8, Jul 2024
Shangshenghao and Han Xiao came over in an instant, stepped on the green flag and flew forward half a foot.

Where the iron chain is flush, two people have a full meal and step on the Zhongqing slate to stand firmly in the middle.
Zeng Xiangwu went on to say, "Stop half a foot forward, slowly drop the height and reach the depth of half a foot synchronously."
Shangshenghao and Han Xiao went forward as they said, and the green flag mat appeared again at a depth of half a foot ahead.
Zeng Xiangwu said quickly, "Two Taoist friends can cross the bridge according to the current law."
Shangshenghao and Han Xiao looked at each other, laughed and flew forward and took a half-foot to fly across the Hongyan River.
Instead of the second bridge, where they walked, there was no bluestone again.
Obviously, there are two pieces of bluestone.
Can pass two people at a time.
No, the method of crossing the second bridge has been explored
It’s easy to go two people at a time.
There are two ways to get there.
One should be that, as Zhao Zhumo said, the two men will win and then the remaining one can reach the other side along the China Railway.
The second is that two people go hand in hand and cross the iron chain together.
The second way seems safe, but the test is whether the two sides can synchronize.
Especially at the moment when you step on the green slate at a depth of half a foot, if the other person is a little late or a little lighter, then waiting for the monk is falling into the abyss of fire.
And just two monks crossing the bridge at the same time should be able to frame each other first.
Then you can damage the bridge
On the one hand, the other party may frame itself, on the other hand, it is necessary to make the first move and get through it safely.
The test in temptation is not small 2.
Moreover, there is another problem, that is, the monks can’t stand the ambush when they step on the green flag, especially when they are about half a foot deep. If the Red Rock monks attack, the situation will be very complicated.
Shang Shenghao and Han Xiao both advanced at the same time, and there was no moth, and the speed was fast.
We are all brothers then, so there is absolutely no problem in controlling body weight, grasping distance and grasping landing point.
After the tea ceremony, the iron cable bridge shook with a jerk.
The reappearance of two green flagstones at the edge of Hongyan symbolizes that life is still good and that Han Xiao has arrived on the other side safely.
So the question is, who should go to the second couple?
The two sides looked at each other.
Zeng Xiangwu said, "Would you please ask the second team of Taoist friends of the Sea Temple to cross the bridge and maintain order opposite?"
Zhu Ling, look at Shan Guan.
Shan Guan nodded slightly.
Zhu Ling pulled Zhu Pangda and said, "Xiaopang will go with us."
Jumping, Zhu Ling’s brother and sister have reached the edge of Hongyan.
Just before they went to the green flag, a small local dog jumped down on Zhu Ling’s shoulder and barked, "Take me and my master. You can’t leave the border grazing alone …"
Zhu Pang put a "Oh" on his forehead and then pointed to the dog’s face and cried, "Sister, you shouldn’t really bring this unreliable thing, should you?"
"Cut the crap" Zhu Ling swept to Zhu Pang with one leg.
Zhu Pang croaked and landed on the green flag next to Hongyan.
Just Zhu Pangding and Zhu Ling have also firmly laid the slate.
But Zhu Ling’s shoulder dog kept scampering and snickering "…"
Zhu Pangshen bounced around with the little local dog.
With a bitter face, Zhu Pangchong and Zhu Ling said, "Sister, can we not have a bad heart without a local dog?"
Zhu Ling smiled indifferently on her face and said, "Cut the crap and walk."
"Kiddo!" Zhu huge yelling "be careful, don’t rush so hard, be careful …"