, they reached an urgent order to let the receiver intercept it. Who knows it was also a police station?
Captain Yin’s brow is wrinkled, and it is definitely not possible to force a punch card. I can’t help but look at the driver’s seat, Liu Jiuzheng. His position is too low. If the captain of a town police station shows his military identity, no one will dare to stop him.
Lu Jiuzheng sat in the driver’s seat with a cold face and a paralyzed face, waiting for it. After more than ten minutes, the siren was rushing from far and near, but through the rearview mirror, I saw several police cars flashing with warning lights galloping. It was the avant-garde police car that overlooked their city bureau.
Hula, one or more police cars blocked the off-road vehicle retreat and were scolded by Wei Xiaomei. At this moment, Wei Tiao was full of anger. Seeing that Captain Yin was even more angry in front of the police, he directly rushed to roar, "Yin Changfeng, you are really courageous and dare to lie to the old!"
Angry at the same time, Wei tiao kicked captain Yin’s calf. He Wei tiao has never been so humiliated in Tanjiang City for so many years. He was turned around by several cowards. The thought of himself bowing and sending several people away distorted his face.
"What is the political commissar of Wei doing?" Although it is similar to Wei tiao’s age, Captain Yin has retired from the army and has been in the town police station for more than ten years. That is also to insist on exercising. When people reach middle age, their skills are still agile and agile, avoiding Wei tiao’s foot.
On the contrary, relying on the background of the Wei family to eat, drink, gamble and gamble, Wei tiao kicked too hard, and his body stumbled. If it weren’t for a side association, vigilance and competitors, he almost fell down.
"Do what? If you don’t kill your coward today, you won’t be surnamed Wei! " Wei tiao stabilized his body and pointed angrily at Captain Yin, cursing, "How dare you pretend to be a military man, Yin Changfeng? You are really bored. In that case, don’t blame the old man for being ruthless!"
Following Wei tiao, several other policemen also surrounded off-road vehicles and Captain Yin. If Wei tiao was cheated, he should have seen the other party’s military card and certificate before he deserved it. However, Wei tiao’s timid guy directly handed Yan Lixi away to the other party, which would make him lose face again.
"You fucking roll out and dare to pretend to be a military man to cheat the old man!" Don’t rush each other Yin captain who jams to kick in the SUV bang accompanied by who jams painful howl sounded at the same time.
Lu Jiuzheng, this car is a modified military off-road vehicle, and its body is made of special steel plates. When Wei tiao kicks too hard, he feels a terrible pain in his ankle, holding his right foot painfully and shivering, and his face bursts with cold sweat.
The driver’s door hit Liu Jiuzheng with a cold face and black eyes like eagles, and looked at Wei Tiao coldly.
"Catch it all for me!" Who jams put a sharp pain in his right foot and stared at Yan Li’s mother. She was scared by this little beast and the aura, and she was cheated.
The battalion chief who followed Wei Tiao didn’t dare to act rudely like Wei Tiao and looked at Liu Jiuzheng’s mouth. "Before you said that Yan Lixi was involved in military secrets and wanted to take people away from the public security bureau, we just asked the leaders to check the specific handover documents before the military could take Yan Lixi away."
The military and the city bureau are completely independent. If the military really needs it, the city bureau will certainly cooperate, but it also needs documents. No matter how strong the military is, it is impossible to take the suspect away and override the local government.
"You are not qualified to know about military affairs." In a low voice, you are indifferent and affectionate. Lu Jiuzheng is a cutting edge. The rank of commander is a school, but the cutting edge is the most elite secret force in the whole military system
Whether it’s the blade players or the equipment inside or even the logistics department, it’s the top configuration. The whole blade is the most important thing in the country.
It is also A-level and S-level secret to handle the cutting edge. Liu Jiuzheng skipped the commander-in-chief of the military region and reported directly to the most important person. The cutting edge force is also independent of politics and the military.
A few years ago, there was a time when the head of the provincial government was involved. Although the military and the local government were not related to each other, they were all in the same system and could not be completely absent.
At the beginning, the provincial leader was directly responsible for the lead, so he let go of his hand and involved himself in an iron loyal department to protect him. After all, this hand was accidentally involved in the case, and it was not really the big leader involved in the case who personally came forward to this face, no matter whether it was the military or not.
And this is a accommodate oneself, but a province bosses further future is limitless, now I owe each other a favor, that’s a great favor.
However, no one thought that it looked like a military one, but it was a real spearhead. At that time, the leader in charge ignored the words of the great leader and should grasp the trial.
As a result, this is a hornet’s nest. No matter how tough the military is, it will also give the place a face. After all, it is the mouth of the top leader in the province and it is also a accommodating person, but I didn’t expect these people to be so strong.
When the great leader was angry, it was a changeable situation. At that time, the city bureau and the special police directly blocked the intersection, and it was necessary for the great leader to ask for help to intercept it.
It’s a pity that the blade is not an ordinary military squad. Although this time it is a military squad, I dare to set up a light card with them and don’t see if there is anything to stop the blade
At that time, there was a man in the front team, one of whom was responsible for receiving all the information and logistics, one was proficient in medical skills, two were responsible for cleaning up the mess, one was good at military weapons and equipment, and the other three were first-class and skillful soldiers. The personal team directly broke through the numerous obstacles of the city bureau and the special police
It can be said that after five or six months, hundreds of people were surrounded by red worms and they fought their way out. They broke through the encirclement and roared off, showing the people in the city bureau and the special police team to be stupid. How on earth did they break through a light card? This is too strong
It is well known that the big leader was really angry this time when he was so smeared. He will be interesting to see who ate the ambitious leopard and dared to mess with himself like this.