11, Jun 2024
"It’s the baby crying, so impatient!" With a mother’s love, Miao lightly blames her for her warm embrace or brings the child to Shu Sunshine. Just now, the ru head has been cleaned in health, which can be safely filled into the baby’s mouth.

Glug, Glug-
Listening to the children swallow their lips, it is beautiful and quiet to have a face with happiness and sunshine.
The floor-to-ceiling windows can’t stop the sun or the line of sight. When you consciously watch the scenery outside the window, you can see Lu Fengxing and three doctors.
Didn’t those two doctors go first?
What is the situation that needs Lu Fengxing to deliver it to the dock in person? There are only a handful of times when the man has never been so hospitable and enthusiastic. Has a lot of temperament changed after going through an ancient tomb?
I always feel that there are some problems, but what is the problem?
"What are you thinking about? I didn’t know when I came in!" Lu Fengxing approached the bedroom and found that the woman was already sitting by the window, and her heart was not tight.
"Why didn’t the two popular doctors leave first?" I’m just curious now.
"The three of them came to the dock together, and the ship waited for one place!" These answers were considered when Lu Fengxing found that women were in a daze.
"Is there something wrong with me?" The following seriously looked at the man.
"Why do you ask?" It is also a problem that Lu Fengxing frowns women are too intelligent.
"Otherwise, how could you personally send them? I don’t think you are so enthusiastic! " The answer is very direct. She just feels that she has nothing to say with men.
"Of course, I won’t be so enthusiastic about others, but these two foreign doctors can arrange it for you personally in Ham Hall. Do you think I should pay attention to one!" Lu Fengxing took the little nursing woman into her arms. "When are you so fond of thinking!"
"That’s because you are so weird!" I think the man’s answer is also explanatory.
"Why am I weird?" Lu Fengxing is waiting for a woman to complain.
"I asked you why the health mirror is gone?"
"I told you you can’t laugh at me!" Lu Fengxing’s face was slightly embarrassed.
"Tell me, I won’t laugh at you!" The lip angle has been radian.
"You will definitely laugh at me!" Lu Fengxing squinted at the little woman with all kinds of forbearance.
"If you sell cute again, I will laugh!" Miao changed the direction of the baby in her arms, and both milk must be consumed.
"All right, I’ll say it!" Lu Fengxing hugged the woman and touched her daughter’s little feet, and her face smiled. "In fact, all the mirrors in the villa were disposed of by me!"
"Ah?" I don’t know what men are doing with my mouth wide open.
"Remember that Zhang Fei carpet?" Lu Fengxing firmly encircled the woman in his arms.
"Remember!" I realized that I had really ignored this question. "By the way, where’s that blanket?"
"That flying carpet sent us to the villa and disappeared directly. I left a mirror on the beach, and my heart was a little hairy. I never believed in evil before, but now I’d rather believe it!" Lu Fengxing’s love reached his forehead, and he knew that women would feel the same way as him.
Sure enough, after listening to it, Miao immediately made a recognition attitude.
"Husband, I think it’s a bit weird for you to handle things in the mirror!" I don’t mind not seeing myself at all. Anyway, she won’t go out to see people for a month.
"Yes, we are finally together. I don’t want to experience any setbacks at all!" Lu Fengxing kissed a woman’s forehead lightly.
In fact, in the story of flying carpet, the man was seeking truth from facts in half. On that day, I went back to the villa with the man when I was asleep. On the beach, the flying carpet stopped firmly and there was no movement anymore.
Lu Fengxing did not disturb the sleeping woman in her arms, but came from the flying carpet with his wife and daughter firmly in his arms. He was still wondering how to collect such a treasure, and he saw that the flying carpet instantly turned into a flame and there was not even some ashes left.
In less than a minute, the magic flying carpet was gone in flames as if it had never been there.
When I returned to the villa, Lu Fengxing found that everyone here had been brainwashed. It seemed that they had always known Lu Fengxing’s face, and they were not surprised or puzzled. No one still remembered the fact that the animals and birds took him and Miao that day, as if there was something wrong with his memory.
Sometimes Lu Fengxing will wonder whether those things in his memory are really happening or whether he accidentally mixed up the things in his dream with reality, but when he saw that his face was red, he knew clearly that it happened, and it was impossible not to leave a mark.
"Popular, let’s leave here early. I don’t think there will be such a thing when we return to the land house!" I have new worries in my heart.
"That also requires you to finish the month, and parents and their plane tickets have been booked. Don’t worry, we are not good now. I believe that all disasters have passed, as long as we are strong enough!" It is a problem when Lu Fengxing is not ready to let Miao go back to China and plan to pass the security check.
"Then when are you going to let my brain not let me have no basic entertainment every day!" I protested, "Do you think the cloth can be removed?"
"Sitting on the moon and watching these will hurt your glasses. Wouldn’t it be a pity if you wore glasses for such beautiful eyes?" Lu Fengxing patiently accompanied and coaxed, "I will definitely set you free when you are out of the moon!"
"It’s not that serious. I watched it after giving birth to Yangyang!" The following du up the mouth.
"So this time, we must make up the second loss together!" Lu Fengxing said that he was more righteous. "And it would be great if you could spend 100% time with your daughter!"
"This little guy fell asleep eating like Yangyang!" Miao pulled her ru head out of the child’s mouth. "Well, put her back in the crib!" Miao soft gauze wiped a lip angle for the child, and the child was happy to pout. Miao and Lu Fengxing all laughed.
"Husband, I have no words or brains, and I can’t even contact my friends at the company. I haven’t known the situation for a long time!" After finishing her clothes, she thinks it’s a problem. Even if a man is nervous, she can’t let her live in a closed room.
"Are you still worried that you have been busy with the company for so long and handed it over to me?" Lu Fengxing released the children and returned to Miao’s side. "You are now a mother of two children. I think it’s better to design creative projects in company management and daily work arrangements!"
"Husband feelings, you want to take it away!" The grinning lip angle hooked the man’s neck.
"I want you to return to be my little woman and be my child’s mother. Can we share with you?" Lu Fengxing’s infatuation reached a woman’s forehead. He had to let her learn to let go. He wanted his own wings to protect this little woman.
"That should also give miaomiao employees a formal statement!"
Miao also thought about returning to the family completely, especially after so many ups and downs. She also realized that once she missed many things, she never felt that growing up as a child was a copy of the law. She also felt that she should take up the responsibility of being a mother well, but she could not be sorry for her employees.
"Isn’t my management equal to your management?" Lu Fengxing gently evokes a woman. "I will definitely develop miaomiao according to your idea. Don’t worry, I will inform you in advance of all the size decisions of the company. You are definitely a queen of Wei Tai!"